Liralen's Adventure Through Life
May 2003
  2: Taking Care of Myself
  3: Opening Night for Paradisio Azteca
  4: Dan's Birthday Party
  5: Mellow, Swimming, and Oaxacan Chocolate
  6: Toothguard and Hand-Off
  7: Frustrating Day
  8: Calling Poison Control
  9: Quiet Recovery Day
10: Eight Inches of Snow and a Busy Day
11: Best Mother's Day!
16: Owie
17: Garage Sale Day
18: Annual Meeting at Church
19: Sleeping Jet and Much Crash
20: Napping, Swimming and Santiago's
21: Getting My Laptop and Water Aerobics
22: Rec. Center
23: Jet Li, Ergonomics, and Haircuts
26: Long Weekend
27: Backward Day
28: Jet Has a Temperature
29: Hot Day
30: Four Meetings and Delivering the Baby Buggy
31: Finding Nemo

I finally acknowledge that I'm having RSI diffculties again and start doing something about it, along with all the other things I should have been doing a while back to take care of myself. So I try. But then I make thinks significantly worse by getting a new, high speed, highly portable, but really horribly bad ergonimically laptop. The seduction of technology.

We discover a lot of small things as we go. Jet get a stomach ache after I think he ate a tomato plant, but he probably didn't. Just a normal cold.

We end up finally being able to sell the Baby Buggy, which we've been trying to do since the beginning of the year, and the money's come in at a great time for our July trip. This is a very good thing. And we end up taking Jet to see "Finding Nemo", which he loved. Yay!

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