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May 20, 2002
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Confusing Transitions

9:22 pm: A fairly relaxed, though mildly confused day today. Jet slept last night, and got up three times, but two of them were pretty short ups. The third had Jet up for about an hour before he found a comfortable position to fall asleep in. He lay, for a while, on the pillow instead of the floor, but I think he found that it got in the way of his breathing enough that he moved to the carpet and just slept there from about 4 to 7:30.

It was nice to have a not up for hours night.

John and I both took the opportunity to go to sleep early and woke up refreshed this morning. It was nice to have some sleep. And I felt a lot more brain-clear than yesterday, even after the nap. John did take Jet at 7:30 and I didn't wake up until 8:30, as I didn't have a meeting until 10. So I nursed Jet before he went to Joan's and the brought my breakfast up with me to work with.

I had one thing I had to get done as soon as possible, and frantically worked on it until 10. Then I called the number that I was supposed to call and was surprised to find that it was busy! So I checked my calendar and realized that 10 am in San Jose is 11 am here! Oops. I had to call Joan and ask if she could keep Jet until they picked up Alex. She called back to say that it would be okay. Whew.

So I got more concentration time, and used it to get much further with my script. Then the call.

It was my first one on one with my new boss, and it went pretty quickly. She asked about any questions or concerns I might have, and she also went over some of her past with the company and then I went over my past as well. It was interesting, suddenly, to realize that she'd really only went over the eight years she'd had with the company, and I've actually been working for... uhm... 17 years.

It's just something interesting to think about.

Joan delivered Jet just before noon, and he was half asleep and half waking up. He didn't want me to leave him to sleep in the bedroom, so I nursed him first. He then slept for about two hours, happily, while I finished off my script.

It was odd finishing it. As it's the last thing for the release that I know of. There is going to be stuff in the near future, but for the moment, it was just very odd to have nothing that I had to do next. Other than a status report and a long-term project looking into how to do a good representation of our system. But there was nothing that was immediately, "You HAVE to do this NOW." kind of stuff and it felt a bit like I had nothing to lean on. Wow.

So I actually took the time to make myself some lunch and when Jet woke up and I had fun just playing with him. He was cranky when he woke up, so I nursed him and then fed him some mixed vegetables and rice, a cereal bar, and various other things. He seemed to enjoy the things he didn't have to chew much.

We then played for a while, and he actually got to push the round peg into the cookie jar Mom and Dad had given him. He has seen us put shapes into the jar for so long, and he just never could seem to get them in. I found out from the Sears book that the round peg is easiest as there's no lining up the kid has to do, and sure enough, Jet was able to, with a little prompting, to put the round shape into the round hole! He was so proud of himself!

He did miss once in a while, and he would throw his whole body into trying to force the shape through the side of the plastic. My. He'd also get mad and yell at the part. We're going to have to watch that temper.

We also played with the marionette puppet. For a while I made the puppet dance, let Jet chase him and let him chase Jet. They had a blast, and then Jet managed to grab the puppet by the throat and he shook him and thumped him against the floor. When Jet had it still he then pulled at the head and picked at the eyes, obviously curious as to how they were attached. Sometimes it's very obvious where the predator genes went in initial reactions to things.

I took it away gently, and we tried it again for a while, and it was fun. Then I thought a bit and gave Jet the puppet's controller. Jet danced, and held it over his head and got the puppet to jump up and down and up and down with his dancing. Jet laughed and laughed and danced some more and didn't tangle the wires, thrash the puppet around, or pull its eyes off. He dragged it around, though and got it to play with him for a good long time before he got bored of it. Then he ran off to tackle the now very sadly deflated helium balloon from the Erie Town Fair.

John came home soon after that, and asked about dinner. So I prepped some pork chops with lemon pepper seasoning from Penzey's and lay them out so that he could just use a pair of tongs on them to grill them. There was plenty of leftover coleslaw and mac and cheese to add to the chops for dinner. So I went upstairs and had some time to myself to do my status.

