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May 21, 2001
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A Good Work Day

1:48 pm: So Jet was up twice last night, though at midnight John was able to just change Jet and get him back to sleep. I got up and pumped then and was mildly surprised when Jet woke up at 2:30 to eat and eat and then fall asleep relatively quickly. He was up a bit past 6:00 and John was happy to get up with him. I got up then, too and pumped and went back to sleep until 8:30.

I was really exhausted when I got up. I figured out that it wasn't really a lack of sleep, though I swear I didn't sleep at all well last night, waking up pretty much every two hours. So it turned out that John had fed Jet at about 8, so I was free for a bit. So I went downstairs and rode the exercise bike and then took a good, hot shower. That felt much better, and the two of them made us a baked pancake for breakfast while I showered. Yum.

Definitely a good start to the day.

Given Jet's behaviour yesterday, one of my goals was to give Jet a good nap during the day so he wouldn't be too exhausted come evening. He got put into the sling a couple of times, but only around noon did he actually go to sleep. There were a few times when he was just angry and yelling and crying really loudly and a lot. We couldn't figure out why, really.

He did have a plugged nostril and after an extended period of trying to get the aspirator to pull plugged stuff out of his nose and him screaming a lot we got it out. John and I were mildly astonished when John took the aspirator from my hand and Jet instantly calmed down. What amazed me was that after all that screaming he was happy and playing and was quite happy to sit in his vibrating chair and just play while John and I worked. That was really cool, but really pointed out to me just how quickly his moods can change.

9:30 pm: Jet napped through lunch and let me work a bit more. After the nap he did a lot better. He was pretty happy all afternoon, and after I did his massage he was really relaxed and happy. John took him cheerfully and I went up and did some work until I started dripping. So I came back down and fed Jet and thought about dinner.

We have a lot of odd leftovers in our fridge. So I put them together. I first pulled out two of the large baked potatoes, scooped out their innards, heated them a little to get the starches to let go a little, and then mashed them with milk and a little butter, a lot of shredded cheddar, and a double handful of chopped broccoli. I then packed the innards back into the shells and put them in the oven for some twice-baked potatoes.

Four Wranglers went into the toaster oven and the two artichokes went into the microwave at 50% for several minutes. The artichokes were mildly warm, and I poured the last of the basalmic vinager and olive oil onto a plate. So we ate those first. It was really funny to think of hot dogs and artichokes in the same meal, for me, at least. But the artichokes made a great appetizer while the hot dogs cooked, and then the hot dogs were really great with the crisped potatoes.

A great dinner. Jet happily played with his mobile while we ate, and then I fed him again before going upstairs for half an hour of playing with Perl. I haven't really done much Perl programing, but it's a really cool language and my project is going to involve a lot of file manipulation and getting other programs to start up. So it seems the time to use the tool. Perl is best learned in use, as far as I can tell, so I started writing a script for some stuff and it just worked.


Jet was complaining the whole time I was away, but then fell dead asleep in John's arms. He woke up when I put him in the position for eating, and suckled away happily and was even happier with his bottle, though he left nearly two ounces this time. Of course it's the first time in a while that I put a full six into the last bottle. Ah well. So it is.

I finished up with some time backfilling the San Diego trip, by the time I'm done with all that I'm going to have a month's worth of entries on my Visor all waiting to just get put on-ilne. Yeesh.

I also got a big box from King Arthur flour, and it was a bit like Christmas, because it had taken a week and a half for the order to get to me. So I had forgotten everything I'd ordered. Thta was pretty cool. I got all kinds of fun stuff, including mixes for baked donuts, and a pan to bake them in as we all like donuts. I will likely mention 'I baked a King Arthur la-de-dah' for a while for the next few months.

Jet's been grabbing my arm the last several days when I change him. He seems to like grabbing my sleeve and hanging on and grinning like crazy. Also, when lying on his playing pad, he'll also grab my hand and pull it towards his mouth and then grin triumphantly when he gets it in his mouth to gum it frantically.

John had a great time with the teething toy we bought at the Erie Fair. Jet seems to really like gumming it, but doesn't quite have the coordination, yet, to hold it in place for the job. So he kept looking up at John with this *look* and John kept putting it in the right place for Jet to get it in his mouth thoroughly. It really reminds me of Miles as a kid, learning to charm people into doing what he wanted them to do when he found that he couldn't do it himself.

Xiao Xing at work commented that she really liked Jet's Chinese name. She thought we'd just named him Jet for the powerful engine concept, but on learning his Chinese name and that it related to that, she was pretty impressed. That had me thinking of The King of Masks and the tradition in it of calling some children by very meek names, like 'Doggy' in the movie, so that the gods would think that the child was just a pet and not get jealous.

We seem to have done the exact opposite. Jet has, on both sides of his name, a lot of powerful, strong and interesting concepts. I think Jet Li picked his American side name only later in life, not as a child. Still, Mom says that Jei is a common enough Chinese boy's name, so that may be well enough as it is. Maybe that's whey we always call him Xiao Jei, or little Hero.

I can't really imagine life without him anymore. It's like he's always been a part of our lives, now. Though we were planning a party for a friend at the end of June and it hit me that Jet will be nearly five months old and likely eating some solid foods by then. That's quite a ways to go. He changes so much each month it still amazes me. I was reading an entry from April and realizing that I'm now complaining about getting up once a night when he used to get up twice regularly and sometimes three, and didn't always drop to sleep before 10 the way he has for the last couple of weeks. He also used to get up at 5 and decide it was time to play. He hasn't done that a lot recently, thank goodness.

So it goes.

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