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May 19, 2002
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A Very Simple Day

9:13 pm: Today was a very simple day because Jet had a really busy night last night. He was up from midnight 'til 4 and even after 4, he was waking up every hour and John was sleeping on the couch in the livingroom to comfort him when he did wake up. I stayed up with Jet until 2, and then John took him until 4 and then until 8. I then nursed Jet and took care of him until 9:30, when John woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.

So we went to church.

All of us were pretty tired, but neither Jet nor John were able to go to sleep. So we went to church and Jet played like crazy in the nursery. They even went outside, and Jet got to run around with a boy assigned to watch his every move. So Jet got a lot of exercise. He also ate a lot off the snack table afterwards, he had apples, bits of cookie, a few bites of cake, lots of water and lemonade, and carrot pieces. So when we got into the car he had enough to eat that he could just fall asleep.

So we put Jet up in his room when we got home a bit before 1. John slept in the bedroom and I took the monitor out to the livingroom. I then did a few things. Sadly, the batteries ran out in the remote, so I had to basically decide to sleep without it, but since I was sleeping pretty much right under Jet's room, I wasn't too worried. I slept just fine until 3.

Jet woke up five minutes later, and then fifteen minutes after that I heard the shower go on in our bathroom. So we were all up. Yay! Jet ate off me, and then got some food as well. Grazing baby. We watched a little hockey, did some walks outside, sat on the porch and played with Jet playing with is car, and talked over the cruise for next year and other things. We decided to ask my parents if they wanted to take Jet for that week, first, as John's parents got the bulk of the time when Joan's gone in June. So I called Mom and Dad to ask if they wanted to do it. Soon after that David called to talk with John and I about a trip he and his kids were thinking of making in June. That was cool.

After all that we went out for dinner at Casa Alvarez in Lafayette. There's a Casa Alvarez in Boulder, which we liked a lot, and it was very kid-friendly. So we took Jet to the Lafayette one and had a wonderful dinner. It's mildly Americanized Mexican food, and Jet liked bits of my Colorado burrito, which was beef in red chilies, mostly sweet ancho chile as it wasn't too hot at all. But Jet really loved John's refried beans and rice. He just ate and ate the stuff, especially since it stuck so well to the spoon he was using.

Okay, so Jet was actually using two forks, a spoon and he wanted a knife that John was offering him, but I nixed the idea. Baby with a knife, okay, it was just a butter knife, but Jet was happily banging the table with the prongs of the fork. So between all the forks and the spoon, Jet was practicing eating off utensils, and he really enjoyed it when he could bring food to his own mouth. So I was poking burrito bits, steak bits, and John was slathering the spoon with beans and rice, so Jet got quite an assortment of foods. He also drank a lot of my Sprite through a straw.

I was reading, last night, more from the Sears Baby Book and got good information about 1 to 2 years, that Jet just is never going to eat the body weight percentages he did when he was an infant. There were days when he used to do four entire ounces of food at a sitting, when he, himself, was barely 12 pounds. That's nearly four percent of his body weight! That's like a 200 pound person eating 8 *pounds* of food at a single sitting. So that's a good thing.

I just have to realize that even in straight over volume it's not going to be even close again, for a while. So the fact that he ate nearly a dozen spoonfuls of refried beans, the heels of my burrito and the corners off three chips is something good. He only needs 7000 kcals a week, and if I just get that to average out over the week, I'm doing good enough. He's also pretty much stayed at the tenth percentile in height and weight, so he's doing just fine.

It's only the drops and dips that we have to be wary about.

After dinner, we went on a walk around the parking lot, which was right next to a nursery, so it was pretty nice, actually. They'd obviously done the landscaping of the parking lot as pretty much free advertising, and it was cool, green, and pretty. The area is starting to really look like spring. All the trees have unfurled their leaves, the grass and wild flowers are now out with last week's rain, and it's looking nice out. Even where it hasn't been watered, which is good.

I realized the wisdom of deciduous trees in the prairie. With their leaves out in the summer, they provide much needed shade, but in the winter, with the leaves gone, there's plenty of sunshine to fall on the houses, which need it badly. The brightness is very nice in the winter. Now I know why so many people around here plant deciduous trees instead of evergreens.

Jet found a rock about as big as his fist and he experimented with throwing it as he walked. He'd throw it down on the ground really hard and it would bounce in some random direction. He'd go and scoop it up and then get it going again, this time with a fling straight up. I was afraid he'd hit himself in the head, but he didn't. Then a skitter to the side as he'd let go too early.

He's learning how to throw, though, and it's fun watching him experiment.

Once home, he found that it was really fun to climb into the foot stool that rocks and try and stand up. I only loosely held him, so he'd know if he was going to fall down, but then he started grabbing my arms to lend him balance, and he'd dance wildly on the wobbling thing, laughing like a maniac. He loved that. He'd fall and get up again and again and again, as I'd let him fall into the footstool itself, not so that he'd fall and land on his head on the floor or something.

The other thing he really liked was the marionette we bought him from yesterday. He loves chasing it and having it chase him. He was trying to feed it goldfish, when he was eating goldfish. He also really likes grabbing it around the neck and shaking it and then kissing the 'beak' and making it all gooey. That's pretty funny. I'll have to get better pictures of him with the puppet.

He was exhausted and pumpkiny at 9:40, and so I nursed him and he fell dead asleep. I'll hope it's a good night. We'll have to see. The nights that have been hard were all nights when he didn't go to sleep easily. I hope that's the pattern, at least for now.

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