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May 28, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Fun Out and About

9:22 pm: John asked if I wanted to go to breakfast, and I decided that it would be fun and that I would be willing to go after what had been a fairly rough night for me. John snored a lot, partially because we'd both forgotten to turn the humidifier on.

Jet was great, didn't get up until about 4 and went back to sleep fairly quickly. I just had a real hard time getting to sleep all three times.

Breakfast made up for it. We went north to Lucille's and I had the Carlin County, the biscuit and andoullie gravy with red beans (with meat) and grits. They were all really good. Jet was also really good, though John ignored me when I said he was probably wet, and John just jollied him instead of changing him. After we left, Jet fussed, and when we got to a gas station, John finally relented and changed the soaking wet Jet.

Sometimes it is good to push a bit further and get where you need to go, sometimes it seems an unneccessary bit fo hardship for all involved. I'm still not sure where the line is or else I'd have just insisted on changing Jet myeslf. Hindsight is always 20/20, but I guess we can still learn from it for next time.

Home again home again, and I fed Jet and immediately went to bed for a nice long nap and an equally nice, if not as long, shower. Hot showers are a blessing on sore shoulders and arms. While I was asleep, Andrew had arrived, with a visit from Bob and Mei to see Jet. Andrew did the job of mowing the backyard for good pay, and the three of us took him back home.

Since the Safeway was there, we stopped to grocery shop for a bit. Jet loved it, again, peering at colorful cans and bright boxes. This time, when he fussed, John changed him immediately and he was happy through the rest of the trip, smiling at me and wriggling with joy at each smile he got from me.

We got fruit and some stuff for dinner tonight. The evening was pretty simple. I baked one of the gingerbread mixes from King Arthur, and now I think I know why the cinnamon rolls were so flabby soft. The cake is kind of that way, too. I suspect that they used the cake flour in their cinnamon roll mix, so it doesn't have the proteins, which definitely makes sure you don't get hard cakes or rolls. Thing is that these are unpleasently soft, for me that is.

The mix was fast and simple, though, and I got to try out a baking spray, that had both oil and flour in the spray, so that baked goods don't stick and I didn't have to spend the time and get all messy with the shortening and flour. It was really fast and worked fine as the cake pieces came out easily.

Dinner was even faster. I put an already cooked slab of ribs in foil in the oven. Then I put a dozen asparagus spears on a cookie sheet with a drip of olive oil, some salt and pepper, and rolled them in it with a shake of the pan. I put them in the oven too. Fifteen minutes later I cut bread and spooned out cole slaw and it was dinner.


We'd gotten lucky with Andrew's timing, as when he'd finished and we came home, it started raining hard. Thunderstorms came out of the west, gorgeous huge black clouds with cotton tops and gilded edges as the sun started going down. Lightening struck from all directions, and the TV channels were filled with severe storm and tornado warnings for the counties of Colorado.

Weld County only had severe store warnings, but we watched as toronado warnings travelled across the state. Sometimes they'd pop up suddenly for half an hour for some places, and sometimes they'd die away just as quickly. It was interesting to watch their progression across and up and down the state.

Jet had a good day. He was pretty cheerful, playful, and happy for a lot of it. He really liked Andrew, and watched him happily from side to side. He also was very tolerant of our TV choices of the day. We watched a lot of the SciFi channel's Star Treck marathon and Food Network's The Best of America marathon. After the latter was done, there was a Calling All Cooks that had a guy sharing his grandmother's sticky pecan bun recipe and Jet and I raced upstairs to get a print out of the recipe from the site.

That was fun. Jet likes going around to different places, even in the house. One of the best ways to get him to stop crying, if he's already changed and dry and not hungry, is to just go outside and stand under a tree. He loves trees, especially when there's a wind blowing the branches and leaves about, and clouds up in the sky. He loves watching the slouds race by and blinks into the raindrops as they fall. We went for a little walk and he just loved it.

Ever since he's been born it's been unseasonable wet here. I've loved it. Today really was a day to love, here, as it was cool and wet and lovely outside.

We started planning our trip to Seattle for the week around the Fourth of July. John's parents will be home, then, so we'll have a place to stay and babysitters if we want to go out without him. We'll also have dozens of friends who will kill us if we meet up with them without him. He also has two cousins who really want to meet him, that should be really cool. Lots and lots of stuff to do and figure out.

The main advantage of breastfeeding Jet really is that we can go anywhere and not carry too many things and we have plenty to feed him so long as I have plenty to drink. He's not used to cold formula and our experiments with it haven't been too successful, yet. Maybe he hasn't been hungry enough, but heating formula while travelling would be quite the pain.

There are still moments when I dream of sleeping through the night without having to pump or get up to feed Jet. I know it'll happen and I'll probably regret the loss of the quiet time with Jet, too. It's all both good and bad, all mixed together, never just one or the other. Which, I guess, can be said of nearly everything in life.

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