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May 19, 2003
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Sleeping Jet and Much Crash

9:12 pm: A cold, quiet, grey day, especially compared to the heat of the weekend. It was cold today, and cloudy, but it never really rained. Jet slept in very, very late. I think he was making up for Saturday night, but he wasn't up until 2:45 with John and then at 4:45 he got up and we nursed because it was light out. He went back to sleep, woke up once, about ready to cry, but then went back to sleep. I woke up at 8:30, went downstairs and got myself put together for work. John didn't wake Jet up until 8:45, as he had to get him to Joan's.

I am not at all sure why Jet slept so late today and so little the night before.

Anyway. It worked out. When Jet came home, Joan dropped him off after a doctor's appointment for Haley, he had no intention of sleeping, so we played some Crash Team Racing, and then ate noodles together. He ate most of the last half of the brick he ate last night. I ate my own frozen ramen noodles, and drank a bit of Odwalla. It was enough.

Jet then went to sleep at 2 instead of 12, and slept for his usual hour and a half while I worked. He got up just as they called me for my meeting. So he had some milk and cartoons while I talked with folks. He helped me, occasionally, in the conversation, but the meeting mostly went well. John came home a bit after the meeting was done, and helped me make enchilada casserole. We got it together quick because he had a six o' clock church meeting, but then he got a call and was told that it wasn't until 7. Whew. So we ate in peace. The fire roasted red enchilada sauce by Hatch is very good.

Jet wouldn't eat enchiladas, so we tried tempting him with chicken nuggets and other stuff, but he refused it all. He ended up eating very little after a pretty good lunch. I wonder if he's sick again, as he's just very whiny this afternoon and evening, and very quiet. I really hope he didn't pick something up during the Fair or something, but so it is. Immune system workout.

Since John had this meeting, I hadn't felt like dealing with both the meeting and having to go to the Rec. Center. I had John just come home, have dinner and let him go to the meeting. I was also so tired from the weekend that I just didn't feel like going out and doing stuff.

John went off to his meeting. Jet dragged me back into the basement to look at his choo-choo and then do "CARS!" for a while again. I even got out one of the molasses pig cookies, and instead of eating that he just crumbled it into the sheepskin carpet. Bah. It'll come out, with time and patience, but it was pretty bad. He did like watching the cars, but he was actually more involved when John came home and started playing the normal Crash game. He watches for fire, boxes, and things more carefully than in the races.

I took his temperature and it was normal. So I hope he's just tired from the last few days and it'll be okay.

I'm pushing it a little. Filling in journal entries, eventhough it kind of hurts. I had a bit of herbal tea, and I really should probably stop and ice the right hand for a while. I guess, maybe, that I really do need CeLena to take care of that arm and just maintain it after getting it back in shape. Darn. It's not like the exercise alone has been enough, but I've also been messing with it pretty badly recently. We'll see

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