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May 22, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Exercise and Reflections

7:57 pm: So Jet got up twice last night, and ate an entire six ounces the first time he got up at 1, but went to sleep before 2, so it was a quick up for John. Jet was up just two hours later, at 4, and fell asleep while eating off me, so I put him back to bed and he was up again at 5:40. Poor John.

I was up at 7:30 to pump and John and Jet had gone to Decono to get donuts! That was pretty cool. I had two chocolate covered chocoate donuts. I'd been planning on using one of the donut mixes this morning, but having them fresh and ready already was really nice. John had thought I'd bake them last night if I was going to do it, but I wanted them warm from the oven.

We had a pretty good morning. I got a half an hour at work before he left, and with a half an hour one on one and a one hour meeting I was pretty much set for the day.

Jet did pretty good for the day, and we had a good time exploring an exercise tape that Mary Mark had sent me. It's called Baby and You, and it's basically an aerobics workout for a new mom with their baby in a front pack. The extra weight of the baby helps make the workout all the more strenuous, and the rythemic workout put Jet to sleep, like it did the babies in the tape. That was pretty cool to see the babies in the tape going to sleep while being danced around.

It wasn't all that hot today, so the workout in sweats was pretty nice. It got my blood flowing, eventhough it wasn't all that strenuous. And Jet got a good nap for a little while.

My one on one went really well and really quickly. The staff meeting was cancelled so that people could work without interruption, especially given a three hour meeting this morning over bugs. I am still rather glad that I don't have to go to thos meetings, yet. I may begin after our memorial Day break.

So all of Xilinx is shutting down for the week of Memorial Day and for the week of July the Fourth. So we have the week off and it's quite the relief. I am going to be very glad of both breaks.

John got home and was pretty frazzled, so we ordered dinner from Casa de La Mina. I fed Jet while waiting for food, and then I took Jet to get the food, giving John a good hour to clean things up from work. That was pretty cool. Jet was awake for the ride there and back and slumped in the vibrating seat and gently banged on his toys while we ate.

He was pretty tired. John entertained him after the after-dinner feeding while I made baked donutes for tomorrow morning. The mix is definitely low-land made, it was a bit too bubbly at this altitude. It tastes pretty good, too, but really stuck to the pan. I'll have to grease the pan next time more thoroughly.because it took a lot of careful digging with a spoon to get them out.

Jet went right to sleep when we finally set our efforts to putting him to sleep. John got another call about Borax, he's been getting quite a few this week. That's pretty cool. Folks that know what they're asking for and about is a good thing where Borax is concerned. I actually had to take Jet and put him to sleep so John could talk with the guy. I think it's the first time I've put Jet to bed in a while. John usually does that and that's pretty cool.

I got an Amazon shipment today and it included a book that Carl recommended and its authors were also in that special edition of Newsweek that was all about child development. The book is called The Scientist in the Crib with two different subtitles for different editions, I think, of the book. It's a really cool book about how babies learn, what they do and don't know and what they manage to accomplish with behaviour that is only mentioned as 'your child might do this' in most baby books.

It's finding out *why* rather than just what. Like two-year-olds trying to figure out boundaries and the fact that other people have desires that are different than their own. That they learn that not only do other people desire different things, but that they can do something about those desires. Empathy is being formed the same time they're rebelling and from the same roots.

That is what I really want to know, and I'm very glad Carl recommended the book as it's fascinating reading. It's fun to read it to Jet, too, as he listens about the same as when I read him other stories. Today, though, I read him the rhyme "One two, buckle your shoe..." and he started wiggling and smiling big and squawking with joy. That was really different, but the rhymes seem to catch his interest and his happiness for some reason.

So I should probably read him more nursery rhymes, and probably make up better rhymes for the numbers eleven through twenty than the ones in the book. Or just stick with one through ten. I never realized how much I've forgotten of nursery rhymes. Can you remember all the hand motions to patty cake patty cake? Or ensie weensie spider? Heh. Me neither. Luckily, John gave me a Big Mom book that has a bunch of them in it with diagrams. Whew.

There are times, though, when I'm really glad that Jet is going to spend a few hours a day with the Goodells in a little while. A place where he'll have other kids to interact with and other things and toys and action going on, where things are different and more active than just me by myself in this same-old house again and again. I'll really be glad of a little time to myself, too. I think that's the hardest thing, a complete introvert having to always be with someone all the time is pretty hard. Especially since a lot of the expert advise is that one should be describing everything one does to the baby just so they learn as you go.

I had a bit of time today with Jet in the front pack facing forwards while I was working on the computer. He watched the screen intently and wiggled with joy when something big happened to change the screen or when I cleared my desktop and he saw the picture of himself there. He also really likes looking into mirrors, now, too, tracing his hand with his hand as he peers intently at himself. He used to only look at the reflection of me. Now he actually is fascinated with the creature mimicing his every move. That's fun to see change, and realize that he's learning a ton.

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