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May 29, 2002
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Hiking Lunch, Wind Chimes, and Swimming

10:03 pm: I had a pretty busy lunch today. Mostly because John got stuck in a meeting so had to meet up with the rest of us late. We had quite a time finding a park to eat in, as both Bob and I weren't convinced that John knew what he was talking about when he said that there was a park three blocks to the east. A guy in the shop said that there was a place just half a block to the west, so the group headed in that direction.

I met up with John on the way out and I told him which way we were heading. But then the whole group went in a completely different direction. I followed them and we found a covered platform that was just huge, more the size of a football field, all concrete with a very nicely architected wooden, open air cover. We all parked there, partially on the concrete, partially on the grass that surrounded it. Then I went back for John and we walked back there together.

So I got quite a hike for lunch.

Afterwards, on the way home, we stopped at the Tree Farm, as we had some time, and I got a 50 quart bag of potting soil for less than twice the money I paid for a 10 quart bag a few days ago. Yeesh. John and I also looked at and listened to various wind chimes. I miss having a wind chime outside. The last one broke in a wind storm, and I miss the bells. There's some part of me that still remembers the wind chimes that used to be (no longer) in my parents' house, and the sound of them was something comforting. So we found a set that we liked and they were built entirely of steel and string. If the string rots, we can replace it, but we can't replace broken parts, which happened to the wooden parts of our last big chime.

We now, once again have a wind chime. There are some Chinese superstitions that say that the chimes keep away bad spirits every time they're rung. I don't mind a bit of extra protection.

I am still sick. I had some meetings in the afternoon, and I had problems breathing, so I was wondering about my wisdom in telling Joan that I'd swim tonight. But it worked out really well.

Joan came at seven, and drove over, and talked with me the whole way and kept my mind from being worried. I had one anxious moment when I first got into the water, but after a few minutes in the water, I did just fine with breathing. I was worried about my nose or sinuses flooding while we were in the water, but they just never did. I'm glad.

The water was cool, too, which was a blessed relief after the really warm day. Everyone else told the instructor it was too cold, but I said it was great. I needed the cooling off, and I think that it seemed cool compared to the hot weather more than the water actually *being* cooler at all. Usually, when we get in, it's been really cold outside and in the locker room, so the water seems blessedly warm in comparison.

It was really good to go through all the aerobic exercises and just do them. I felt like my body really started to *move* again, and while my breathing was a little short, it also got better. I was very glad of that and enjoyed the feeling of being able to do something I'd been afraid I couldn't do. I think that riding the exercise bike last week really helped keep my body at some level of fitness. While I felt kind of weak getting out afterwards, I didn't feel terrible the way I have after long breaks. I was glad of that.

It was also good to have Joan say that she really enjoyed the doing as well and felt better for the exercise. She's actually dropped most of her exercises other than this one because she knows that if I depend on her to go she'll go. That's true on my end, too. I don't do anything regularly, now, other than this. And I need to do something regularly.

When I got home and got Jet latched on, John told me that he and Jet were watching the Avalanche play the Red Wings down in the basement. As part of their basement duties, they did some moth vacuuming. They kept at it until the battery for the Dust Buster ran down, and after John had gotten one or two, Jet started jumping up and down, and pointing out moths for John to vacuum! Hee. He was actively helping John out.

That was really cool to hear about, as it's not something I would have thought easy to grasp. But Jet coordinated and cooperated with John on finding and catching the moths! And Jet would point them all out and talk to John to tell him, in no uncertain terms, that *that* was something that needed to be vacuumed up. Hee.

That was fun to hear about.

It amazes me that most of the time Jet is a great kid. He does what we ask him, he tries to do more and more of what we're doing, and he really is as patient or polite as could be expected of someone that can't even talk, yet. I am continually amazed by how *much* of the time he's a great kid. It's not like we've had to do a whole lot in terms of making him do the 'right thing' on the most part, he'll do the right things along with wrong things, but when we encourage the stuff we like, he usually does more of it. It's just really cool.

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