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May 5, 2002
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Closet and Plant Clean Up

6:08 pm: I'm writing a little earlier today, so I might actually be able to go to sleep a lot earlier today. I really need it.

Jet had a really bad night, in an entirely new way than ever before. He woke up around 11, and was grumpy and kvetchy and cried and wouldn't let me bounce him back to sleep. So I fed him. I thought he'd fallen asleep, but when I tried to put him down in his infant seat, he twisted, arched, and started screaming some more. So I picked him up and bounced him and he went back to sleep.

When i tried putting him down again, he arched, kicked, and screamed, so I tried the crib. Same results. Plus lots of music from his music box, which got me kind of mad. I then tried the rocking chair and settled him in my arms Jet went to sleep just fine while I was holding him, but, again, when I tried to put him down, he woke up and screamed. This time he didn't calm down again. So I went downstairs with him and fed him some Tylenol. That helped a little, but not a lot. Eventually John came out to see what was up, and to tell me that it was midnight. He'd slept for two hours, so he volunteered to take Jet, so I handed Jet over.

I think Jet screamed, continually from midnight to 1. John said that that was so later. Jet just never could seem to be still, something was either hurting him or his gut, and he was crying, kvetching, or whining pretty much continually. Every time he took a breath he'd just use it to cry. John tried to give him some milk and tried bouncing him, rocking him, and all kinds of stuff that usually works and none of it did.

Finally, John had to put Jet down on the floor and John laid down next to him and gently started massaging Jet's back and legs and shoulders, using some fo the baby massage techniques we'd learned when Jet was really small. Jet quieted gradually with that, and finally fell asleep on the floor. John fell asleep as well, and the two of them slept until 3, with occassional wakings by Jet which John soothed with just a little rubbing on the back.

At 3, John came into the bedroom to get a pillow, but then Jet woke up and John was so tired, I said I'd take him, so I fed Jet and this time Jet went right ot sleep in his infant seat. He was so tired I don't think his eyes ever opened. I went back downstairs and went to sleep myself and heard Jet get up at 7. So I turned off the monitor and went up and nursed Jet and then we started to play upstairs and then downstairs as well.

Jet was in a pretty good mood. It wasn't nearly as bad as last night, but he was still a little angry and a little bit more easily upset than usual. But he played happily while I lay on the couch and watched him and napped a bit. Of course, he came by to bap me on the head, but he wasn't too bad about it this time. Nothing that really hurt.

John woke up around 8:30, and made pancakes for breakfast while I looked for the fusia sweater I'd knit a couple years ago. It was the last thing I knitted, as my hands weren't the best. It had been a pretty fun project. Today's supposed to be nearly 80, and I wanted something nice but light to wear to church. We not only had a service, but it was the choir's grand finale before they took the summer off. There was also the annual meeting after service, so I'd probably have to nurse Jet during and I wanted something short and easy to do that with.

I couldn't find it. Worse yet, the raw wool 'dreads' on a dreadlock hat John had bought early a decade ago had attracted moths over the winter and we hadn't really disturbed the closet for the whole time. Worse yet, my silk kimonos were right next to it. Aiee... It was really, really disturbing to pull out the 'hat' and hear the sand-like sound of moth eggs go everywhere. Bad, bad feelings and memories with that sound, mostly going with various raw fleeces I used to have for spinning.

I freaked out. John promised to clean things out if I would just go into the kitchen and eat my pancakes. It took a bit of headless chicken running before I finally could settle down and eat my breakfast. Jet really liked the pancakes and the sausage and he watched me solemnly after I'd freaked out so much. John did use the new Dust Buster, to clean up the worst of it, and it all went into the trash. He even promised that, this afternoon, we'd clean the closet out and we'd find my sweater.

In the meantime, however, I had to figure out what to wear. I don't have a whole lot of things. I do have a really nice pair of red silk pants. They're patterned with black, and I know that I have a short sleeved black turtleneck that's actually very light. Of course, I couldn't find that either, and I finally settled for a black Big Dogs polo shirt and that went well enough.

I'm never going to be the shape I once was. Things simply have rearchtected my body with the knee blow out, the surgery, the pregnancy and with breastfeeding. It's all changed. I'm not any heavier than I was, but it's all been redistributed. I have enormous upper arms, now, and more belly and leaner legs. It's pretty interesting realizing that all the muscle I built up with soccer is no longer, and it makes some of my old jeans fit much better. That's kind of cool, but I feel 'fat', just 'cause I'm not shaped like a teenager, or even a twenty-something. It's interesting realizing the difference, and knowing that I should just accept the new shape and work with it. The clothing I picked worked pretty well, and I was pretty glad of it when I actually got a compliment on my outfit at church. It's been a few years since I had reason to care what I wore, other than the occassional special evening out with John.

Church was fun. Pretty much three-quarters of the service was all music and the choir. The other quarter went pretty quickly, and the whole thing only ran over by fifteen minutes. Jet seemed to be having a great time in back, I saw a teenager dancing with him in the quiet room during one of the more energetic pieces. Jet was giggling and bouncing when we went to pick him up after the service.

I got a little plateful of food from the snack table, a carrot, some red bell pepper, a muffin, a couple grapes, a chocolate chip cookie, and some melon. Jet went for the melon, first, but then dropped it onto my plate to pick up the muffin and gnaw it for a while before discarding that for the chocolate chip cookie. I guess he likes cookies. He ate that steadily during the beginning of the annual meeting and eventually abandoned it on my plate in order to demand nursing from me.

Jet fell deep asleep while eating, and stayed that way until my arm fell asleep and I had to pass him off to John. Jet woke up remarkably quietly, and then started playing with a few other kids that were at the back of the church for the meeting. He started just walking between all the back pews and the other kids all followed him with me tailing them all just in case Jet made for the light and people show up front. He never did, and we finished the meeting with no problems at all.

