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May 25, 2002
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Stocking Up, Snow Dogs, and Moth Hungting

I am better. Really I am! grin

I felt good enough this morning to get up at about 8 and take over as John had been up since 6 with Jet, who'd been up a bit during the night. John went back to sleep and stayed that way for four hours. Not that I knew how long it would be. I thought about going out and doing something with Jet, but I was sick and tired and not too certain of what to do that we'd both like. Especially if I had to chase Jet around somewhere. So we just stayed home and played in the house, in the yard, watched cartoons, read books, and basically enjoyed being at home.

When John did get up we had lunch and then headed out to stock up at Safeway, get the usual Papa Murphy's pizza and this time we rented a movie from Blockbuster. We got Snowdogs as we knew it was a Disney movie that Jet could watch and we wouldn't have to worry about nightmares at all. I was opinionated about what I wanted on my pizza, as I really didn't want the usual salt amounts, so I got ground beef, mushrooms and spinach, while John got sausage, pepperoni and green peppers. When we did have dinner, I really enjoyed my pizza. Yum.

The stocking trip really helped me feel somewhat better, as just getting out of the house was a relief. I was glad that John got plenty of sleep as I really don't want him getting sick too. The bad thing about the trip was it got really obvious that I was pretty short of breath really easily whenever we were walking a bit faster than usual.

Jet had a great time at the store, mostly pushing the cart around, but also taking off in all directions on a whim or when he saw something interesting. John or I would follow him while the other shopped for the item we really needed. So it got a little crazy for a little while. But we did manage to get everything but the sandwich bread. Yay!

We watched the movie in the basement, which was cool and wonderful. John did some moth hunting with the Dust Buster before we started, and Jet watched carefully.

When the movie started, Jet was cheerfully engrossed every once in a while. He loved all the screaming the protagonist did, and would scream along with him. There were a few intense action sequences that sent Jet whirling about with laughter. That was pretty cool. He really liked that. Jet also got to experiment with sitting in his own chair, as we have these floor chairs that are easy for him to sit in. He would also visit John for popcorn whenever he wanted some, and basically it was a real success so far as entertaining the baby and us.

It was amusing to find out that Jet's internal timer is pretty strict. Right at 8:45, he turned into a pumpkin and tried to get into my lap to nurse. So John took him upstairs, got him changed, and brought him back down and he fell asleep during the credits. I was actually pretty pleased by the movie as it didn't do the usual subject matters, though I think it did treat it in the usual way, but I enjoyed it, too, and liked that, on the most part, the dogs were just their doggy selves, and the only talking was during a dream sequence. Whew.

When I took Jet upstairs, the whole house was just thick with moths. Jet's room had been invaded. So, swearing quietly the whole way, I took the sleeping Jet into our room, laid him on the sheets of the bed there, and he just went to sleep. Thank goodness for the futon! I'm so glad that Jet can now sleep on a conventional bed because of it and doesn't instantly protest being laid on a flat surface. I then closed the door, got the Dust Buster and did my best to hunt down every moth in his room. When that was all done, I went and got Jet and he didn't even mumble or squirm at all at being picked up again, and I gently deposited him on his futon. He just turned over and went back to sleep. I am glad that he does sleep well when he sleeps.

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