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May 24, 2002
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Snow, A Cold, and Spiderman

When we went to sleep last night, it was raining steadily, and it looked like it was going to rain all night. Not only did it rain all night, but it got colder and colder and this morning, when we woke up there was an inch of snow covering everything!! The Friday before Memorial Day and it *snows* here in Colorado. I was actually really glad of it, as it kept everything cool and the afternoon never got over 60, which was really comfortable for us. I really enjoyed that.

I was still sick when I woke up this morning, and I think the cold has moved into my lungs as it's mildly difficult to breath properly. It feels like the near edge of asthma, but not quite there. My lungs feel heavy whenever I breath. It's not impossible to breath, just harder. The problem is also that my inhaler has, once again, gotten too old to use. I seem to have these kinds of colds once every three or four years, by the time which my old inhaler has kicked the bucket and I have to go in to see a doctor to get a new one, but then they always prescribe antibiotics which don't do anything. It's the inhaler that kicks my lungs back into gear.

Anyway... I decided to work for the morning, only, and had a 1:1 with my new boss and the first thing she says is that I sound awful. I thank her and say that I'm probably only going to work part of the day, but we go over some of the things that I want to do for the coming week and that works out well.

I also go through my email and find that Bob took my fix and found that it worked just fine on the PC, but had some problems on the Unix platforms, which he fixed with a one line addition. I review it, and we check it all in and he marks the bug fixed. That was very cool. It was nice to know that all the work I put into it was helpful for Bob and that he didn't have to throw it all out and rewrite everything. Yay for two-man fixes!

When Jet comes home, I'm ready for a nap, so we both nap while John eats his lunch, and then when Jet woke up, John took him for an extra hour so I could keep napping. I really needed it.

This morning, when we dropped Jet off, John said that there were people going out to a movie this afternoon, and Joan said that she'd be willing to take Jet if it was okay for him to go with her to some appointments and errands she had. We said fine to that, but we did call our usual babysitter to see if she was willing or able to take Jet. Turned out that she was busy with her own six siblings, so Joan came over and took Jet before going to her appointment.

When they'd gone, I ate my late lunch and then John and I headed south to meet up with everyone and watch The Amazing Spiderman!!

I really enjoyed it. It brought back all kinds of good memories of the old comicbook and some less good ones as well. I always disliked the fact that when Peter tried to do the right thing it would bite him anyway, admittedly when he deliberately does the wrong thing it turns out much, much, much worse, but that was one of the defeatist elements of the book that I just never cared for much. I always liked his character, though, and I loved the way the movie did all the elements of his creation and 'coming out'. Even if it might not have been the same details, the spirit of it was much as I remembered. I enjoyed it a lot.

On the way home we thought about what to do for dinner and happened on a KFC, which we haven't eaten at for a while. Sadly, the Popeye's on the way home has been closed for a few months, so we haven't been able to have their chicken in a very long time. So we just bought KFC, and got an extra individual helping of the popcorn chicken, which we munched on the way to get Jet. Once there, John and Ray got into a discussion about the extra room and it took a little while to get home, but that was good.

Once home, Jet asked to sit in my lap while we ate, and he wielded the spork very happily on my dinner plate. He ate mashed potatoes, coleslaw and the occasional nugget of popcorn chicken. He really enjoyed being able to eat off my plate and while he got some of it on me and the floor, on the most part it was either in him or on my plate. I was pretty impressed and pleased. Jet was also really happy to simply have the chance to eat from an adult plate. I thought that was cool.

He also demanded the spot in my lap when we made strawberry shortcake again. He ate mostly just the whipped cream, but occasionally fished out strawberry chunks to eat from his fist as they were a bit too slippery for his spoon. We all really enjoyed that, and I'm sure we're going to get completely through this flat of strawberries in plenty of time before any of them even think about going bad. But John did make room in the fridge for the entire box, so they're safe in there. Yum

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