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May 23, 2002
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I'm Sick

9:57 pm: There is nothing quite like a good, hot bowl of good ramen when one is sick. The hot saline hitting the back of a raw throat, the steam softening an unhappy nose, and the easy slurp of noodles for an unhappy appetite with few taste buds for anything more complex.

My bowl of lunch ramen was a godsend.

My cold of last night went into today, and when I got up to take care of Jet at 6 am, I wrote my boss and the leaders of the meetings I was supposed to be at this morning and told them I was sick. I wrote off all of work and then remembered that my new boss didn't know about the huge cache of comp time hours I had from before I went to 25 hours. So I told her about them and wondered if it would be okay to use them for the two weeks of John's parents' 50th anniversary. I do have a bonus week of vacation from being here for 10 years, but I didn't really want to use that. Plus I was already in a hole from the quarters when we were using vacation for alternate Fridays.

Anyway... I took today off because I was useless. John didn't get up until nearly 9, and he called Joan to say that he'd be late. Then he and Jet and I enjoyed breakfast together. We had a couple of those huge strawberries on our cereal, and Jet happily waved one of the stems around between bites. And then they were off.

I went back to bed. John said he'd ask Joan to keep Jet until noon, so I set my alarm for 11:30, and got up and met Joan and Jet just as they came into the driveway. It was sunny this morning, so it was easy, then, for her to bring Jet in. I happily took him and found out that he'd played very happily all morning and hadn't slept a wink. So he nursed and went right to sleep. For two hours.

I napped for one of those hours, and then couldn't sleep anymore. So I got up and did a few things around the house, and read a few things, mostly the Sears Baby Book. I also got a few of my things done on the computer and then Jet woke up. I got him and changed him and he was in a great mood compared to yesterday.

He was happy and playful after getting changed. Yesterday he was really unhappy and cranky unless he got to nurse. So I fed him half a pastrami sandwich, and he ate about half the bread, three-quarters of the sprouts, and a quarter of the pastrami, all at their own times. He also drank a lot of juice and water, and munched on a carrot and some crackers. So his appetite is much better than it was yesterday.

The sky clouded up and things got dark outside. Jet was perfectly happy, though, to play inside, and he climbed his bear, the couch, and walked around playing with his ball, the trucks, and his books. I sat with him and he was happy to play with me.

Around 3:30, I decided to make shortcakes for the strawberries. The biscuit-like dough for the quick cinnamon buns recipe by Cooks Illustrated had risen beautifully when I made those. And the texture of those had been wonderful for biscuit-like shortcakes. So I pulled out the recipe and with Jet sitting on my hip in the sling, we made them together. Jet loved whisking stuff together. He almost dove, headfirst, into the dough, but after I'd turned it out and kneaded it he was uninterested, surprisingly. I cut them out with a really sharp cutter and Jet stayed completely out of the way. That was cool.

They went into the hot oven and he treated that with perfect respect too. When they all came out, John came home, and I got to try and take another nap. I lay down and couldn't get to sleep. So I got up and John asked me how to make dinner. He did cornbread stuffing from the leftover cornbread, and then put the leftover chops on top to heat through in the oven. He nuked veggies, made salad and we had a wonderful dinner.

Jet ate bits of everything and slammed his tray for more. Yay!

Then we played out in the livingroom and John kept saying, "Bear. Bear! Bear." to Jet while Jet was laying on the giant bear. Jet would say, "Buh! Buh! Buh!" which John made into "Bear." and I made into "Bubba" and both made Jet laugh. Then, out of the blue, Jet says, "Bear!" and then laughs like crazy and won't say it again.

Jet was biting the bear's nose and we were saying "Nose." when Jet said, "Nosssszzzzzzzzzz!!" More laughter and no repeats. Sometimes I think he's just saving all the words up until he can use them all.

When we had the strawberry shortcakes the strawberries were so big that we could each only cut up two berries apiece and they were plenty for the dessert. I was amazed. I split the shortcakes, cut the berries up and then whipped a quarter cup of cream with a little sugar and a few drops of vanilla. I used the electric mixer and let it go. Jet demanded to see what was going on and he rode my hip and marveled. Of course, the whipped cream was a hit with Jet and he asked for more of it until it was all gone, and then he reached into my bowl to pick up strawberry pieces to suck the cream off of them and then put them back. Oops. I did discourage the fishing in my bowl. The shortcakes turned out to have really good body to them. I could see pouring blueberries or thawed frozen peaches on them with some cream, too. Yum.

I was headachy, body achy and with a completely stuffed nose. So I took a couple of Tylenol and John let me have a bath. I soaked happily for half an hour. It was a perfect bath. The candles, some of the Sage bubblebath, and it was raining, a steady, good rain that was just going on and on and spattering against the windows and the skylight. It was wonderfully relaxing to listen to.

When I came out, Jet was yelling and laughing while getting changed, bounced over to me, and settled in to nurse. That's when I saw that his nose was completely stuffed, and he had problems breathing while nursing. So when we changed sides, I cleaned Jet's nose out with John's help and then we gave him Dimetapp. He wasn't happy about getting his nose cleaned out, but he did settle for the second side.

Jet pulled off without going to sleep, but after John took him upstairs, he did go to sleep pretty easily. I'm glad.

He seemed much happier today. I hope he's over the cold and whatever else there was that was keeping him awake. Both John and I need the sleep and while we have adjusted, somewhat, to his new needs, I'm still pretty sick.

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