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May 17, 2002
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Sleepless Night

Jet was awake for quite a large chunk of the night last night. He was not only hard to put to sleep, but he got up around 11:30 and John took an hour to get him back to sleep. Then Jet also got up at 3:30 and after I nursed him he gradually just got more and more active no matter what I was trying to do to get him to go back to sleep.

The funny thing was that Jet was perfectly content the whole time he was awake. He drowsed with his eyes opening now and again in his infant seat for a while and he'd smile every time he saw me. But when I tried to leave his room he would cry and wake up even more. I kept trying things and he kept getting more and more awake. So I finally took him downstairs, and when he struggled to get put down, he lay down on the floor and looked like he was going to go back to sleep. So I carried him back upstairs and found that he not only woke up some more, but started running around the room. So I took him back downstairs and let him play there while I tried to sleep on the couch. But between yells of excitement and coming over to bap me on the head whenever it looked like my eyes were closed, I was pretty much awake. The sun surprised me by rising.


It was far later than I thought. Jet had started going non-stop for a while, so I picked him up, bounced him and he smiled this time and quieted. When he was quiet, I took him to the rocking chair and rocked with him for a mere five minutes. He went to sleep.

He stayed asleep, too, and I went back to bed and feel fast asleep. I nearly didn't get up at 9, since I didn't have a meeting at 9, and the only thing was getting Jet off to Joan's. But I got up and put myself together and John was out there eating breakfast with a Jet who was eating away at a bowlful of Cheerios with milk with both hands. Jet was happy as a clam and grinned at me as he looked up. John also called Joan to say that we would be late.

We didn't get him there until nearly twenty after. but it wasn't rushed, and that was good. My brain didn't work too well all day. I think it was mostly lack of sleep but it was also partially just being tired of work and tired of the release that has taken so much work from so many people. It was just really unmotivating to do stuff.

When we went to get Jet, he was really tired and he took his afternoon nap just fine. John and I worked through it. I mildly regret that, but it was useful. We got stuff done.

I was really tired, afterwards, though, and we decided to just stay home, eat dinner at home, and not stock up on groceries before the weekend. Just too tired. I was glad to stay home.

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