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May 18, 2002
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Food Day And The Erie Town Fair

11:18 pm: Jet ate a moth this morning while John had him and I was showering.

Jet had actually woken up at 7 am and I went up and nursed him. He'd been up twice during the night, but both awakenings were quick and quiet. He just ate and went back to sleep for mine, and he had some gas and after letting it go he went right back to sleep for John. Jet was happy and alert and wide awake when we were done, and I took him downstairs, closed off the stairs and let him down to play while I napped a bit on the couch. Jet had a great time.

I fell asleep and woke to the jangle of Jet's Christmas sleigh bells. He was playing with them and gradually getting closer to me with them. He then laughed and the next thing I knew I was getting whacked on the head with the sleigh bells. Not hard. But they certainly were loud! Jet was giggling the whole time, too. And when he leaned against me, I could smell that characteristic odor....

I changed him. And in the midst of it John awake and took care of dressing Jet while I went to take a shower.

Amusingly enough, it wasn't until far later in the day when John said, kind of tentatively, "I didn't know if I should tell you..."

But while I was showering, John and Jet had found one of the migratory moths dead on the floor. They'd both studied it, and Jet had squatted down to study it thoroughly. John had turned away to do something and the next thing he knew, Jet was just walking away from the site of the dead moth. But Jet's mouth was moving. Our usual question of, "What are you eating?" popped out of John's mouth and in answer Jet frowned a little, reached into his own mouth and pulled out a wing. Jet then gravely handed John the wing. He then reached in again and pulled out the other wing as well and handed that to John, too, with a "you'll know what to do with that" kind of look. Jet then demanded some crackers, which John gave him and Jet seemed to eat them determinedly with a "I want to get this taste out of my mouth" kind of look, or so John said.

I was glad that John hadn't overreacted, as I probably would have. And John also didn't make it an exciting or interesting thing for Jet to do, either. So I don't think Jet'll do that again.

I was laughing so hard at John's telling of it I couldn't be too mad. Of course, this was after telling me, in detail, what happened with Jet was out with John while John was moving around dirt for the new driveway yesterday. I'd gotten the short version when John had handed me a Jet with a completely dirt covered mouth, yesterday. But the long version is funnier.

John had made a fresh pile of dirt, and Jet had watched him while he was working. Then, the moment John turned his back, Jet ran towards the dirt, and just like Fezzik used to do, Jet flung himself, bodily, on the fresh-turned earth. Unlike Fezzik, though, Jet buried his face in the stuff and took a big mouthful of it. John blinked and asked, "You didn't do what I thought you just did, did you?" And Jet answered by opening his completely dirt-filled mouth and waggling his tongue a bit in uncertainty. He wasn't that certain he liked this stuff in his mouth, which is a good thing. I think that, again, not reacting too much to the incident probably gave Jet less incentive to do it again.

I can hope.

When I was out of the shower we loaded up and went east to the Coffee Urn for breakfast. On the way in I saw these gorgeous fresh strawberry pies. I'd been planning on corned beef hash the whole way over, and this threw my plans for a loop. Jet cheerfully drank orange juice and ate a few goldfish but liked bashing them with a spoon more than eating them while I dithered. I finally ended up with a side of corned beef hash and one egg, over medium, and one piece of strawberry pie. Yum. John had a regular breakfast with bacon, whole wheat toast, hash browns, and eggs. Jet ate toast, bacon, hash, strawberries, one cream, and he really liked the bites of corned beef hash he got. He didn't actually eat a lot of any one thing, but did nibble on everything new.

After breakfast we dropped off all the recycling, and then hit the Longmont Farmer's Market as it was just opening. With the drought they didn't have all that many farmers, yet. They were promising more next week, but there was plenty there to catch Jet's eye and attention and he walked for a bit and then stopped to stare at people before walking a bit more, and then stopping to stare some more. He looked all wary behind his sunglasses, and he was actually pretty good about leaving them on in the full sunlight. I was glad of that.

We picked up some spinach and some sweet peppers, but not much else. I am pretty sure the peppers were hot house grown, as were the tomatoes, but they didn't use pesticides, and I like to support that kind of farming. From there we went to Safeway and stocked up, hit the Napa autoparts for some oil filters, and then headed home. I'd brought, as usual, a can of Seltzer water with me for the trip as I usually get thirsty. Jet saw me drinking it and demanded the can. He proceeded to spill most of the water onto himself and soaked himself, his clothing, and got the car seat pretty damp as well.

It was nearly noon by the time we got home, and Jet needed a nap, badly. John stripped Jet of all his wetness, and set him down to play. John also needed to do some car work, so when I nursed Jet and he went to sleep, I tucked Jet into his Cookie Monster wrap and tucked him in good and tight. He slept like a log for two and a half hours.

I probably should have slept with him, some, but I was too busy prepping food from the shopping trips. The spinach was filled with sand, and I had to wash it twice before I could spin it dry and store it for salad use during the week. I also roasted the sweet peppers directly over the gas stove, let them sweat a bit, and then peeled and sliced them. With a bit of olive oil, basalmic vinegar and fresh herbs, they'll be really nice with the portabella mushrooms I bought for some dinner sometime. I macerated four rhubarb stalks in a bit of sugar for dessert, later. I also marinated two leg-thigh quarters in teriyaki sauce, and three in southwest seasoning with ancho chile powder, a bit of canola and some cider vinegar. We're grilling them for tonight.

