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May 28, 2002
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Work, Massage, and Run-away Jet

9:25 pm: We had a pretty quiet day today. Jet slept until 1 ate and then went back to sleep until 7:30. John and I were already up by then, as Haley was supposed to come by at 7:45. So both John and I were up, dressed, and, in my case, showered. Jet woke up kind of bleary eyed, and he nursed sleepily until he heard Haley's voice! He immediately rolled off my lap and ran off to play with her. Hee.

Jet was so happy. He was just running around and smiling big and dancing whenever Haley giggled. John found Blues Clues on Nickelodeon and everyone was happy. So I ate my oatmeal and went out the door at 8:30 and headed into work. I had thought about just staying home, but I had a 9 'o' clock meeting anyway, so I wouldn't have been able to play with everyone for all that long.

I was glad that I did go into work, though, as some folks had some interesting questions to ask about why certain things had been done certain ways.

While I was going through email, I got a message from John that said that he and Jet had gone to the Goodells and might be there for a while, so on the way home I stopped by there, and saw the Baby Buggy in the driveway, so I pulled up and went on in and knocked on the door in. Alex announced me and I went on in to find Jet over the remains of a cheeseburger with a fry in one hand. Joan and Ray and John were standing there watching him. Turns out that Jet had mostly only eaten fries. Ah well.

They were talking over plans for the covered porch, work issues, and Jet's eating habits. It was fun to just sit and listen. I played a little with Jet and Haley and Alex, and when the grownups were done with their conversation, we all headed out. Jet protested getting strapped in, but went home pretty peaceably. He nursed at home, and then started playing with me.

I was hungry, however, so I put a couple of cheese Wranglers on the broiling pan and let them broil. I also toasted hot dog buns while they cooked, and Jet watched it all very closely. When they were done Jet demanded some hot dog, so I sliced some thin, quartered the slice and handed it over. I thought Jet ate them really fast, as he demanded more pretty quickly and his tray was empty. So I did another slice, and another, and then I realized that Jet was stuffing them directly into his mouth and not chewing or swallowing them. Oops. He spit everything out and then wouldn't eat what he'd spit out. I'm going to really have to watch the speed that he stuffs his face. I'm kind of glad he does what he's doing, as it's safer than him trying to swallow all that or choking on too much; but it's still a waste of food.

He did eat some of the hot dog bun and then asked to get down again. So I let him down and he started running around and doing stuff. He went into the tool drawer and started pulling everything out. He went to the pantry and started pulling everything out. He got out the ten pound bag of rice, undid the twisty and started playing in rice grains, occasionally popping one or two into his mouth and then spitting them out again. Jet then found his fireman's helmet that he'd gotten from the Boulder Creek Fair, and he did his best to put it on himself. I was pretty impressed. He put it on his face and then moved it up and back until it was in place. Happy kid!

He was really cheerful and really playful and he just kept moving the whole time. He wanted to try everything, get anything we might be interested in and go everywhere he could. It was quite the job keeping up with him. But it was fun, too. It was also really easy to figure out when he was tired, too, as he started getting mildly crabby. So I changed him and found out he had another reason for being crabby. Once he was clean, when he nursed he fell right to sleep.

I got another hour's worth of work in before I left for CeLena's. I had scheduled a stone massage with her the last time I had an appointment, and she delivered. She'd even gotten new stones that were much better at retaining heat, so she didn't have to heat them too hot and she didn't have to hurry while using them.

Basically, a stone massage is like lying down and getting gradually weighted down with a bunch of heavy, hot rocks. Hee. It started with getting a pattern of stones laid down on the table, and then lying on them. So there were a bunch of warm pressure points on nearly all the tight areas of my back. Mmm... Then all the pressure points that were usually tight or painful on the front of my body each got a solid shot of warmth. When the weight and warmth got to sink into my bones for a while, CeLena then used a couple of rocks in the palms of her hands to rub over all the really right muscle sets. She paid special attention to all the really painful muscles around my knees, and I could really feel the difference that made in loosening up stuff that's been tight since my pregnancy.

That was really nice. I then got turned over and had the whole procedure repeated on my back. And the backs of everything got pressure point treated and then rubbed down thoroughly. CeLena spent extra time on my tight hips, my shoulders, and my knees, again. It was really nice to have the heat sink in and relax things before she went in and did deep tissue work on the loosened areas. It really moved things around much more nicely than usual.

I was nice and woozy when I finally got up. I'm sure I went to sleep a couple of times during the whole thing, too. It's very relaxing.

Home again home again and we ordered food from Lui's. Just the dishes that we liked eating, which weren't particularly traditional, but were very tasty. We got the orange beef which is actually deep fried, marinated and tenderized beef covered in a spicy orange sauce with vegetables of all kinds in a rough cut. We also got the Schechwan style won tons that had a spicy, salty sauce all over them, which cleared my clogged sinuses pretty well for the first time in nearly a week. We finished with the vegetable lo mein and they threw in an order of strawberry, cream cheese won tons. No, it isn't really Chinese food, but it is tasty anyway. Hee. Jet ate orange beef and everything in the vegetable lo mien, from the carrots to the bamboo shoots and lots of the noodles.

Then we went for a walk. Or, as John said, "A stand around and watch the baby." Hee. Jet took off in his own directions but we managed to get him across the street safely and once we were on the safe street, Jet suddenly did something he's never done before. He dropped to his knees and started crawling over the black top!! We'd never seen him do that before, and we have no idea why he started doing it, but he would just drop and do that every once in a while. It certainly brought him closer to the gravel, the oil stains, and the plants on and in the road. He studied a lot of that very closely.

Jet then had a period of running across the road, back and forth and back and forth. He would then run as far as he could down the mud-rutted driveways of all the houses along the road, too. He never hit real mud, thank goodness, as things were too dried out for that. But he did go from side to side on the street a lot. I don't have any idea why.

We were almost at the end when he turned around and headed back the way we came for a while, and started looking at all the plants in someone's yard. When he'd had enough of that, he went back to the end of the road, crawled around and then headed back towards home. There were spurts where he'd run, and then he'd crash and I'd hear him sliding over the black top. Ouch, but he's so light that those crashes didn't break the skin at all. Jet did, however, end up with black hands and knees. So the moment he got in the house I let him climb up the stairs and we plopped him into the bath tub.

Jet had fun in his bath. The interesting thing was that he was, this time, only interested in his moving toys. This was funny after the period where he was terrified of the moving toys. This time all he was interested in was studying his plane and his hippo. That was pretty cool.

When Jet was clean, dried, lotioned, diapered, and ready to run, John took him and I slipped away and took a shower. When I came out of the shower, Jet came running to me to nurse. So I did and he fell asleep and pushed me away when he was done. That gave John plenty of time to water all the trees, clean up Jet's room of moths, and close it up, ready for Jet to sleep.

The night cooled the house nicely after the 80+ degree day. The weather is amazing considering the snow of a few days ago. I do like the warmth, I'll admit. It's fun to run around in shorts and a T-shirt and be completely comfortable. I should warn my parents that it is this warm.

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