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May 8, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Funding College

9:49 pm: Jet slept five hours until he was hungry last night. That was pretty good. The only problem was that I wasn't sleeping at all well. I got up at 7:30 completely irritated from the two times I'd gotten up, not because they'd taken all that much time, but because it had taken me forever to get back to sleep.

So, of course, I decided to exercise. John and Jet were fine. I'd pumped nearly five ounces, so I was able to fill in the five and a half ounce bottle and also add a couple ounces to the two ounces Jet hadn't eaten at 5:30. So the boys were set with four ounces, and I needed to exercise and I'd pumped myself comfortable. So I went and rode the exercise bike and then took a ten minute shower. Showers are a whole lot faster with my short hair.

That felt pretty good, and there was still time for breakfast.

John left for work at 9:30. I settled in with Jet and he got pretty grumpy and had only had a five minute nap this morning, so I put him in the sling and got a good hour of email wading. I'm nearly done with my backlog, which is very good indeed. More feeding and more diapers and more mildly grumpy Jet. I got one play period with him in the morning after his nap, but it was pretty short.

I got my lunch in while he lay in the bassinet, fascinated by the PlaySchool aquarium. It's kind of cool that they make a baby aquarium with moving fish and bubbles with sounds that go with the water sounds. I was able to eat my Sloppy Joe, corn chips and baby carrots while he watched it and gradually worked up to a fuss.

Finally, it was pretty warm, so I put him on the changing table, stripped him and took off his diaper cover, and asked him if it would be okay to give him a massage. He was instantly all smiles and wiggles. That was amazing. So I gave him the complete massage and he wiggled and happied through it all, and when it was done and I'd dressed him, I tried to move him somewhere else and he immediately started fussing mildly again.

Ah well.

I decided that for my 3pm meeting, I'd just latch him on and let him stay latched on as long as he wanted. He was good and quiet for the whole meeting, and then started just crying at the top of his lungs when it finished. I called John to tell him I might be a bit late for the financial class, and then cheered Jet up enough to put him in the car seat and then I rocked it enough to put him to sleep.

I got to work just before 5, and the three of us wandered about a bit, showing Jet off to a bunch of people, and then we went off to look for dinner. I wanted to go to Beatnik Bagels for sandwiches and for bagels for tomorrow morning. Sadly it was closed, and Jet was soaking wet, so we changed him and as we were wrapping up, I saw a landry basket on a table in front of the closed store, and the basket was filled with bags of bagels! Probably the last ones of the day, so we took a couple bags, and then went to the Italian deli in the same complex.

I got liverwurst. I so rarely get it and I like liver so much but won't inflict it on anyone else. So I got just the one sandwich of it and will likely be satisfied for another half a year. We took the sandwiches back to work and were just in time for the beginning of the seminar.

Jet was great through the whole thing. Very quiet for the first hour, including a half hour feed. The second hour, after a change, he played with John's sunglasses and only got loud in the last ten minutes of the class. I was pretty impressed.

The class was about funding a college education, and given that we have about eighteen years in which to save up for Jet's college education, it should be doable. It's cool learning about the new 529 accounts, though, as it's something we can do soon and it'll be a good way to make money gradually for the inevitable expendiature. It was interesting to learn that anyone of any age can be the beneficiary of one of those. I guess that'd be one way to save up for a college education and pay fewer taxes over the long haul.

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