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May 1, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Starting Work

It's in the damned mid-80's. Oof. Hot hot hot, and I was left alone for the afternoon as usual and I had a meeting that I had to teleconference into while I was taking care of Jet. Like John, I learned to use the mute button a lot, but Jet was actually really good. He played for part of it and suckled for the rest.

Yeah, it's mildly weird to be participating in a work discussion while there's a baby hanging off my mammery gland. There is something interesting to being a total and real mammal. It's a very strange and interesting experience. Gretchen commented on that, and she's right, it is one of the fascinations I have with breastfeeding.

Jet slept a little, and I took full advantage of it to get through more of my infinitely piling up email. It's like that guy rolling that huge rock up a slide. He's having to do it all the time, I think that the modern equivalent is work email. Thing is that pretty much everyone in a technical job gets a slice of this particular hell, not just that one guy.. No matter how much of it you get through, there's always more.

After I'd done my work stints, Jet and I just rested and tried to stay cool and comfy. It's nice to be able to know how simple and fun the basics are.

Jet's playing so much now. I can just leave him on his play mat with his toys to bat for really long stretches, now. Instead of just washing one dish between fusses, I can do entire small jobs like 'wash the breakfast dishes', 'get a load of landry into the washing machine', or 'write a section of an entry'. It's so nice.

Yeah, I appreciate the things I'm getting back.

He was so tired, at one point, that when I put him in the sling down in the bassinet, he just kept right on sleeping. So I went and did something and heard him gradually waking up before feeding him with a very happily full breast.

I don't like work. I was so busy yesterday with trying to juggle everything I couldn't even write. I don't want to go back, but I'm going to give it a month and see if it gets better or easier or if I get more sleep with Jet doing less sleeping during the day and more at night. I can hope, can't I?

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