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May 6, 2002
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Jet's Fifteen Month Checkup

8:36 pm: A busier day today. It really helped that Jet slept through the night last night and didn't stir until 6 am. He didn't get to sleep until 10:30pm, so it surprised me a little when he woke up so early, but he was ready to go after eating. So we went downstairs and I read the last bit of the first of four volumes of Journey To The West. It was where the old Monkey King steals three ginseng fruit, after going through three gardens, each more beautiful and plentiful than the other, and the author even describes all the plants in all the gardens.

I especially loved the vegetable garden, no wonder. My little herb window box is doing really well. The garlic chives have all sprouted happily and are growing like mad. My basil and Thai basil are spreading widely and they're getting bigger and bigger and I may even be able to snip some of the basil for eating soon. They're growing really well in the little box, though they're a little crowded, they seem pretty happy. I will probably have to move them out when all the seeds sprout, but for now they're doing really well. It feels a bit more like spring with new plants in the house.

Anyway, at 7, I traded off with John and napped for an hour and had cool dreams of a lush, green park with all kinds o giant robots, holographic animals and characters, and lots of really cool playground stuff. A really cool dream to have. I really enjoyed that.

I didn't like it when the alarm went off. I hate Mondays anyway, and it was just kind of hard to get up. Breakfast was just an orange, half a grapefruit and some giant Goldfish with peanut butter. I wasn't in any mood to do anything more elaborate, and just made myself a huge mug of chai and settled, grumpily, into work as John and Jet took off for Joan's.

I got stuff done, went over to Joan's to pick up Jet, and when I pulled in I saw Jet on the grass in their front yard. It looked like he was by himself and I couldn't see either Joan or Haley. Turns out they were just behind one of their cars, blowing bubbles with a bubble machine. Jet liked the bubbles until one popped in his face. He was a bit red in the cheeks and on the forearms. Joan said that they'd only been outside for fifteen minutes, but they'd been out earlier in the wagon and John had taken Jet over to Joan's in the stoat, so they'd been outside then, too.

I really hope Jet hasn't inherited my allergy to the sun. Getting red and rashy in an incredibly little amount of time, especially in this sunlight.

Anyway, Jet said, "Juice." to Joan when Joan offered him a sippy cup with juice in it. Clear as a bell. So it's another word we know he knows.

He was pretty fussy about being taken home, but it may well have been because he really wanted to nurse Right There, and when I, as usual, took him home instead of nursing him right there, Jet got mad. I got him home, got stuff put away, and nursed him. It took an extra fifteen minutes to get him to go to sleep, but it was worth it. I got some lunch, got stuff setup for Jet's doctor's appointment, and then worked until pretty much the last minute.

I was smart this time. I put the diaper bag, my purse, a bottle of milk, a Gerber's cereal bar, and everything else I might need into the car before I ever opened the door on the room he was sleeping in. I then gently tried putting the belts on him, and got him clipped in while he was still asleep. I carried him to the car and just as I opened the door to put him in he started a low-level grumping wail. I strapped him in and then offered him the milk, which he refused.

I had set up the milk and the cereal bar where I could reach them without looking at them. I offered him the milk a couple of times and he refused it and kept protesting, mildly.

Then I offered him a piece of the cereal bar, and while he shook his head, he sounded a little different, so I just held it where he could reach it and he took it from me and started munching and quieting at the same time. Two pieces of cereal bar later I asked him if he wanted milk and he nodded at me! That was so cool. When I handed him the bottle, this time, he took it from my hand. That was so cool. I have a mirror where I can see him while still keeping one eye on the road, which is very, very nice. He happily drank his milk and started studying the landscape outside the windows.

A much happier Jet.

We were a little bit late, and John had already paid the co-pay by the time I got there. We had enough time to change Jet and then he got to wander the waiting room with the bottle in his mouth. He watched a couple of little girls for a while and then the tank full of fish a much longer while. When we took him away from the waiting room into the examination room, this time he protested and started kicking and crying. I think he remembers what happens.

Still, he settled down pretty quickly and after kicking up a fuss while getting measured (20 lbs and 12oz, 21.5 inches long, and big head, again), he found the bead wires and played with the beads for a little while the 'way it ought to be played with'. He then started strumming the wires, and then started picking up the whole, rather heavy platform and started banging the floor with the whole thing. He managed to get his bare feet a couple of times, which he got mad at, but not sad or hurt. He finally upended the whole thing when it got his foot one time to many for him and left it to try and grab my Visor.


Dr. Turner came in and Jet decided that my lap would be a far safer place to be. Poor guy. He got examined though he protested pretty much everything, but since nothing really hurt, he got back to a good mood pretty quickly. Sometimes I think that just being able to protest helps his mood. Dr. Turner was pretty impressed with his walking and with his vocabulary, though Jet wouldn't say a word, not even a peep other than wailing or protesting or crying when something happened that he didn't like. She liked his hand control while pushing her away and grabbing her stethoscope and thought he was doing really well.

