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May 13, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Happy Mother's Day

12:15 pm: 13lbs raw. 4oz blanket + 4 oz clothing and diaper.

9:34 pm: So that's how much Jet weighed today when we were at Safeway. I can't believe it, he's gained pretty much a pound in the last week. I guess the massage really did help his weight gain along with all the crazy eating and waking up he's been doing.

He's officially more than twice his starting weight, now. Hopefully he'll actually sleep through the night. We even tried, tonight, putting rice cereal in his bottle of breastmilk. He went out like a light, but that was likely because of the very hot and busy day more than the type of food at his last feeding.

It was nearly 90 today. Ugh. I am starting to hate Colorado. I am starting to feel like an ugly and hot and unhappy vessel filled with hate for this dry, too-bright, and stupidly hot place. This is just so utterly wrong for May. I have a wardrobe of nearly half a dozen sweatshirts I cannot wear any time of the year because it's either too hot or too cold. Last night I was just seething with hatred for the heat and for John's snoring and everything that was keeping me awake even after riding the exercise bike.

Of course, that ended at 9 this morning when John walked into the bedroom with a plate with waffles, turkey bacon, strawberries, syrup, and orange juice on it. It was breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. Jet was wiggling happily in his bassinet, feet in the air, watching his mobile, and talking away. He was winging up with war cry AAAAAAHhhHH! and following with the small choo of his escaping sneezes.

Jet is just so happy it's ridiculous. It seems so wrong that someone so angstful, grumpy, sad, crazy, and fucked up as me should have a son who is just so blissful. I'd like to completely blame Rosty genes for how he's turning out, but John won't let me. I actually cried a bit when John told me exactly why and how he thought I was a great mom after the Happy Mother's Day.

While Jet was having breakfast, after John and I had ours, John went out and finished off mowing the lawn while it was still a reasonable temperature outside. Then we closed up the house completely and went out to do things.

First stop was Napa autoparts for new universal joints for the Baby Buggy as it had worn its out. Jet had a great time looking at all the colorful boxes of parts on all the shelves, and I wandered about with him while John got his parts.

Next was Target to get a birthday present for Haley's first birthday. We also got more anti-gas drops, and a few other things we were short on. I debated getting socks, but decided not to as the weather is so hot now I don't see myself wearing socks unless I absolutely have to and I have enough pairs for that between laundry doings.

By then Jet was grumpy at the heat and hungry. John had to drop some oil off for recycling, and Napa didn't take it. So we went to another autoparts store. Behind the store there was a small sidewalk and spaces and just a bit of shade that mostly covered the sidewalk back there. So John drove the Passat up on the sidewalk and parked Jet and I in the shade with the engine and the AC running. Jet settled in to eat while John did his oil exchange, buying new oil as well as recycling the old. It seemed fair to buy the new oil from them since they were willing to take the old.

The shade made a tremendous difference in the nearly black Passat.

It worked out really well. We got to listen to another five minutes of Lake Woebegon while Jet finished his meal and then the three of us went to Safeway to get a lot of produce, orange juice and the things we run out of quickly and are fresh. They had a sale on bone in tenderloin pork chops and beef tenderloin as well, so I bought some of each, intending to freeze the beef tenderloins.

It was funny realizing that I now know what's on sale at Safeway and what to get each week because of what I know. We saved twenty-six dollars just on in-store specials out of a bill that was less than seventy dollars. That is nice.

We also saw the Lindermans at the Safeway and Francis was really happy at being able to see Jet live. She had seen his pictures on my eskimo web page, and Jonathan, their son, had loved seeing the pictures on-line as well. It was fun to see them, and she was impressed at how big Jet had gotten from the early pictures.

Then, after talking with them for a while, we went for the grapefruit and by the grapefruit was a produce scale. I pulled the blanket and the digital camera from the diaper bag, handed John the blanket which he put in the basket, and then he put Jet in there as well while I sized things up and got a picture of Jet getting weighed with a backdrop of all kinds of produce. That was funny.

I mean, how many people were there? I don't know. I was expecting someone to say, "You can't do that!" or something... but I didn't really look around too much for people staring at us or not. Still, it felt so funny and still felt so cool to just do it and NOT worry about how anyone else was taking it.

Then, of course, both John and I were flabbergasted by the results of our impunity. The scale read thirteen pounds! Eek! That's a pound in the last week! Or more! Eek. Two ounces a day! Healthy, happy, hale boy, I guess. Or what Michele said about the massage really activating growth centers/hormones was actually right.


I checked out some artichokes and was talking with Jet about how they were bad ones because every leaf was brown and wilted on the tips. He was paying me serious attention as to the merits of artichokes when a lady next to me gave me a smile and said, "Happy Mother's Day!" I admit I gave her a huge smile back and said, "Thank you." It's so interesting how new it all is to me and the emotions of sheer surprise and grinning happiness that gave me.

Home again, home again. John worked on the Baby Buggy and found that the universal joints were chewed up so badly that the drive shaft might have to be replaced as well. Ugh. He closed his patient up and finished that off while I heated a sticky rice bundle at 3 p.m. for my mid-afternoon lunch. Jet ate away happily, slept some, too, in the heat, as for the whole errand trip he hadn't fallen asleep for more than a couple minutes at any time. He was only in his diaper and quite happy about it. It amazed me some compared to when he was a newborn and would cry when he was naked.

I finally turned on the air conditioning when it was 85 outside and the inside temperature was rising steadily. John finally finished and came in and took care of Jet while I got to work on my journal a little. With all the work time I haven't had the time to fill in the San Diego trip at all. I'm going to have to get that done, as most of the entries for this month were done on the day. That's a very useful thing.

Dinner was the chops seared and then cooked over a low temperature, leftover mac and cheese, garlic bread, and peas. I had a banana shake afterwards, and John had some Ben and Jerry's. By the time Jet ate his last nursing feed of me, he was falling asleep a lot.

Since it's been a week since we thought about giving Jet rice cereal in his last bottle, we decided to do it tonight. It feels mildly weird to think of Jet having his first 'solid' food. Okay, baby rice cereal very dilute in breastmilk is, by no means, solid. But it is something other than breastmilk or formula. It seems so weird that I've taken him all the way to twice his starting weight on nothing but my breasts and some formula to help out. All that because of me... and equally strange now that he's starting his next step in growing up and taking on food other than mother's milk and it's manufactured as close as possible to equivalent...

We'll see how it works out.

In any case it's been a fun and very new experience going through Mother's Day as an actual mother. Okay, that's *still* weird to write and say.

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