And during all that, we watched the first Avalanche and Red Wings game. I had been worried about the Aves playing the Red Wings, not because of win or loss stuff, but mostly because the last time I really watched them play each other was back in 1997, with that terribly brutal and bloody series that was just plain ugly and nasty. I hadn't liked that. I love elegant hockey, but the Avalanche, that time, had had to meet blow for blow and it was so wearing to watch.

I was very glad that the first two periods, at least, were beautiful hockey, and it was close fought and both sides were doing well. I heard, later, that the Avalanche pretty much lost the game in the third period. Ah well, but it wasn't the horrible blood for blood feud of five years ago. I was glad of that, and I guess there's enough new blood to both teams to have some respect for each other and not nearly as much hot hate. I'm glad.

We left after two to go to the Erie street fair, as it's only for the one day. It's the most amazing collection of useless stuff I've every seen. It's also grown in just the three years we've been here, and there are a lot more booths, a lot more people, and a lot fewer people we really know any more. CeLena was there, the food bank was there, and they were all a little lost amid the four block's worth of businesses and food booths. It was kind of fun to wander through, and it was really great to watch Jet walk a lot of the way through it all. He also went with John into the petting zoo and he wandered around petting animals and he was fascinated by the geese, and he even went under a bench to pet a rabbit. He also came up with two fistfuls of straw, which John took away from him before he could eat them.

Jet also got a balloon and we ended up skipping the funnel cakes, corn dogs, and other greasier foods and settled on a bag of kettle corn popcorn. It's popcorn with sugar as well as salt, and it's mixed in a huge copper kettle with a big gas flame under it and the sugar and salt crystallize all over the surface of the popcorn. It's really yummy. It's not quite as sugary as caramel corn, but it is definitely sweet and the best stuff usually has enough crystallization that it's crisp and a little crunchy.

The three of us happily plowed right through the bag. Yum.

One of the very last booths we saw was one with a whole rack of very simple marionette puppets. They were actually pom-poms strung together with wooden feet, a wooden chest, and fishing line controlling lines to a simple wooden T. The tail was on a wire. There were actually about six different kinds, and they were all just hanging there. Jet, for some reason, loves things that hang. He'll go nuts in my closet grabbing at all the hanging clothing and swinging from it all. He really loved the puppets. He laughed and ran towards them and started trying to hang from them. When John made one of them *move* Jet cackled and tried to grab it and strangle it and then stuff the whole puffy head into his mouth.

That, of course, is the one we bought for him.

When we got home, we were all a little sun dried, and thirsty. I drank water, Jet drank off me, and John drank iced tea and all three of us fell asleep in the livingroom from about 5 to about 6. WE all needed the nap, I guess.

At 6, I made cold peanut butter noodles, coleslaw, and grilled all the marinated chicken. The chicken can be used in tacos, burritos, enchiladas or other foods during the week, and once it's cooked, it should keep better than raw. I think...

We also had leftover noodles and slaw for later, to. Jet ate the noodles very happily, gnawed all our chicken bones, and ate just a bit of the coleslaw. I also cooked the rhubarb while everything else was cooking, and we had it for dessert, and I'd guessed wrong on the amount of sugar. Sour!! But we added some more to the dessert itself, and John loved it sour. I ate mine happily but it was still on the edge between tangy and sour. Jet wanted to sit in my lap while I was eating my dessert, and he fed me my dessert on my spoon. I had to do some directing sometimes, but he was really happy that he could feed *me* for a change. Occasionally, Jet would be so taken away by the fact that I really liked getting fed the rhubarb that he would stuff a spoonful of it into his own mouth. He'd then make this awful face as the sour factor made him pucker, but he'd eat it anyway. Just like the limes and the lemon wedges. Then he'd feed me for a while before getting carried away again.

Funny boy.

One really cool thing was that when I was on the floor, Jet came over and he did the usual thing he does, which is grab my hair with both hands. I said, gently, "No, nice hands. Gentle." and pulled his hands out of my hair and then used his hands to gently pat my head. He peered at me, and for the first, time, when I let go of his hands, instead of just grabbing my hair again, he patted my head. I beamed at him and encouraged him and said, "Yes! Good nice hands!!" And Jet beamed back and kept patting me. That was really cool. He really got it and he knew that he was doing the right thing. I was really glad of that.

Jet loved the balloon in the livingroom. He didn't want to hold it or pull it down, whenever we gave it to him, he would fling the string up in the air to set the balloon free. It would bob against the ceiling or the roof fan gently and Jet would laugh. He never got tired of letting it go.

We got him into the bath at the usual time, and when he came out he was ready and raring to go again. So we let him play for a while and when I nursed him at the usual time he was kicking and wiggling and fighting for a lot of it. When he was done, he wiggled free and started playing again. He was falling over tired, and couldn't walk straight, but he was determined to play. Finally John took him upstairs and bounced him, protesting, to sleep.

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