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May 17, 2001
two years ago
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Out and About

8:16 pm: Today was a 'take care of Jet' day as John left early to get the drive shaft before going to work. So I got Jet at 9 and we played happily for much of the morning. He ate around 10:00. After eating, though, he was really unhappy for a while, and I gave up my idea of going out.

Today was much cooler than yesterday. The sky is thickly overcast and there were sprinklings of rain early on. The forecast was calling for an 80% chance of rain today and highs in the mid-50's rather than the mid 80's of yesterday. So, of course, I wanted to go out while it was cool and bearable. It's funny realizing how much Seattle trained me in thinking that going out in the rain is comfortable and something to be done.

Anyway, Jet really wanted to eat again just before 11, so I fed him again, and just as he finished, the Molly Maids arrived at the door. He was much happier with the extra feeding, and so I tucked him in the car seat and put him in the back seat.

John and I tried to put up a baby back seat mirror on the back window this morning, and we got it all set up; but when I went back out, the mirror had fallen off. I took a little extra time to put it back up. It's a little mirror that I can position so that I can see it in my rear view mirror. When it's aimed properly I can see backwards facing Jet in the mirror and he can see me as well. I don't think he looked at it, but when he can or knows how to, he'll be able to see me.

It was really cool to be able to see him for the first time while I was driving. He mostly just watched the outside running by, played a little with his bee (which I can clip to the handle over him), and then went gently to sleep. It was so cool to simply be able to see him do all that when, before, my only clue might be from the noises he'd make.

The mission for today had to do with getting to Origins. Origins is a bath and body company that has things that are derived from homeopathic remedies; but they actually use modern voluntary testing on people to make sure they're safe and comfortable for use. I've always had a problem with being terribly allergic to Body Shop things, but I haven't had a bad reaction to anything from Origins. I needed more of their mixed-skin moisterizer, and I wanted some of the grapefruit body souffle, which is just an all-over body moisterizer. I like my Lubiderm, but thought it would be fun to smell grapefruity sometimes and the stuff is pretty light but intense.

I also wanted to eat at Abbo's pizza and give Jet a tour of Crossroads Mall in his stroller.

When I got to Crossroads, Jet was asleep. He was also soaking wet, so I pulled him out of his car seat and changed him on the backseat. He half woke up, but settled happily into the stroller. I tucked the diaper bag into the cargo area and we set off. There are a whole lot more things that have to be done and brought when one has a baby.

He was really happy. Once I was inside, I pulled the top back so I could watch him and Jet was watching everything. He was seeing everything all around, just turning his head back and forth watching all the merchandise, people, and signs as they went by. We had parked by Foley's and went across the whole mall to go to Abbo's. Sadly, the Abbo's slot was boarded up and it was gone. Totally.

I was sad. The good thing was that the same mall had the one really great cheese steak place in their food court. Jet and I went there.

Jet watched everyone going by as we stood in line. He seemed fascinated with all the things and people going by, which was good as it was a fair wait. Then the two of us went to a table and I turned the stroller around so that he could see me while I ate. He got to try a little of my drink and got to suck a little on the end of my dill pickle piece. He made funny faces for both of them, but seemed to like both. He kept looking at the red of the Coka Cola glass and then would look when anyone would walk by.

When I was done with lunch, he settled while we did the walk back across the mall to Foley's and he was asleep when we got to the Origins outlet in the store. The lady was on the phone, possibly with a friend as she put the phone down when she saw me, and she was really prompt in helping me. In the middle of speel about the new replacement for my moisterizer, the first replacement in eleven years which says something about a good thing lasting a while, she glanced down to see the sleeping Jet and she stumbled.

It amuses me that for all that she was intent on doing what she had to and being done with it she was bowled over by my sleeping kid enough to stop a bit and just really look at him. We got done pretty quick, and her co-worker took me to the elevator. I'd gotten up in the mall's elevator, finding elevators is a bit more difficult than finding escalators, but with a stroller elevators are easy. Jet liked getting in and out of the elevator, he woke up for that.

When we headed towards home, I could see Jet falling asleep again. So I headed for Safeway and got some oxtail, fresh cilantro and bean sprouts for some Pho. I had a recipe but hadn't felt like making it in the hot weather of the last week. Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty cool, too, so I could do it then. Thing is that it takes at least six hours to simmer the soup enough, so it would have to be tomorrow.

It was raining pretty hard by now. But Jet was still asleep by the time we got everything back to the car, so I went to the Conoco and filled the Passat up with diesel. He was happily and quietly asleep for the whole thing and stayed that way when I got home and unloaded the car. I even got him into the house, amid the rain, without waking him up. I left him in the car chair while I put things away, used the restroom, and when he was still asleep, I wrote for a good half an hour.

He woke up crying, and he was wet and hungry, so I changed him and fed him. And we basically puttered about the house for the early part of the afternoon. John got home around 5 and took Jet outside while I finished off my work time. That was pretty good. Before I went upstairs, I scrubbed, poked and oiled a bunch of potatoes that were starting to sprout, put them all on a baking sheet and put them in a 350 degree oven.

When I was done with work stuff I fed Jet again while John chased the last ball bearing in this project and he got it out. Then John and I had the last of the carnitas, some plain yogurt, chopped green onion, plenty of cheddar cheese, and salsa on baked potatoes. The already baked potatoes should be good for hash, mashed, and twice baked potatoes in the next few days and since they're cooked they're not going to be sprouting any more buds.

The evening was pretty quiet. John's going to Longmont tomorrow morning to get new universal joints, the ones they sold him over the weekend were too big. So he's going to get the right ones, so he'll have Jet with him and I'll be able to start the soup for the pho. That should be good enough of a start. It's neat to be able to plan some of that, since Jet's mornigs have been pretty similar recently.

I've been tracking his nights, what he eats, how long he sleeps and how easy or hard it is to get him to go to sleep after eating. We've been giving him cereal in his bottle most evenings for this week and he's been, on average, sleeping longer and completely cut out the midnight waking. That's pretty cool. It's also cool to see the general trend he's had to longer and longer first sleeps.

There were the two nights when he was up at midnight and then at 2 and then at 4, but that was just those two and then the next day he stayed asleep until 4 for the first time. So it'll be interesting to see when he takes that step back before going forward again.

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