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May 22, 2002
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Jet had yet another rough night last night. He was up every hour and seemed very tired and very uncomfortable. He really had a hard time settling, and I really tried to figure out what was causing the discomfort. The first time we thought it was teething, still, so we applied the gum numbing agent. Jet fought that pretty hard, and then, after all that, he burped twice, really hard. And then he kind of settled on the futon but he had a really hard time falling asleep because every time he went to sleep, he's start breathing through his mouth because his nose was kind of stuffed and he's start to snore. That would wake him up and he'd grumble, move, and then go back to sleep again.

So when he woke up again an hour later, I went up and gave him some Dimetapp, a decongestant and antihistamine all in one, and then nursed him to give it a little time to work and so he could clear his own nose a bit. This time he went to sleep at about 2 am and he stayed that way until 6! It amazed me that he wasn't getting up every hour, again, and both John and I got to sleep for a bit. I went and got him at 6, nursed him and then played with him until John got up at 7. So I got to sleep for another hour after that. That was very useful.

We all got ready for work and to get Jet to Joan's. I was pretty tired from the night, but coherent enough, and we went into work.

I concentrated, pretty hard, on the CR I'd gotten yesterday. I'd written everything yesterday to fix it along all the lines that I knew it had to be fixed. I knew the code where the fix had to go, I knew that what I'd written into it should do the work and fix the problem, and I didn't have anything even close to a debug setup with which to test my fix. I tried getting one set up at work on my Solaris box, but I couldn't get it to pick up my newly built library and have it actually do what I wanted it to do. That was frustrating. Finally, in the afternoon, I had to just hand it all over to Bob, who had a complete developer's setup. He didn't have time today, but he said he'd look at it tomorrow. By all rights the fix I wrote *should* work, but the difference between should and actually does is so huge in software, it'll be good that he can test it thoroughly.

I felt pretty bad, though, about only partially completing the fix, no matter what I was lacking in terms of a development environment and never mind that I haven't written code for two years. It was such a simple fix, too, it just rankled that I couldn't carry it through testing.

Lunch was at Himalayas, which, it seems, is actually a Boulder restaurant that transplanted to Longmont. Their buffet wasn't quite as varied or plentiful as the Curry Kitchen's. The vegetable curries, though, were very, very good. I really enjoyed what I did eat, and I got the chance to experiment a little and eat the banana fritters which were bright red and crisp and chewy on the inside. They were actually very good. It was fun to talk with everyone and just eat yummy food with them.

Home again home again, and John discovered a huge Harry and David's box on the back porch. We also dropped him off at home before I went to get Jet, as we had the time and the gravel company had called us on the celphone at lunch to tell us that their delivery might be a bit early. John was getting another 15 tons of roadbase to finish both the new driveway and the area next to the new garage. I came back home right behind the huge dump truck and I took Jet inside so he wouldn't get upset by all the sliding material again.

Jet and I got to peer in the big box. Hee. There were twenty four strawberries in the box. They were perfect strawberries. They were huge strawberries, bigger than both of Jet's fists put together. We washed one and I bit into it and it was warm from being outside, juicy, sweet as sunshine, and that perfect ripe tenderness that is nearly impossible to find in grocery store strawberries that were born to ship packed by the pound in plastic boxes. They had the classical cone shape of mountain strawberries, but grown utterly *huge* and they were packed in foam, with a shaped pocket for each perfectly red fruit.


Just wow.

Jet took a bite from my strawberry and then took it with both hands and would not let go. Hee. He wanted it for himself, so I gave it to him and let him eat as much of it as he could. With the Dimetapp last night, I was suspecting that he wasn't having allergies from the futon or the high winds, but he actually had a cold. The Vitamin C from the berry wouldn't hurt him at all.

He had napped at Joan's, so he wasn't ready to go to sleep when he came home. So we played a little, but Jet mostly wanted to just sit in my lap and watch TV or look at a book with me. He would flip, somewhat listlessly through the pages, and snuggle in a lot. He wasn't very happy and was mildly clingy. When he did go to sleep he was out like a light.

The bad new is that I'm starting to sneeze the way Jet was when the high winds started. The winds are still blowing pretty hard today, but it's nothing like the 60mph gusts we had yesterday.

Joan decided to finish packing for their camping trip this coming weekend. So we decided not to go swimming tonight. I was very glad of it when the evening actually rolled around as I was exhausted from the cold, we needed more drugs to tide Jet through the night, and there was an Avalanche/Red Wings game on. We had a quick dinner.

The game was cool to listen to and fun to watch, too. We went between the first and second periods, and bought a few things in addition to more Dimetapp and Motrin for Jet. I got some cream for the strawberries and planned on making some shortcakes, sometime. Those beautiful berries deserved a good frame. But when we got back home I was so tired that we just ate the berries straight.

After that I was pretty obviously sick. Sneezing, tire, unhappy and aching all over, it was definitely a cold. It was pretty miserable, and I now know why Jet was having so many problems sleeping the last couple of nights. Ugh

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