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May 26, 2001
two years ago
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Boulder Creek Fair

8:00 pm: Today began with the cinnamon rolls I made last night. They were with the mixes from King Arthur flour and they looked and smelled wonderful after John baked them while taking care of Jet in the morning. The glaze was really nice, too, and I mixed that up and just drizzled it over the warm buns.

Sadly, they tasted awful. The textures were all totally wrong. The cinnamon filling was jelly-like. The dough of the buns, which looked so crisp and firm on the top and sides, was all soft and doughy. It wasn't that they were undercooked, because even the edges were that soft and doughy. The catalog had said that they used a pastry flour and a special dough softener to keep the cinnamon rolls soft. Maybe they liked their cinnamon rolls that soft and gooey, but for John and I they were nearly inedible.

Such sadness. I tossed the rest of the buns after we'd each eaten two. One to try it and two to make sure we didn't like it.

I fed Jet and then the three of us went into Boulder. This weekend is the weekend of the Boulder Creek Fair, and the whole of the Creek park is filled with booths of all kinds. It's a very strange approximation of Seattle's Bumbershoot, as if all there was were the booths and none of the music of Bumbershoot. Well, not none, but there was, possibly, three groups in the entire park area.

There were hundreds and hundreds of people, though. And the normal Boulder Farmer's market was totally swamped out by all the people. It was pretty astonishing how many people were wandering through. We had fun wandering about, and we even went through a place that had a bunch of food folks giving out samples and coupons. The Youplait folks, giving out samples of the envelops of their yogurt gave me three of them! That suprised me.

I cheerfully ate them all. I also ate a cup of Stagg chilie, some Ben's converted rice, and a bit of Morningstar meatless hamburger on a bun. All kinds of treats. With all the samples, I wasn't quite as hungry as I thought I would be when it came time to nurse Jet.

We found a quiet spot next to Boulder Creek, behind the art exhibits and in the trees. There was a nice picnic table with benches, and I sat with my back to the path. Across the creek was a small new age band and we listened to the music while Jet latched on hungrily and ate. It was pretty peaceful nursing him by the stream, under the shade of trees. I told john that Jet and I really had to come here when there weren't thousands of people and just enjoy the peace of the park sometime.

When Jet had finished, we went off to find food for ourselves and ended up back at the normal Boulder Farmers' Market. They're actually around not only every Saturday, but also on Wednesdays from 10-2, for lunch, basically. That's the day that John and I do the Jet handoff, and it would be really cool to have lunch with folks here and buy some good stuff for dinner that night.

John got himself a buffalo sausage in a bun. I got myself a gyros and we munched in the shade, happily, while Jet watched all the people that streamed by. When we were both done, John tried talking with Jet, and Jet kind of blew up, probably completely overloaded. He stopped crying the moment we started moving again, so we moved through the market. We found some really great multi-grain bread and bought a loaf. There was a stand that only sold tomatoes, beautiful, red, ripe, fragrant tomatoes. I bought three of those. I also passed up on the multitude of spinach, since I still had some at home.

Back to the car, and as we finished loading everything in, the raindrops started to fall from a sky now filled with clouds. Wow, good timing. It was just a short sprinkle, and it stopped by the time we reached Whole Foods. Jet had fallen asleep, so we went shopping around the place. With the whole-grain bread and tomatoes, I really wanted some fresh mozarella and basil. So we got those. There was Copper River sockeye salmon at the fish stand, so I got some of that, as it was far redder than the King salmon that was more expensive.

We got random other stuff, including more apricot kernel oil for Jet's massages, chocolate creme cookies with non-hydroginated fats, and a young, mildly diluted, real basalmic vinager that still cost a good deal. It was all just stuff that no Safeway would ever or could ever carry.

Home again home again, and I fed Jet. The minute I was done, John took him to get some car parts in north Denver, leaving me at home, by myself with some time to actually do something. I spent it all updating the on-line journal after finishing off the San Diego entries.

There are moments when I know that I don't write as well as I did before Jet's birth. Most of these entries are being written after Jet's asleep, when I'm dead tired and mostly going through the elements of the day instead of writing about the wholeness of the day. I guess it might be more real, as some days aren't 'whole'. They're just patched together from what we manage to do and how motivated we might be for a particular day. And they certainly give a better feeling for how every day I have is now cut up into hour or, at most, two hour chunks.

I mean, I still don't sleep for more than four hours at a shot. Either I'm feeding Jet or I'm up pumping. But those chunks are actually pretty solid sleep, now, which is quite an improvment over the first two nights we had Jet home.

I wrote, orgainzed, titled, and stuff. When John came back, Jet was still asleep, so I just wrote up yesterday while I could, until Jet woke up hungry as heck and yelling. The late afternoon was mostly spent with Jet, giving him food, giving him his massage, and playing with him when he was ina good mood. He's taken to craning his neck around to his right, really hard, almost as if he's trying to flip onto his front. It's really hard to massage him while he's doing that.

It turned out that he stopped doing that when we propped him up in the floor chair, and he could see from that angle. Then he just wiggled gently and smiled and slowly slid down the back of the chair. I fed him around 5:30 and then made a quick and excellent dinner.

I heated a pan, put half a tablespoon of butter in it, and then slapped the salmon in, meat side down. While it seared, I cut up the mozarella, a tomato, and layered them with the basil. I dropped Trader Joe's extra virgin olive oil on that. I flipped the fish, cut a bunch of bread, and when the salmon was done, so was dinner. A fresh salad, bread, and salmon, what more could one ask? It was really delicious, the salmon was rich and tender and perfectly crisp on the outsde and juicy and lovely on the inside. The rich mozzarella melded happily with the sweet depth of the tomatoes and was lifted by the herby sweetness of the basil. The bread was nutty, chewy and perfect for sopping up salmon and tomatoe juices. Yum.

After dinner, I fed Jet again, baked some of the ready-made cookie dough, and then John and I gave him a bath. He loved the bath. Cooed and splashed and smiled at us for the whole thing. I wouldn't have believed such a creature, just a month ago was hoarse from screaming while in the bath. My.

He dropped dead asleep after his bottle. My hopes of a baby that sleeps all night are slowly revived.

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