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May 30, 2001
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Dim Sum

John took Jet this morning on some errands while I rode the exercise bicycle, showered, and then worked on a Perl script. It was pretty nice to have the house to myself. A full hour was pretty sweet, and I got done what I wanted to do. I even got some of my journal straightened out and orgainized so that I could finally start posting entries for this month.

Luckily, I've been pretty disciplined this month about writing every evening.

The morning was good and I felt a lot better for the exercise. Then the three of us went into Denver to The Emperess for dimsum with the Hamitons and the Gibbonses. Dan had also brought his parents as wellk, so we were a party of twelve and so we ordered a lot of dim sum and everyone ate pretty well. Jet got handed from person to person to person and he did quite well with it and played with just about everyone.

That was really reassuring, as he's nearly four months old and this is when some kids start stranger anxiety. Obviously he doesn't seem to be suffering from it, yet. He also doesn't seem to miss me too much when he's off with Dad. We'll still have to see how he is with both John and I completely out of earshot and sight. I think he'll do okay, though.

It was really fun to watch him interact with everyone. He really is a happy guy, and Dan noted that Jet wiggles all the time, which was unusual. They've had three kids, so I can actually say that it's something Jet does himself and it's not just another thing all babies do and this fond mama is attibuting to uniqueness. I don't have a clue why that would worry me, and Jet is happy nonetheless.

Their teenage daughter just loved holding Jet and walking around with him. That was fun to see. Their eight year old daughter held him very, very carefully. And their son was very gentle with him. That was very keen.

Afterwards we went to the grocery store, the Pacific Ocean and got a few bakery things and a few freezer things for home. Jet was asleep for all that, and he stayed asleep until we got home, and I could feed him again in comfort. He'd actually eaten in the parking lot before lunch, so did quite well.

John ran off to buy a queen-sized box spring that comes in two pieces, so we could move the bed downstairs. Guests like having a real bed, and the whole box-spring just wouldn't fit down the stairway. So we found this fairly inexpensive answer and moved the whole bedframe downstairs as well. Now both futons will be in the rec-room area, and will be good for kids with their families.

John spent time in the evening putting together the crib and found that there were two pieces missing. We'll have to call the store to see what we should do about that. Jet ate really well all evening. We had a good, quick dinner of fish slabs, oven fries, and roasted asparagus. Yum. Spring asparagus is always so good.

We spent the evening watching the two hour Powerpuff Girl series, and Jet, after refusing two ounces of his five ounce feeding, just went to sleep after John put him down!


It'll be cool if it translates into a good night. Last night was pretty good, other than John snoring some, but not too badly as he hydrated pretty well before going to sleep. Jet didn't wake up after his middle of the night feeding until 6:20, which is much better than the 5 am wakings he was having.

I also got some time in the evening and managed to get the first ten entries for this month up. It's so odd to see how much of a difference there is between then and now. Jet is much, much better during the day. He's mostly only fussy in the evening, and he likes playing sitting up a lot, now, rather than just lying down. Today, he turned over twice just for me! That was very cool. He's done it with John a lot, but most of the time when I've put him on his front he got mad before he got turned over, so I helped. Today, he just went 'blip' and was on his back in an instant. Yay! Progress!

I'm hoping to get all of this month up before this vacation is over. No, it won't all be up before this month is done. That would be too timely.

We also had to spend a good deal of time and energy picking up for the maids, tomorrow. It'll be interesting staying out of their way tomorrow.

I still haven't set up a massage appointment with CeLena, and I really need to. For all that the massage with her hurt more, it really did last longer than Michele's. I now remember why I was hesitant about staying with Michele for the long term.

I am *so* glad we'll have another week off in July. Talking with Bob today, everyone isjust killing themselves to finish things off, and it's going to be painful as the changes are happening all the way to the end, which is going to make for damned unstable final product. It's also eating into the next cycle, which isn't going to help for next year. But with the enfored time off, we might get a more realistic schedule out of it.

Especially since our boss really did acknowledge the problem and apologized and will do his best to make this next cycle more reasonable. We'll actually see if it happens, but it was nice for him to be up front about saying it and acknowledging the problems the group is having.

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