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May 9, 2001
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Work Morning

I got my work day today. I went in at 9:30, got there at 10 and stayed until noon, when John came with Jet and we and five other guys from work all went to Juan's burritos for lunch.

There was a little bit of a miss with feeding Jet this morning. I got up at 7 and he'd eaten at 5, and I pumped. I might have, next time, fed him first, then had breakfast and then pumped. But I did manage to get more than four ounces, which provided two ounces for his daytime feeding and finished off the five and a half ounce feeding for tonight. It's good to get three ounces at night.

Jet had his usual full play period in the morning, while still fresh from the night's sleep. John put him on his front and this time without even any help he had his head all the way up and was looking around. His back and neck muscles are getting strong enough that he can lift his head on his own. John's help with it at the beginning of this week seems to have really paid off.

Work was good. It was really nice to be able to just do that and concentrate on bringing Buttercup up to do builds and tests of the system. To actually be able to do something for two hours straight was such a relief. I guess I am not really made to be a full-time mom, it just feels too good to be by myself and think the thoughts I want to think. I love Jet lots, but I also love John and other folks lots and still need my time with myself.

It's been a long time since I had two and a half hours completely without Jet other than when we're all asleep, and even then he's sleeping in the same room I am. I'm probably going to be really glad when Joan can babysit him for two hours at a time.

Lunch was fun, though, too, and Jet was really well behaved for most of it, watching people and playing with his bee. Everyone had fun talking to him and when he got fussy while I was still finishing my lunch, Cary and Bob both tried to cheer him up. Instead of going into a crying jag, Jet just went to sleep after a little swinging. I can just see it, when he grows up he'll be perfectly behaved for any stranger or people outside the house, but just fussy as heck at home.

He was pretty fussy at home, except when eating or sleeping. He and I both had a nap from about 2 to 3. We both napped as he nursed. Then Dave from IT called to say that he could work with me for a while to try and get my 'Sent' folder to work with Netscape. I put Jet in the sling and he obligingly slept while Dave and I worked through all the possibilities that he knew of, and we didn't fix it. I just changed it so that it would BCC me with everything I send, instead of putting it into a 'Sent' folder. That was a workaround I could live with, without it it was hanging everytime I sent something until I did a very unintuitive 'Cancel'.

Another hour of work. I also talked with HR about using PTO for family leave, to Bill's request, and it's good for the forty hours I need for this month. I should be okay.

After all that I tried to get Jet into a good mood, but he was just unhappy and crying and the weather outside was changing to be nearly as turbulent as his mood. A thunderstorm was blowing through, the rain not reaching the ground here, but the wind cooling down what had been a nearly 80 degree day. The wind blew through the house and Jet cried louder than the wind as I bounced him, played with him, and then tried feeding him.

Jet fell asleep while I was feeding him, and then woke just enough to suckle pretty hard for half an hour. When he was done, he napped just a little more and then woke up smiling. He was also soaking wet, so that was mildly remarkable. So when I changed him, I gave him his baby massage, and he coo'ed, wiggled, and kicked with the leg I wasn't working on while I did it. That was cool.

That was when John came home, and the two of them played for a bit and then we all went upstairs to do the pictures for the last three weeks. Jet ate while we did it, so when we were done I made a mac and cheese with hot dogs and peas dinner. Jet played with John while I cooked and then played in his bassinet while we ate. That was very nice.

Afterward, Jet got to eat again.

During the day my order from Upton Teas arrived, and I had my new Russell Hobbs tea kettle and a sample of licorice root to try. Their website has suggestions on how to brew everything they sell. It says 2.25 gms per six ounce cup and the sample had 15 gms so I split the sample into three and put a third into the basket of my teapot. It turned out that it was approximately 2.3 teaspoons, or probably two heaping teaspoons would have worked. It steeped for five minutes and it smelled like any root brew. It was mildly remeniscent of some good root beers in scent.

Then I tasted the brew and was surprised as heck. It has a brief flash of root earthiness and then it goes completely sweet. Licorice sweet. When I held the tinsane in my mouth it was almost overwhelmingly sweet without even a touch of sugar to it, it nearly was like sugar water. I guess I now know what I brew if I have a craving for sweets and know that I shouldn't be consuming calories. Wow.

John was taking care of Jet, so I had some time to write before the last feeding. Tonight I'll likely take a bath and go to sleep early. John's watching the Av's game avidly, though given that it's a seventh game, I can see why. I'd hate to be on the East Coast, with a game only starting at 10 rather than at 8. He might get to see most of it. Me, I need the sleep too badly, I keep losing an hour each night. Still, I do manage to nap a little with Jet in the afternoon, so that's not too bad.

In the time just before the final feeding, I went upstairs, plugged in the digital picture printer Geoff had given me, got it plugged into the home computer and printed a picture. The picture I printed is from Week 10 of Jet's web page. The one that John captioned as 'That's life.' It's now in my desk frame and I really like it. He is sometimes like that.

I took a bath just before going to bed just to insure my going to sleep. I used half of one of the squares of bubble bath bar from Lush and it was perfect. It was just so very nice to be able to just get into the bath without having to do a damned thing about my hair and to have the whole bath without worrying if my hair would fall into the water. It was just so much more relaxing I'm really glad I did this.

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