It was probably the fastest annual meeting I've ever been to. They only required 10% of the membership to have a quorum, which surprised me a little, but it was very easy to get a quorum. I was also surprised that a church with that large a membership had so few people who cared to vote on things like the new boards, the new running committee, changes in their constitution and a set of fourteen 'values' that made me really glad that I had joined this church. They were pretty challenging values, too, and it was just cool to see them approved unanimously. It was also good to get a taste of the disagreements here as they were plainly stated, without acrimony, and both sides listened. That is very important to me.

When the meeting was done, we headed home, as Jet was grumpy evenwith a handful of chocolate chip cookie, again.

Once home we had lunch. Jet only ate off my grilled cheese sandwich when he could grab everything that was left and eat off of that. I think it might be something like his bone fetish. He really likes eating adult sized food, even if he can't finish more than a tenth of it. He seems to just enjoy having the priviledge.

8:20 pm: I kept hoping that Jet would take a nap after lunch, but he held out until 4. So John and I took care of the closet cleaning. We emptied out the closet shelves, and went through everything. We also took things in our chests of drawers and sorted out all the winter clothing. The boxes disgorged a bunch of summer clothing plus a bunch clothing we just didn't use anymore. The stuff we didn't use we put into a donation pile. The stuff that was too worn to use again we took out to the garage rag pile. The stuff that was Just Too Small I finally got rid of with a sigh of relief. A lot of it was actually from my college days, and it was good to finally come to grips with the fact that I just wasn't going to be that again. Not a bad thing.

Once the closet was empty, John cleaned it all out with a wet sponge, and then we put all the winter clothing away. We managed to get rid of nearly three boxes worth of stuff. Yay! Fewer objects to be owned by! This was when Jet decided he'd had enough, and tried to climb into my lap. So we went upstairs and I fed him and he went to sleep. When Jet went to sleep, he slept hard until about 7. It gave John and I time to clean out all the plants downstairs.

The two big spider plants have an infestation of small bugs. They really need a good spraying, but we didn't want them into the house for that. Plus they were dropping flowers everywhere, as they were sprouting new baby plants. So it was better to have them outside than in the kitchen where the flowers were getting into everything.

There was also a philadendren, that we know is poisonous to babies, that was starting to get really, really long. It's been with me since college, and my Mom gave it to me when I went off to school. So I have a lot of memories about this plant. But to make things safer, I chopped it all the way back. Since it had been in the same pot since I'd gotten it, it's a little crowded. So I took the cuttings, planted a bunch of them in a new pot of soil and put that up where the spider plants had been. The philadendron doesn't drop stuff, and if it's well out of the way, it's safe, so it seemed like a good thing to keep a bit of green in the kitchen.

With that done, I sat down to write a bit and John took some time to call people about his parents' 50th anniversary. Then we made dinner. I first prepped the roasting chicken with some southwest seasoning from Penzey's and rubbed it down with canola oil. The two of us trussed it and then securied it to the rotissary skewer and then took it outside. John had the rotissary heating element good and hot and we let it sear for 10 minutes and then put it lower to roast. I love the fact that the only thing we hav to do is turn down the heat and, eventually, check to see if it's done. Easy food.

While that was roasting, I prepped the two artichokes, and set up the steamer pot with just the steamer basket instead of the big layers. I didn't really need a full layer, so I thought the basket would be fine. The only problem with it was that I couldn't get that much water in underneath the basket, so I knew it might be a problem for a full hour's worth of steaming. But I got it all setup and ready to go.

I should have set a 20 minute timer to check the water level, especially since I sat down to write. John came in and said, "This has boiled dry..." and he was just standing there, and I couldn't believe he hadn't just poured water on it the moment he knew it was dry... so I told him to pour water in and there was a slight pop as the bottom of the metal was pretty hot, and the water cooled it quickly. I was worried that some of the metal had oxidized, but all the burn was from residue in the water from the artichokes.

I knew that because it all cleaned out with no discloring. So the worst of my worries were pretty much taken care of. We got them out and let them cool a bit as we waited for the chicken. Cold artichokes are good, too. Jet woke up just as I was carving the chicken, and he got a wing drumstick for his very own. He got to be a very happy camper from that. I was glad that changed his attitude so quickly.

Dinner was yummy. Chicken, mashed potatoes, and the artichokes with a bit of mayonaise. Afterwards Jet ate some jarred food and milk. He also found that the gate was open and started up the stairs with a book on 1999 taxes that John had out. I helped him put the book on the stair above the next stair, and then he'd go up the clear stair. We did that a few times, getting the phone book sized bok up half the stairs. Then Jet climbed on top of the book itself and tried to pull it up from underneath himself. Oop. I caught him and put him above the book, and he went the rest of he way cheerfully.

John was cleaning up in the kitchen below and when he was done he started eating an apple. Jet reached out for some of the apple, having no idea about the distance involved. John ended up biting a piece off and climbing up onto the counter and handing Jet the piece! Jet beamed and ate it happily.

He's now got the chunk of apple into his cheek and he looks like a chipmunk. He's dancing to the music on the TV, too. There's this anniversary show for NBC, and there's this musical introduction. So Jet's dancing to all this. My.

I finally finished Alton Brown's cookbook too. I don't usually read a cookbook from cover to cover, including appendices, but this one was well worth it. Every techniques section had a good scientific explanation for how it worked, and I really enjoyed all the details. There are a lot more recipes than the McGee book, and it's more chatty and assumes less scientific background than Shirley's Cookwise. I really liked the extensive detailing of the kitchen implements of distruction.

We'll see if Jet's night is better tonight. At the moment, his mood is good enough I can hope.

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