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May 4, 2002
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Running Around, Cussing and Sleeping

10:06 pm: I'm not quite as trashed as I was yesterday. It helped to have an hour and a half nap while Jet napped today. I should think more about napping while Jet naps on some of the days when I'm really trashed and I don't have John to help me. It would help my attitude a lot.

I got to sleep in this morning. Jet woke up at 4:30, ate and then had problems going back to sleep. at nearly 6, I turned him over to John, who had gone to sleep early last night. So he took Jet readily. Later, John told me that he slept on the couch while Jet played, as long as Jet didn't come by and bash him on the head. I fell over laughing when John described it as, "Thump! Thump! Hyukyukyukyukyuk! Thump! Thump! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Hyukkyukkyukyuk..." *giggles*

Eventually Jet climbed up towards John and they slept on the couch together for a while. They woke up a bit before I did, at 8:30. I went out because I heard angry sounds, and it was Jet yelling at a book of coupons he was dismembering. Neither John nor I could figure out why Jet was cussing it out, but he was. Thoroughly.

I've noticed, occasionally, when an inanimate object baffles or frustrates Jet, he'll cuss it out, yell at it, or even more amazing, he'll start smiling at it and coo at it trying to charm it into doing what he wants. There was an article about that, that babies learn social skills to start because they can't do anything and depend, so heavily, on persuading other people to change their environment and when it works, they try the same techniques on every problem they run across. It's pretty cool knowing that his social skills worked well enough with us for him to try them on something else.

John cooked the breakfast sausage this morning and we had sausage and eggs and some toast. Jet stole half my piece of toast, and stuffed it all in his mouth. He was really happy, and running around with one last bit of it in his hand. It was fun to watch him.

After breakfast, we left to check out a couple of garage sales and picked up a few things. Three pieces of 18 month old clothes for Jet, including one light jacket, a pair of light shorts, and a heavy duty pair of overalls. I was very glad of that. We ended up at one garage sale that had a table saw, a whole box of dime toys, and one huge Starbucks glass mug that I really liked. Jet picked a Monster Truck with big fangs and crooked wheels from the dime box, and rolled it everywhere he was. The little truck was a wind-up toy, so whenever he rolled it, it growled at him. None of his other trucks make a noise whenever he rolls them, so he really thought that was cool, and for a dime it was an easy buy.

After that we headed for home, and Jet got pretty loudly angry. He was likely hungry, and I just wanted to make one quick stop at an herb farm on the way home. So John fed him a jar of food from the diaper bag, while I went and wandered around a little family herb farm just at the corner of County Line Road an 119. It was very nice, and had lots of live herbs in small planter pots. I was pretty happy as my basil looks like theirs and I spent far less on the seeds than they were asking.

I bought rosemary, a flat leaf parsley because I had problems getting my parsley seeds to sprout, and a marjoram mostly because I wanted something stronger than oregano and still pretty hearty. Rosemary is almost always propagated by cutting a branch, burying the cut while the branch is still attached to the plant, and when the roots take then separating it from its parent plant.

John said that he'd help set up my herb garden sometime this weekend. He didn't want to use treated timbers because the chemicals would get into the plants. That would be bad, but I have an old wooden herb box that would probably do well if it was half buried, the bottom knocked out, and the wood was, somehow, rehydrated. Part of the problem with the box was that once it really dried out it leaks water like crazy. I think that burying it some would really help. Then I'll have a nice setup outside.

The proprietor recommended that I bring the rosemary into the house for the winter, as it doesn't do all that well outside in the winter. I may just dig it up then and do that instead of planting it into a separate pot.

Jet was a much happier camper when I got back to the car, and he was pretty happy when we got home. He shared in bits of our lunch and eagerly ate green chile stew from my bowl. It was a Hatch green chile stew we bought when we really looked at the fat, saturated fat, and salt levels in nearly all the canned chilies on the shelf. I guess that when I make chili, while I know what's in it, I don't have a complete analysis like that.

