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May 2, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Three Months Old

3:39 pm: The weather is completely different from yesterday. The heater is actually on! From 90 to 50 in less than 12 hours. Pretty amazing. It's all lovely and damp outside, grey skies and no wind, nearly and a slow drizzle that was light snow for most of the morning and is now just a slow, wet soaking.

So wonderful.

I'm making corned beef and potatoes, nice hearty food agains the cold. Jet's got socks on again, and is doing pretty well.

I actually went to work this morning! For the developer's meeting and it was pretty fun and not too stressful. I may well like going back to work. Met a few folks who were happy and surprised to see me, which was very cool, and I even got something useful done while talkig with Coy about the old manual unit tests. There's a lot that could be done to make developer's lives easier with respect to testing.

It would be an interesting start on the Extreme Programming stuff, to get a set of tests in place that would at least be a starting point. So folks would have a way to add tests easily. That would be quite a good thing, I think for everyone that's developing and writing code.

So, yes, the work is looking more interesting to me, now. It was also nice to just concentrate on something for an hour an half straight without any interruptions and actually being able to finish thoughts. I think that this is why some people think that women's brains drop out with the kid, when one's day is chopped mercilessly into less than 2 hour chunks, it really is hard to hold a thought or keep a direction.

After my stint I went to the Better Back stores and got two more of the exercise balls. Not so much to travel with as to have one downstairs, one upstairs and one in John's office at work. Also, the one we have squishes too much for John, with his weight it goes a bit too low for him at the desk. So I had the clerk at the store fill the ball to its maximum height.

9:24 pm: It was a bit too much air. We had to let a bit of it out so that it would be at least a little flexible and more comfortable to sit on. John likes it a lot and we now have, at least, a ball upstairs in the office as well as down in the livingroom. A lot easier to have two than trying to move the one from place to place.

The afternoon was grey and drizzly as well, and things just went okay. I had Jet for a lot of it as John had a meeting and then did his exercise bike and a shower. I got the time to set up the corned beef and, later, put a couple potatoes in as well. It's a very easy dinner, just boil it until it's time to eat and put potatoes in an hour before dinner. It was comforting, yummy, and filling in the cold weather.

Jet had some gas with the 8:30 feeding, and it took a bit of bouncing to get him to eat on my without yelling. But he burped or something in there, and half fell asleep eating.

He'd been up for most of the afternoon. He'd only had two one hour naps all day, and I sometimes wonder if it's overdoing it a bit to have him up from about 3 all the way until 9. But he doesn't really seem to want to sleep in all that time, he was in a pretty good mood for most of it, and he does just drop off when we give him his bottle and put him to bed.

The experiment last night seemed to work out pretty well. He got up only at 2 am, and I got him fed and changed and double diapered and back into bed by 3:30. He then yelled a litlte at 4:30, but John just picked him up and he went back to sleep. He then didn't get up until 7:30 am, which is when I pumped the 4.5 ounces. That was very nice indeed.

We'll see if my body and Jet behave the same tonight. It's not as if they both do that for many nights in a row, but it might be nice if they did. We think Jet's off whatever growth spurt had him drinking 9 ounces at a single feeding, but we'll see.

He's really liking the Symphony mobile by Playschool. He'll watch the glittering stars all the way around in their circuits and when they stop he gets still and then they start up again he starts wiggling with happiness. He definitely stays awake for them and for the music, and will watch, fascinated, for a very long time, even with a wet diaper.

He's tolerating wet diapers a lot more these days, He'll keep playing, keep interacting with me, keep eating, keep watching the mobile, and just keep doing what he was doing, even when he's wet. If he's irritated by something else as well, he will then get mad, but otherwise, he'll happily keep doing what he was doing and let John and I discover it.

Sometimes, while playing, he'll just get a little quieter in his play when he's wet, so I know to check. But he doesn't stop now to just scream. That gives me some hope that he'll be able to ignore a damp diaper and sleep longer at night. That would be nice.

One scary thing he's doing now is choking more often. He somehow gets breathing and swallowing mixed up and will just choke and cough like crazy. John said that for the first three months, a baby can drink and breath at the same time. The epiglottus and the shared tubeways develop or something in that time and then the baby has to learn how to alternate them. It's scary while he's doing it.

I can see why some folks say no solid food until six months. If Jet breaths milk, he can always cough it out. If it were solid food, it would be much, much scarier. He'll learn soon enough, and I can also see why Dr. Turner said that she'd talk with us about solid food at 4 months. Jet may well have this down by then.

He's also learn to grab things. He's starting to hold onto his toys for short periods of time, and when we're changing him, he'll hold onto our arm or our sleeve as he lies there. He's starting to hold onto the bottle when he's being fed with a bottle, and he likes half-cupping his mouth when he's feeding off me. It's interesting to see how much hand control he now has.

That's very cool.

I wandered through some pictures today and it is so startling to even look at pictures from a month ago and all the differences in size, awareness, and profile there is now between how Jet was then and how he is now. He is just so much bigger and so much more alert and attentive than he was then. It's pretty amazing.

So he really *does* grow fast. Just in the process of doing it it seems to glacially slow. Admittedly all I really want, now is for him to reach that point where he really will sleep all night.

My mom and dad called to congratulate Jet on his three month birthday. He really is three months old now. It's pretty cool. They said that they missed him and how fun and entertaining he is. That was pretty cool. Kathy misses him, too, she really liked coming over every evening and taking care of him. That is very keen to know.

Sometimes I wish we lived near family, where we could have someone take him for a few hours every once in a while. There are people here that will do that for us, too, I know, but it's not as instantly available and instantly something I'd take advantage of as family. I guess some traditional things really are rooted in me more firmly than I thought.

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