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May 3, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Hair Cuts

9:14 pm: A very busy day today, very very busy.

John had a phone meeting from nine to one. So he had to be up at eight to have breakfast before the beginning of the meeting.

Things worked better last night than the night before. I pumped at midnight for the usual three ounces, and then Jet didn't get up until 3:30! That was pretty good, from 9:30, that was six hours! When I got up and fed him and changed him, he went back to sleep pretty quickly, so I was only up another forty minutes.

We've split things up so that after that feeding, John takes things after that. Jet got up again at 5:30, and went back to sleep until about 6:30, and then got up for good and John was happy to get up and play with him, as John'd got seven uninterrupted hours and then one mildly interrupted hour of sleep. So he was doing pretty good. From 10-8 is 10 hours, and I was up for 70 minutes and with the time it took for me to get back to sleep, it was less then two hours, so I got at least eight hours of sleep.

So we were both doing pretty good.

While John was called in for his meeting, Jet was grumpy and wanted to sleep some, so I held him and wadded through mail with the mouse. I would have to answer things later, when I had two hands, but I could at least read and delete mail that I didn't care too much about. There was a lot of it. One of them was from Chad at work, who wanted me to call him and discuss a project it looked like we'd both be sharing some of. I said that I'd be able to do it at 1:30 because John was only going to be able to take Jet from 1-2 as John had to go into work this afternoon, too.

So I was planning on eating lunch, feeding Jet, and when John got off, I'd ride the exercise bike for half an hour, and then call Chad and then take a shower.

We both got a bit lucky. John finished early, so I trotted downstairs just a bit before noon, and came up for a shower while John made lunch for us. Won ton soup is very good with seven large turkey dumplings. John left a little early to get stuff done before his afternoon meetings. I then fed Jet, and was able to get on the phone with a Jet in my arms again, and talk with Chad about what I hoped to do and what I wasn't planning on doing.

After that I was pretty much done with my two hours, and so I could just relax with Jet until 4:30. He was having something sad going on and was grumpy much of the time, so I finally gave him the anti-gas drops and he immediately relaxed and calmed down. That was very good.

At 4:30, we left for Deli Ciosos, and met John there. Dinner was really yummy if early. I had a really large tamale smothered in mild but tasty spicy green chile. I also had a lovely chicken enchilada in mild red sauce with a side of refried beans with a bit of cheese on top. John had two of the tamales with rice and beans. The tamales were very tender and the pork filling was tender and tasty. The green chile sauce on top was rich and chunky with pork, tomatoes, and green chile pieces. Really good.

After that we headed to Linda's salon, and John got his hair cut while I fed Jet on their couches. The big blanket made for good cover, and Jet ate one boob before falling asleep under the blanket. I tried waking him up but he just lolled in my arms. I guess I should have stood up and moved around, but I didn't, and he was still sleeping when Linda was done with John's buzz cut.

John loves it that short and we get to do haircuts infrequently enough that it's a good thing it's so short as it gets pretty long before we get back. Once again, Jet has more hair than his dad.

While Jet was eating, I looked through a magazine and found the haircut I wanted, and I showed the picture to Linda and she laughed and said that she knew I was doing to do it once I had the baby...

We cut it all off. Took the back up so that she had to clean off the very back with the buzzer, and left the top long enough that I could part it. It looks really good, and after I fed Jet when we got home, it took like half a minute to wash, cream rinse and then rinse thoroughly to get all the little bits of hair off so that I wouldn't itch all night.

It's *so* cool to be able to be in the shower without my head bend forward all the time. It's so nice to have hair I can just towel dry. And it's just really neat to brush it back, blow it with a hair dryer for two minutes to have the bangs stay back and have the whole thing look good.

Admittedly, I was losing a lot of hair now that I'm no longer pregnant, now they're just now two food long hairs that clog everything. I have the braid, and it's kind of cool with the purple through it. It's also really heavy and solid and thick. Seems kind of cool to cut it off in this state rather than in a few months when it'll be much thinner. Also, without the purple to distract, it's really apparent that I have a lot of white hair amid the black. I kind of like it, it definitely makes me look older, which might actually help at work.

We'll see who gets surprised.

For all that Jet slept a lot during the day, he was pretty grumpy tonight, and went to sleep pretty readily once John finished giving him the bottle.

My head feels so light without my hair following it. I was keeping it braided at night, and tied back during the day and with Jet starting to grab things, it was a useful thing to have it cut off. I was avoiding showering too frequently simply because of the bother it was to wash, condition, and then dry my hair. With as little time as I now have for showers, this should be really useful. I know I'm probably going to have head and neck aches for a little while as all my muscles adjust to not having that weight in place any more.

I know it's going to grow back like a weed. Every time I've cut it really short, it starts growing much faster. So John will have a partner to encourage going in for hair cuts more often during the summer. The week of hot weather last week was a real incentive to doing this, too. Plus it just is so *neat* now, that it really matches my neatnikness of the moment. I like having everything cleaned up and put in its place now as it's just so much easier to do anything when it all is in its place. So it now is with my hair.

Hopefully the bike ride will make it so that I can fall asleep even with this drastic change to how my head will feel on the pillows. I do need the sleep.

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