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May 14, 2002
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Lots of Changes for Jet

10:17 pm: During our walk after dinner, Jet looked up at the sky and howled, "Aaaaaaaaahhhoooooooo!" He did it repeatedly, though more as if he were in complete awe of the clouds and complex beauty of the sky. He only did it while looking at the sky and he was doing it while he was walking along side the stroller. He wouldn't ride in the stroller. Jet alternately walked alongside or he pushed the stroller steadily. He couldn't steer worth a darn but he was a very powerful and steady engine for getting it to go.

John said that at Safeway, where he'd gone to get a few things, Jet had done the same thing. It kept Jet from wandering and trying to pick up everything from all the aisles, and it gave him a job that he took very, very seriously. He pushed the car all the way through the store while John put things into the cart. Jet got a lot laughter from people who were initially startled by seeing a cart go by without anyone visible pushing it. Or, as Trip coined it, "A Jet-powered grocery cart."

Jet had a death grip on the bottom bar, and he would lean forward to get enough leverage to push it. He'd get going a bit too fast, occasionally, lose his footing and get dragged by the cart for a few feet. He'd be cussing the car out the whole time. Jet wouldn't let go and he'd only find his feet again when the cart had slowed down enough for him to do so. I have to get that on video sometime, while he's still small enough it's remarkable.

The day itself was pretty good. I got to work at work for the morning. I got stuff done. I also got told by my boss that he was stepping down from management and going to just do some technical work on a new vision for our tools. That's cool. I'd rather have him out in front and peering and questioning. He's very good at that and very technical. So he's a good guy to do that. Thing is that I'm also going to be sad to see him step down because I'd just gotten used to working with him. We'd just gotten good at all this.

But I could see why that would also be a reason for him to step aside, too. He knows I'll be here to back up the new lady and I'll be able to help her out after I'd been through all this before. Plus Scott looking out for the code side should help a lot, too. Still I'm also mildly apprehensive about how the new boss is going to work out, what the new relationship is going to be like. That's mildly scary even as it will also be more challenging and cool to have more leeway to make decisions and have someone who is less opinionated to work for.

So it's all a mix, as all things are. It's going to make things interesting, and the change should be much better for Bill. He was working too hard and couldn't let go of certain things and allow others to do the work. Given an entirely different set of responsibilities, hopefully he'll get more time off.

Home again home again, and Jet was asleep. John and I had our lunches. I ate some of the leftover potato chip chicken along with some instant mashed potatoes mixed with broccoli bits and shredded cheddar cheese. Jet woke up just as I was half done with my potatoes, so while I was nursing him I was also eating my potatoes. Jet pulled off, intrigued, so I fed him mashed potatoes, and he decided he liked the potatoes better than the breast milk. Yay!

I'll be glad of the day when he's more interested in real food. And yesterday and today he's been eating a lot more. For breakfast, he had one of his bowls full of Life cereal and milk and a four ounce glass of mango, banana, yogurt, white cranberry and peach smoothie. He ate the mashed potatoes and then also ate half a jar of fruit, two sections of orange, and handfuls of Goldfish. During my dinner, he ate some cole slaw, an enormous quantities of baked beans, and bites off my bratwurst and roll. Eventually he just reached in and grabbed the last of the bratwurst and ran around eating it. He had a good two inches of Johnsonville brat and chowed nearly all of it down. When we had ice cream after our walk, he ate a bunch of that, too.

Jet's changing again. It's like all the details change, while the core personality remains the same, very cheerful, intensely curious, a little wicked, and, when frustrated, a temper like a sulfur match, instant flame, bright, hot, and quick to burn out. But now he can walk. Now he can talk to the sky. Now he can push grocery carts and strollers, and he can eat with both hands.

We gave him his baked beans in his bowl with a spoon. He abandoned the spoon pretty quickly and dove into the Bush's baked beans with both hands. Those beans a mildly spicy. There's a back burner burn to them that builds pretty steadily, and Jet loved 'em. He really liked spicier foods. Wen he was full, however, his hands went right into his hair. Ack!

Bath time. Jet got a good bath before bed time, and enjoyed it a great deal, as usual. He still doesn't like getting water poured over his head for the shampoo part, but the shampoo, this time, was especially necessary because those baked beans were darned sticky.

The walk after dinner, before the bath, was pretty cool. We went out and John just set Jet down on the ground and Jet toddled, full speed, after us until we hit the road and then he went straight across, right into the drainage ditch. He pulled up weeds, picked up rocks and would have gone into the neighbor's yard, except that we extracted him and put him back out on the road. He kept running down driveways, into other yards/lawns, and into various entirely dry drainage ditches. John kept trying to herd him away from the edges, but finally the only thing that kept Jet on the road was pushing the stroller. He found a bar on the stroller much like the bar on the grocery cart, and he went at it happily.

Coming back was much harder, though. It was uphill and there was a head wind. And with the winds around here, when the head wind really blew, I could see Jet get pushed back a bit, stop, gather his strength and shove back. He was bound and determined to push that thing, and got mad whenever it got hard, but he kept it going. Eventually, though, he figured out that if he turned around it got easier... except that we needed to get home, soon, as I was getting really cold once the sun was down and the wind picked up.

Jet didn't go to sleep at the regular time. While I was at CeLena's, John cuddled a rather unhappy and upset Jet, and they both napped for an hour in front of the TV. I got a great massage that really loosened up some leg muscles I hadn't known were so knotted. My knees and legs, though, felt like spaghetti after. I think I'm going to have to have her work on them a bit more next time. I think it might be one of the underlying reasons why my knees have not been feeling so good.

So with the hour long nap, Jet just wasn't going to sleep tonight. I nursed him twice, brought him upstairs for the second time and all Jet wanted to do was play. He did lie down for a bit on his crib mattress, but only for a bit before coming over with this huge smile for me, and deciding he wanted to play with me more than he wanted to sleep. John finally took over and got him to sleep in the infant seat. Jet nearly slept all of last night on the floor! He got up once at 11:30, and the only way I could get him to sleep was by putting him on the floor. This after he crawled all over me trying to find a comfortable place to sleep. So we'll see how he does tonight.

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