I've also been pretty unhappy with the state of the mung bean sprouts at the local Safeways. I remembered my Mom and Dad growing some sprouts themselves, and I knew that John's dad used to grow them himself as well. So I checked around on Google for bean sprouts and found a company that does nothing but sprouts. They have only organic seeds, and they sell sprouts at their local farmer's market every weekend and they've grown tons of sprouts.

I remembered a stand at the Longmont Farmer's market that had all kinds of little pots of sprouts and grasses for eating, too. I should probably check them out some more and see what they grow that would just be fun to try out. It would be nice to be able to buy local.

The site, however, had good mung beans and a bunch of sampler packets of green leafed sprouts, like alfalfa but spicier and tastier. I like the crispness of normal sprouts, but it was kind of cool that they had samplers for trying all different kinds. The sampler packets had just enough seeds to grow a single sprouter's worth of sprouts. So I decided to get a six type sampler and a few pounds of mung beans. I was really tired of jelly-like, wet, sprouts from the Erie Safeway. It was only $20 for the grower, the sampler, and all the mung beans, and having them all be organic and completely fresh would be worth some of that cost. Plus I like growing things myself.

Then the Avalanche and the Red Wings started their second game. I went down to eat dinner. Jet poked at my dinner with a fork and when I gave him some of the tenderest meat from the tenderloin bit in my 'Porterhouse' chop, he munched on it happily and I was able to take him to his seat, strap him in and give him a fork, some pork and he started just eating away at it. He also poked at my coleslaw thoroughly, so I gave him some of that as well, and he just shoveled it in. Jet likes coleslaw! Yay!

So he ate all that, some brown rice that I'd cooked yesterday, and was very happy.

All this time the game was going goal for goal on each side.

Joan had said that she'd felt in Jet's mouth and it felt like all the molar areas in his mouth were hot and jagged. So he might have been teething while having such a rough time at night. A friend of mine had recommended baby Ambesol, a gum numbing agent. It that's the reason, I wanted some. We also ran out of Jet's cereal bars, his juice snacks, and all our sugar. John and I talked, and I decided to go to Safeway and try and get all the stuff with the coupons I could find. We also needed paper towels. So I got the list together and went off during the second intermission.

As I pulled out of the garage, there were tiny drops of water on the windshield and as I headed east, away from the sun, the rain fell more and more steadily. Mmmm... blessed rain.

I didn't go to the Erie or the Longmont Safeway. I went for the Firestone Safeway, which is just across I-25 to the east, and I felt might have been closer. It was. Much faster to get there by going along the freeway and along roads that weren't through various developments. It was raining steadily when I got out and it smelled wonderful. All that water in the air, and with the bright sunset behind me, there was a rainbow before me, sparkling. It looked so close I could almost run over and touch it just behind the building. I wonder what makes some rainbows look close and some look far away.

I ran around the store getting everything, and then, on a whim, I went to the produce section to look for green sprouts. My kit wouldn't arrive for a week, and it would be at least a week before the first batch would be grown. I wanted to see if I could eat them on a normal basis anyway. So I found some and blinked a bit at the mung bean sprouts. Woah. They were *fresh* at this store! They hadn't been 'watered', I think, and they were crisp and solid and white instead of limp, translucent and sad. So I bought them, too.

I can have pad thai for lunch sometime. Yum.

When I got home, Jet was really, really tired. He and John had gone for a walk and Jet had gone everywhere. He walked all the way down, he walked in the grass, he walked through all the gravel, and he walked so far that he was nearly crying tired when I got home. So we played for a while. We did some face to face stuff. I had fun wrestling with him and he with me. He got a lot of cuddling, too.

We ended up changing him earlier than usual. I also made sure that we cleaned out his nose before he nursed and then we put the numbing gel (it turned out they didn't have baby Ambesol, they only had the Jr. version that is only to be used on kids older than 2 years. Safeway *did*, however, have a nighttime Baby Orajel that would help) on Jet's gums. He protested the treatment loudly, and he was unhappy with how things felt afterwards. But when he settled to nurse, he was totally relaxed for the first time in probably a week. Whew...

We'll see.

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