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May 16, 2002
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Rainy Day And The Dessert Cafe

9:34 pm: I kept thinking today was Friday. I have no real idea why, and when I talked with Joan when I was picking Jet up she was having the same problem. It just felt like Friday and I have no real reason why.

My morning was supposed to have only been half an hour's worth of meetings, and it turned into two. It was the aftermath of yesterday's two hour meeting. The really great thing was that Bill had absorbed yesterday's information to the point where he could coherently explain what it was that he thought we should do, why we should do it, and exactly what it was going to do for us and what it wouldn't do.

I was glad that he did that. I hadn't digested it that well.

It was kind of tiring having my entire 'alone time' taken up by the meeting and by the cleaning ladies being here. They were done by the time I went to get Jet. That was good, as he was pretty tired when I got him and he went right to sleep. I got myself a Stouffer's Homestyle dinner from the freezer, heated it and took it upstairs with me. Those meals taste really good and are satisfying. They're good for a portion controlled lunch that doesn't leave me hungry later.

I did mange to get some Perl coding done. It was fun to get the results I really wanted. There are good things to actually coding.

Jet, however, woke up after only an hour and a half of napping. That ate into my time, and he wasn't very happy whenever I tried to do stuff while he was awake. So I ended up just playing with him, feeding him both solids and milk, and snuggling him a lot. Joan said that he'd been very loving while he was with her, and I guess he just needed the snugs and is in that kind of phase at the moment. So I held him a lot, played with him, and got lots of good smiles, and cuddling.

When John came home, he took over, and I was able to work for a while upstairs. Since I had to work for a while, we decided, afterward, to go out for dinner. There's a new business development a little west of the Erie Safeway. One of the new businesses included the Platinum Grill, a steak house. We wanted to try it out and took Jet with us.

It turned out to be a bit more upscale than I was thinking, but John thought it was pretty much what he was expecting. Jet was great during the whole meal. He ate bread and salad bits while we were eating salad, Jet drank from my pop, and when the steaks came he stole large chunks of my roasted sweet potato. Jet really liked the sweet potato. He did get some of my prime rib, but after chewing on it for a while, Jet just spit it out and gave it back to me. He wasn't interested in it at all. He did, however, eat chunks of carrot, slices of zucchini, and lots of my sweet potato. So I felt like he wasn't too badly fed.

The food was okay. It wasn't knock my socks off great. It wasn't terrible, either. I might have to try their buffalo burger or their cheese steak sometime, just to see if their cheaper fare is better. The salad was interesting, though, there were enough things in it to make it interesting, and there were some cool appetizers that I should have tried. We decided not to do dessert there, and, instead, try out The Dessert Cafe that was also in the same development.

Jet got to walk around a bit after dinner and exchanged a few looks and words with a mother and her son. Jet really liked the son and gave him a big smile, but was pretty quiet otherwise. The mother took one look at Jet and said, "Wow, you're pretty tired, aren't you?" Jet was pretty tired. He'd fallen asleep on the way to the restaurant, but when we tried to take him, in his seat, into the restaurant, he'd woken up. Still, he was really interested in all the new things and willing to do more. It turned out that there was a little ice cream shop that was being run by a guy who was laid off from a software job. Hee. Before doing software, he'd been in the juice business which had morphed into a smoothie business that had done pretty well. But he thought he'd try out software for a while, and the company that he joined fell down in the last year. They pretty much are scattered to the four winds, now. He makes his own gelato, sorbet, and ice cream, just a few flavors of each, and each of them was good and intense. I really enjoyed my chocolate hazelnut gelato. It was creamy and rich with chocolate and tiny chunks of roasted hazelnut. Jet loved it as well. John had a cone of cappachino chip and really liked that, too.

Jet was really happy to sit in my lap and eat ice cream. He watched the guy behind the counter with great interest, and he really, really enjoyed pulling napkins out of the napkin dispenser.

The weather, when we went out was drizzly and cold and windy. Jet had his coat as did we. The whole day had been rainy and cold and grey. It was really good. We really need the rain, and the steady gradual rain was really wonderful. It should help the local farmers a lot. The weather guy, tonight, said that there was a good inch of rain all day, which is a significant amount for this area.

The ice cream guy had two different appointments for today and neither of them arrived. It was a bit as if since it was raining, no one was getting out. He was pretty surprised to see us, but when we said we were from Seattle he lit up and told us about how much he loved visiting Seattle.

Days like today make me miss Seattle.

The weekend is supposed to be nice, but there will still be chances for thunderstorms and more rain in the afternoon tomorrow and in the middle of next week. So it looks like the weather patterns are changing, and just because it was a drought for the winter has very little bearing on what the spring and summer will bring.

Jet was pretty tired when we got home, but he was content to sit in my lap and watch TV for a while. He then climbed down from my lap and had a great time climbing onto the footstool for the rocker. The stool has a rocker built into it so that it rocks with the chair, and Jet climbed up on top of it and lay on it and wiggled like mad to get it to move. He even managed to back up and sit on the stool, grab it with both hands and do full-body wiggles that got it to sway back and forth a lot. John took one side and I took the other in case he did fall off, but he never did. He just had a great time wiggling.

At his usual bedtime, he got changed and nursed to sleep. He was so deeply asleep I got to finally clip his fingernails and then John took him upstairs and he went right into his seat with no problem. Yay! I hope he'll have a good night tonight, after more than a week of rather rough nights. He's tired enough, by now, that it should finally catch up.

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