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May 7, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Growth Spurt Day

1:32 pm: Growth spurt day. Yeesh. Even as tired as he was last night, Jet got up two times to eat and eat and eat. This after refusing the last ounce of his last bottle. I fed him at 1:30 to 2:30 and then John got up at 5:30 and Jet wanted to eat really badly and all morning he's been going on the hourly schedule except when he's been asleep.

Luckily, John has set aside two hours of the day for me to work. I got an hour in this morning and I'll likely get an hour in later this afternoon. We're starting to look at childcare for Jet, but it's like $200 a week for infants under 2 years. Everyone wants all the money for the week even if we only put him there for two hours a day. That's going to be very interesting in the long term, especially if I only work half time so that I can have the time with him. It gets economically strange.

Still, I actually have found that I have more than two hours a day even with John off to work and all that. There are days when Jet sleeps a lot between feedings, like today, where I can get more done. I'm fairly sure that in a month he'll have even more time where he's either entertaining himself or sleeping more soundly. Even having sound sleep all night would be of some help as then I'd just get things done instead of being mildly woolyheaded about it.

Lunch was really good today. Mom and Dad left a couple dozen sticky rice bundles in our freezer, and they've been taking a lot of space. So I steamed half a dozen of them. They have to be steamed to start, and then can be reheated with impunity in the microwave. They started out rock solid frozen, so I put them in the steamer for forty minutes. We also had the pork mu shu leftovers from Saturday, so we had some vegetables to go with the rice and pork. It was a very satisfying lunch.

Hopefully it'll help satisfy Jet along with my drinking a great deal of water. I actually pumped nearly five ounces this morning! That surprised the heck out of me. I guess my production really is up now. And with this spurt day, it might get even higher eventually.

6:54 pm: Jet and I had a nap at 3, while he was eating yet again. John came down and found us still in the feeding position at 4:15, and he was done with work. So he took Jet and I went back upstairs and waded through more email. I'm gradually getting caught up, going through about three or four day's worth per day.

I've finally decided that I'm only going to do my ten hours a week and not kill myself. John and I talked it through and John's decided to work from 10-4 every day, so I'll have some time in the morning and some time in the evening when John will take care of Jet. I'm very glad that he's so willing to do so much with Jet, it really makes this possible. The new schedule seems to be working pretty well today.

For al that I do like taking care of Jet, I really do seem to need to do some kind of work, too.

John started the whole chicken on the rotissarie outside while I did mashed potatoes. It should make for a good dinner with some kind of vegetable. We're definitely leaving the chicken on the rotissarie for a good long time to make sure it's cooked all the way through.

It's definitely warmed up from the morning. Jet was playing in his bunting this morning, and was perfectly happy and warm. This afternoon he's in a t-shirt and just as happy. He's also grabbing things a lot more, and he's now bringing things to his mouth to taste them. While playing this afternoon, he grabbed my hand and thoroughly tasted it.

Jet also got three baby massages today. One with dad in the morning, and then I did it in the late morning and just before dinner as well with the oil the third time. He really liked it when I had him laid out on his changing table and did the massage. He wiggled happily through the whole thing and actually held his foot still when I was working on each one. That was amazing given how much he was kicking otherwise.

They said that the massage would stimulate his growth hormones, whatever those are, and he certainly is on a growth spurt today. They also said that he'd sleep better, but that definitely didn't happen. Still, he woke up mostly because he was really hungry during the night. The early morning waking was what he seems to do frequently anyway.

John postulated that Jet lifting his head is a bit like a weightlifter learning to lift heavier ewights. So John tried helping Jet with his lifts and Jet instantly got much higher with his head lifts. That was pretty impressive to see. He's actually able to hold his head up high enough to look around when he's on his belly, now. That's quite a change from even yesterday.

9:26 pm: The evening was a continuation of the hourly feedings, though Jet wasn't as fussy between them as he sometimes has been. He's been really good. We watched most of that movie with Harrison Ford and the hijacking of Air Force One. It's pretty cool. Jet liked the explosion of the fueling plane.

Dinner was really good.. The chicken was completely cooked after John tested the internal temperatures. It was wonderfully crisp on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. The mashed potatoes were yummy and John made great salad. Whole food made simply is just really nice, doesn't make me feel funny at all.

I had a warm milk and a couple of the cookies that John baked at lunch time. They were still crisp on the edges and chewy in the center. I have to admit that I really like the ready-bake cookies that don't have things that I can't pronounce in them. They're just so good eaten the same day that they're baked.

Happiness is pretty simple. Jet's taught me that pretty solidly. Good food, solid rest, caring people, comfortable environment, and fun play times. That's all that's needed, really.

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