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May 15, 2002
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Haley's Second Birthday

Today was Haley's birthday. So Jet not only got the longer morning with her, but also the evening.

He had a pretty rough night. And by the time I got to work, I was pretty tired, too. And I wasn't dealing quite as well with the changes of having Bill not be our boss any more. Some of it was just the whole feeling that Bill was letting go of everything instead of trying to figure out a way to consciously hand over elements in an organized fashion instead of just 'not catching' things and throwing them at anyone that was close enough that they'd stick.

That kind of included the last minute cancellation of my one on one meeting. Ah well. It was okay, really. We got an early start on lunch, and went to Ankor, a Southeast Asian cuisine place that was run by folks that looked like they were from Cambodia, along with a wait staff that was mostly Thai. The food was great. Spicy, authentic, and wonderful. Cary, Bob, Sudipto, John and I all went to lunch and we shared four dishes. Everyone really enjoyed it.

After we got home, Jet nursed and went right to sleep, which was good for the party tonight. Both John and I got to work, but John was great and took the latter part of the afternoon and early evening. I had to get some stuff done for tomorrow AND a one hour meeting turned into a two hour meeting over issues we had to really understand. By the end of it we were all exhausted and I was even more confused, but I tried to bull through and get *something* figured out and decided and talked with Sudipto about what he understood of the decision.

So I wrote everything up for tomorrow, and let it go.

Then we all went over to the Goodell's for Haley's birthday. John had bought two nice story books for Haley, Animalia and the rhyme book that his brother David had gotten for Jet. He'd wrapped them in Blues Clues wrapping paper and we headed over.

Jet had a blast. When pizza was done, he sat with all the other kids in his booster seat, and he ate pizza with them. He got his own plate, his own sippy cup of juice, and he sat there want watched all the other kids and ate cut-up pizza with his hands and had a blast. I would glance over and he'd be grinning at the other kids, kicking his feet, and eating. That was really great.

When all the kids burst outside to play, he went along with them. When he saw a bunch of the kids go through the dog door, Jet followed and went out the dog door as well. Hee. He then followed them to the swing set, and I tucked him into the baby seat and let him swing. It was great. He had a blast as he was also watching all the other kids swarm over the playset.

When they all went in to open the presents, Haley got ten thousand Blues Clues toys, all of which had something that made noise. They all either sang, played music, or spoke like one of the characters in the show. Haley and Jet had actually been playing with the toys for the last few days, so they were happy and eager to get at them now. Haley, whenever he heard the mailbox start to sing the Mail Song would do the whole dance and song and end up with her hands shaking in the air. Hee. That happened all evening.

Jet was pretty good about playing with all the other kids. He'd take toys, occasionally, but was also okay with other kid occasionally taking toys from him. He would cheerfully wrestle with Alex or Haley, and when Haley was dancing and whirling around and around, Jet would laugh and do the same thing.

It's very interesting watching Jet interact with Haley. They're so close.

After the other kids had left and Alex had gone to sleep, Haley and Jet were just playing with each other. Both were pretty tired, but they were in good moods, maybe from the sugar or just from being together. They were great, and had a lot of fun jumping on each other on the Bob the Builder sleeping bag.

We watched the Aves and Sharks game while they were playing. Ray and Joan don't usually follow hockey, but after they'd learned that we'd had a chance at playoff tickets they knew we were into it, so they asked us some questions and we got to watch. It was a very close, feisty and nasty game. Some of it was because the refs weren't calling anything, but it was even. Both sides were taking extra shots, and weren't getting called for anything other than stuff that would have caused the game to go completely out of control.

At the end of the second period, we took Jet home and watched it while he nursed himself to sleep. The problem was that after a whole game of not calling anything the refs called a penalty against the Aves in the last minute. I was mad. That woke Jet up. Oops. The Avalanche managed to keep the Sharks from scoring with a two man advantage for the whole minute. Then Jet stayed up until nearly 11, and finally went to sleep only when John took him upstairs and bounced him for a pretty long time.

Jet then woke up at 12, and John got him, but he started yelling more and more, even after John gave him Motrin. So I took over, and with nursing, Jet went right back to sleep. Whew. I'm tired.

It was a really fun day.

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