The green chile stew was really good, but spicy. I thought it was a little hot, but Jet gulped it down happily. He really enjoyed it and kept asking for more. He didn't want any of the chunks, only the liquid and would shake his head every time there was a bit of tomato, pork, or potato on the spoon. He did, however, eat scraps of green chile just fine. He wasn't at all interested in the pizza. Right, a little boy that likes green chile stew and disdains pizza. Hee.

After lunch both John and I collapsed on the sofas and napped while Jet ran around the livingroom and played with things. He was really cheerful and just played with stuff, running around and talking quietly. Then I guess he noticed I was asleep and next thing I know I'm getting whacked in the face. John was smart, he slept with his back to the room. I was facing the room. Meefle. He bashed me pretty good and giggled as I woke up.

I sat up and he tried to climb into my lap and lay down on his side, which is his usual signal for "I want to eat." So I let him. He wiggled and giggled and tugged and kicked for about five minutes, but the frequency gradually went down. By the time it was time to switch, he just let go and was completely limp when I flipped him over. He went to sleep pretty well while eating the right side, and I was able to tuck him into his car seat and I took him into our room and turned on the humidifier before brushing my own teeth, pulling my contacts and taking a nap myself.

I woke up to the sound of Jet making small protest sounds, and I got up before he got too made, and nursed him to let him wake up a bit more nicely. My head hurt after the nap. I don't really know why, but naps don't seem to do as much for me as they used to.

Jet and I found John in the garage, working on the back of the Baby Buggy. Just doing things like swapping out some burned out light bulbs. Eventually, John came in and took Jet, as he'd had some time while we were napping. John had napped as well, and then got up and did stuff while we were asleep.

I was still kind of headachy from the nap and when Jet insisted on trying to climb off the back porch, I must have sounded exasperated, as John said that he'd go with Jet. The Aves hockey game was going on, but they were ahead and it was only the first period, so I thought I'd have some time... and so I went upstairs and updated my journal. The script makes life *so* much easier, now. I streamlined it just a bit more, and it felt good to do thing so quickly.

I also got caught up on my personal email, one some of my friends' journals, and then followed up on a site Kathy had sent me on how to play Go. I didn't too far with it as it was already six by then, as our nap had ended at four, and with the nursing and intermediate stuff it was five before I went upstairs. John volunteered to do dinner, roasted butternut squash, Shake and Bake pork chops and salad. I thought I'd have to do it, but he was persistent in asking me what to do, and I was able to tell him from the upstairs balcony.

So John got to do something a bit more complicated, and it turned out pretty well. The squash was a bit old, but it was pretty rich tasting and good yellow vegetable. Jet ate some of the squash, some tomato, and then gnawed on the bones of the chops. He doesn't seem to like meat that isn't on the bone. I still don't really know why, but it just seems generally true for the little guy. He happily gnawed both our bones before he started getting really fussy and wanted out of his chair.

It was only 7:30 at this point and he was just *cranky*. I bounced him for a while and he got pretty happy, treating it as a fun ride and flailing his body whenever I stopped to get me to start again. He'd bounce in my arms, trying to get the motion going again, whenever I stopped, so we did that for a while as we watched the Sharks try to come back with two goals before the Avalanche fell on them. Eight goals in one game. We kept hoping for a hat trick for Blake, but then we always cheer for the defensemen. He did get two goals, the most he's ever gotten in a game. That was cool.

I'm glad they weren't so tired this game, and they played really well. I felt a little sorry for their goalie because as the Sharks got more desperate their defense just really stopped playing in order to try and push their defense. The last three goals that the Aves scored were nearly all instances where the attacker was totally alone. No one got on them and the poor goalie had to face them all alone. That was really rough.

At 8:15, we took Jet up to take a bath, and he nearly climbed into the tub with his clothes again. He didn't like getting water in his eyes much more than usual, and, unfortunately, he took a liking to his water shade (it's a foam sun shade that doubles as a way to keep water off his eyes when we pour water over his head to shampoo and rinse his hair) and kept pulling it off at bad moments to chew on it. Ah well. He was happy and playing and his top half was clean when I wondered if we shouldn't use the Lush Ickle Baby Baff bath bomb in his bath.

