Liralen's Adventure Through Life
May 2002
  1: Curry Kitchen
  2: Taking Care of Tired, Unhappy Me
  3: Coffee and Donuts, Communication, and Groceries
  4: Running Around, Cussing and Sleeping
  5: Closet and Plant Clean Up
  6: Jet's Fifteenth Month Checkup
  7: Chaos Burritos, Fixing the Mailbox, and Playing
  8: First Will and Testiment, Ice Cream Social and First Cycle
  9: Dump Truck, Meatloaf and American Gods
10: Annual Review
11: Three Kids
12: Mother's Day II
13: Homemade Tacos
14: Lots of Changes for Jet
15: Haley's Second Birthday
16: Rainy Day And The Dessert Cafe
17: Sleepless Night
18: Food Day And The Erie Town Fair
19: A Very Simple Day
20: Confusing Transitions
21: Cooking And Walking With Jet
22: Strawberries
23: I'm Sick
24: Snow, A Cold, and Spiderman
25: Stocking Up, Snow Dogs, and Hunting Moths
26: Boulder Creek Fair And Naps
27: Moths, Target Run, and Herb Box
28: Work, Massage, and Run-away Jet
29: Hiking Lunch, Wind Chimes, and Swimming
30: Hot Day
31: Pictures, Donuts, and the Avalanche Fall

We actually got to spend a whole month at home. No running around on airplanes or trips or anything, and it was pretty good. John and I got the important work of getting a will and testiment written up, witnessed and signed. So Jet has a safty net, now, and that's quite the relief.

Jet checked out at his checkup. Yay! We had a really fun Mother's Day with a preview of what it might be like to have three kids. Then again, Haley and Alex are remarkably well behaved kids. Now that Haley's two, I might get a mite more experience with what those Terrible Twos are really like. Maybe. I, of course, bought cooking equipment for Mother's Day and used it fairly frequently there on.

We got some much-needed rain, though it was just enough to make May an average May for precip, and all of Colorado is now well into a third year of drought. It's going to be interesting to see how the thunderstorms of summer work out. In the heat wave, we went to the Erie Fair, the Boulder Creek Fair, and dropped in at the first of the Farmer's Markets.

The month ended with colds for everyone, and the Miller's moths getting really thick in the area as they migrate on through. I really thought they'd be gone, sooner, but they've just gotten even more numerous at the end of the month. The Avalanche got knocked out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but the World Cup is just beginning. A whole month of soccer to look forward to. Yay!

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