His molars might be coming in, which explains all the grumpy days and sleepless nights. So there are real reasons for him to be unhappy. It's good to know that. She did say that he'd start doing temper tantrums, now, simply as a method of communication when he gets frustrated or angry. She did say it was important to start doing the baby equivalent of a time out when he's behaving badly, i.e. biting, hitting or pulling hair. The best thing is to just walk away and/or ignore him for a few minutes and give him extra attention when he's being good.

We're going to have to remember that when he bites us on the nose or knees or things. Jet's actually not bitten me on the knees for a while, and I'm very glad of that. I'm not at all tolerant of that. I should remember to do that when he pulls my hair, too. He still thinks that's pretty funny, along with whacking me on the face when he's nursing but awake. No encouraging any of that, and it's sometimes hard to remember as my instinct is to make him laugh, instead.

We did ask Dr. Turner if sleeping in the infant seat was a problem. She said, quite clearly, that she didn't see any problem with it if he was sleeping fine. There shouldn't be any developmental problems, and whenever he decides he wants to sleep in a bed, he should be able to make the choice himself in the near future. So no need to try and force him into the crib. That was a very good thing to ask and know clearly. I'm glad of that.

Jet got a few more reasons to be unhappy after the whole examination. The nurse said that some kids learn that if she comes in a second time that's when the shots come. So they don't cry the first time, they only cry the second time they see her. I wouldn't like being a kid nurse, I think. She was fast, though, and while Jet was really mad while it was happening, he cheered up pretty quickly when I picked him up and held him close. We made his 18 month appointment, no shots, thank goodness, and then left for home.

Home again home again... and as we walked into the house, the phone rang and it was Boss Bill, calling as they had organized a meeting for part of the thing I was specing out and working on. They decided to chase down the marketing lady, and Bill said that they'd call back when they'd talked with her. So I waited for a call and never got one.

A landscaping dude arrived and talked with us about what to do with the yard. A third opinion, it didn't hurt, but I wasn't that impressed. Ah well.

I got random stuff done for a while, and then went downstairs and made dinner. Isabel had done a shrimp and asparagus spaghetti with pesto. The asparagus was much thicker than what she'd had, so I pulled out the steamer basket again and tried it again. This time I didn't dry out the pot and the asparagus came out crisp and tender. It was perfect. I dumped it into ice water. The water for the spaghetti was boiling by this time, so I dumped the spaghetti in. I then stir fried the shrimp with some garlic, added some hot chile flakes, and then dumped in the asparagus. When it was all hot through, the spaghetti was done. So I added that and the pesto and stirred that until it was good and hot. I grated some parmesan over it all, drizzled a little of extra virgin olive oil on that and then served it.

It was really good. Jet ate a bowl full of the stuff with both hands. John and I enjoyed what we had, too. With an entire pound of asparagus for the two of us, we had plenty of green. Yum.

We did miss having some kind of bread, though, so John made some French style bread in the bread machine with a half a cup of whole wheat in place of all white. I like the taste and just a bit of texture it gives.

Jet was so fussy after dinner that we took him out on a walk in the stroller. He calmed down the moment we got out of the house and started grinning and talking to both of us, nonstop. It was quite the difference between his attitude in the doctor's office and here. I could see why, too, but it amazes me, still, that he loves just being with us, talking with us and grinning a lot with us. It was really fun. We got two laps in of the normal, short street, and the wind was just stiff, so I got quite a workout pushing the stroller.

John then took Jet over to visit with the neighbors while I went back to the house and went upstairs and checked my email. There wasn't any feedback from anyone as to what had happened or not happened. No messages, no voice mail, nothing. Ah well. I wrote folks asking what had happened, and let it go.

10:50 pm: The Aves and the Sharks are playing. To heck with sleep, I guess. There's only five minutes left and the Sharks are only ahead by one. The game's been swinging one way and then the other. It's been a far more interesting game than the last two. It's been really hard fought by both teams, and the calls have been going both ways pretty well.

The Aves are getting a little sloppy in their own end, but I hope it doesn't stay that way. We'll see.

I did get a piece of the bread that John made and it's really yummy. Crisp crust and tender, airy interior. It should be really good for dinner bread this coming week. We have lots of spaghetti and other things that would go well with some bread. There's even leftover chicken that should make for a fast meal, even if it's John making taco salad. I might ask him to only season and cook the beans and just add the chopped chicken right on top of the salad instead of in the filling.

Ah well, they lost, but it was a really nice, tight, solid game, and very, very interesting throughout. Hard to lose the close games, but the Aves did good this game, much better than game one. We'll see how they do on Wednesday.

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