I'd gotten it because there's a bit of chamomile in the scents and it's a small bomb made for small baths, i.e. kids or baby baths. I also wondered how he'd like the fizzing action of the bomb itself. I got my answer.

We plopped it in and it started boiling away madly. Jet peered at it distrustfully and then put a hand out towards it and touched it and decided it was NOT for him. He got really scared and came over to me and climbed out of the bathtub into my arms. He was soaking wet and got me good and wet, and after an initial protest, I just held him until John got a towel and picked him up with it. By now the bomb was long gone. Jet still didn't want to go back into the water, though. It took a lot of playing with the toys to get Jet reassured, and when he did get back into the tub pouring water from the big cup, over and over, got him intrigued again enough to settle back into his bath.

Whew. Well, I guess I won't do that again. The bomb did leave a light bath oil in the bath, and a nice but not overpowering scent. I got to wash him completely, and when we were done with that and done with a bit more playing, Jet went right up to John and held his arms out to be picked up. He wanted out. It was pretty clear.

So we took him out, and he giggled, as usual, at our ritual of cheering while we dried him. Originally, he hadn't wanted to get out of his bathes, and so we rubbed him and cheered and giggled and tickled him a little and were very happy when he got out just to distract him from being mad about being pulled away from his water and his toys. Now he seems to enjoy getting dried off for its own sake. That's pretty cool.

After the bath, we all went downstairs and he wasn't sleepy at all after all that, so John and I had some ice cream. The local Safeways carry a brand called Blue Bunny and I think it's the nicest bulk ice cream we've ever had. I call bulk ice cream all those ice creams you buy in half gallon buckets instead of quarts. And I really like this stuff. We'd had the cherry chocolate chunk, with real chunks of bittersweet chocolate and lots of chewy frozen cherries. This was the toasted almond fudge and the nuts were clearly toasted, with that good, more deeply nutty flavor. I'm so glad Jet's not allergic to chocolate.

I think between John and I Jet probably ate a whole scoop of ice cream himself. He really enjoyed it and went between John and I like a little hungry bird.

When we were done with all that Jet was eager to nurse. That's when John and I found Ottawa and Ontario in a *third* overtime and watched until the split second goal off a face off. Wow.

I think that losing those kinds of really hard-fought games is much harder than getting blown out. A blow out can be motivational a "They won't do that to us again." kind of thing. The half a second determining the game kinds of things means that there are hundreds of chances for thinking "What if?" for hundreds of choices during the game. When the difference is big, it's an overall problem, not just a 'If I'd done just this one thing...' kind of remorse. Then again, professional players may not do any of that. I just remember after a soccer game, that it was a lot easier to just be totally outclassed... then I could just enjoy playing the game.

John then told me about the time John had Jet outside. Jet had made a beeline all over the yard. He just wandered across the driveway, John picked weeds while following Jet's slow progress, and had made piles of them as he picked them. Jet decided he liked the little pine trees because they were about his height, so while he was playing with them, John got the gardening wagon. When Jet saw it, he lit up and started pushing it.

Since Jet pushed the cart in a straight line, pretty much along the line of the piles of weeds that Jet had actually been disassembling while John was getting the cart, John found it very convenient to just toss all the weeds into the cart as Jet pushed them by. Hee. So Jet, somewhat unintentionally, helped John with the weeds. They then trekked towards the fence on the west side and when Jet had enough of that, he headed east and studied that fence thoroughly as well. Finally, he headed for the back fence, the out garage, and then back towards the patio and house, his exploring done.

I think all of that contributed to the layer of dust all over Jet, so I'm very glad he had a thorough bath. I think that one of the big reasons to do *something* with our yard is just to keep the dust down. That would not only be nice for the dust levels in the house, but good for my allergies as well. Whew.

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