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May 18, 2003
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Annual Meeting at Church

9:32 pm: A very low-stress sort of day, though it started far higher than normal. Jet had a really hard night, last night, and both John and I were up with him, each for half the night, it seemed. Though we did get some sleep, Jet was up an awful lot, and he was pretty unhappy for a lot of it. At 6:30 or so, John took over again, and I went back to sleep for another hour and a half and still felt mildly wiped out. We both got showers in, then, which made me feel mildly better.

We left a bit after 9 for breakfast at the Family Affair, and found it very crowded. They also had a big party there, so our food took a bit longer than usual. Still, it was worth it. John got his usual breakfast. I got a pancake, an egg, and two strips of bacon with a side of hash browns and plenty of sausage gravy. When my orders came, I put the egg and one strip of bacon on top of the hash browns, cut the pancake up, sloshed some syrup over it and gently pushed it in front of Jet.

Jet had taken most of the time for ordering and waiting for the food pretty well. We'd given him his three creams, then his orange juice, then his orange juice in the tiny cream cups, and then he explored the salt and pepper. He wanted the sugar but we never gave that to him. So he ended up with the Tobasco, which he tasted and didn't like that much. He drank more juice. Then played with the wire cage that held the two tobascos and the ketchup. That was extra fine with two spoons to bang on the metal as well. He really liked that, so he was armed with two spoons when the plateful of pancake approached him.

So Jet used a spoon to spoon up a piece of pancake and it promptly went into his mouth. He kind of lit up and started spooning pancake into his face as quickly as he could. It was much faster than he eats pancakes at home. When I finished my egg, bacon, and hash I found out why. The pancake had been cooked on the same griddle as the hash browns, so the edges were buttery crisp. The texture of it was really fluffy, too, like the best buttermilk pancakes usually are, and the tang of the buttermilk really accented the fluffy richness of the rest of it really well. It was really good.

Jet ate half the pancake. It was nearly a foot in diameter, so it was quite a lot for the little guy. He completely ignored the bacon, refused to eat it after waving it around for a while and ended up handing it over to me when I told him he shouldn't drop it.

We were late for church. Jet and John ended up just going to the front of the sanctuary, as they called folks for the kids' message just as they got in. I stood in the back and waited until it was done before sitting down with John. That was good timing for walking around during the service. After the service was the annual meeting.

It turns out that Pastor Michael is fighting a deadly lung disease. It's something that would normally kill him within five years, if he doesn't have a lung transplant. So he's working his way onto the lung transplant list, and he's not doing nearly as much as he wants to be doing at the church. He's looking into getting disability so that he can work part-time and it won't burden the church that badly. It's something that is reflected in our budget this year around.

It's somehow both sad and... empowering? moving? something... that Michael is fighting this thing head-on. I am very sad that he has the disease, but I'm also very much in awe of how he's handling it and how he's facing the whole aspect of the fact that it will probably kill him in the long run. How long a run is what he's looking at now, and it's a run that'll always have something going on to deal with it. I admire him greatly.

I also hug him more, too. It's a good thing.

Jet stayed in the pews for part of the meeting, eating his snacks, playing with a few toys we had for him, and then he made a break for it. Down the aisles, visiting other people, getting grape hand-outs from folks, and generally not disrupting things too much. Then he saw the open door to the outside. So I followed him. I wasn't that interested in the meeting beyond the budgeting stuff and that was decided early. I don't want to be on any boards and I don't want to really know too much about what's going on this time around, so I just left after Jet and we played outside in the sunshine with all the other kids.

There was no supervising adult out there. So when I went out there, things calmed down just a little bit, I think, and it was still a bit beyond what I really would have wanted. Jet, however, stayed out of trouble, and let me tag along with him as he ran around and around the yard, the garden, and through the thick, green grass. He seemed to just enjoy the running aspect of it a lot.

He did, eventually, want to play with all the boys that were in the dirt, but I refused to lift him up to where they had climbed, and Jet accepted that with good grace after a while. We did stairs, did get to jump up and down from a smaller wall, and he had fun moving a pile of dirt over a wall and back again. Eventually, the other kids started their kids' choir practice, and Jet got into the middle of it and made faces at everyone and mildly disrupted their class. So I had to wade in, pull him out, protesting, and we went into the church's Quiet Room, where there were plenty of toys.

I then napped on the couch in there while Jet played quietly. He was happy once he found the toys, and he cheerfully kept himself occupied, lining trucks up with each other.

John came in when the meeting was done, and we headed home. Jet was asleep even before we were a mile from the church, and I felt like I could follow him. When we got home, John announced that he was going to take Jet up into the mountains to meet with the friend he'd missed seeing yesterday, so I could have the house to myself! Whoooiee!!

I went promptly to sleep and slept for two hours. Then I made myself a pot pie for lunch, and then filled in bits of journal for March. I'm missing one of my moleskins from that time, so I have one entry that I'm kind of lost on. I'll have to see where it went.

When they came home, at 5, we made dinner together, and ate latish, watched some hockey and Jet went to sleep, this time, with far less fuss than he has for a while. I can be hopeful about tonight

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