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October 31, 2001
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A Packed Halloween

9:27 pm: Today was as tightly packed as a can of sardines. I had to get in for a 9 am meeting, so I had to be up at 7. Jet had a horrible night, with John staying up with him from 11-12 and then 1-3 and I fed him in between and then had to get up at 5:30 to feed him again and I just stayed up with him as Jet couldn't seem to sleep without being with or on someone. So we slept on the couch until 7.

Jet was having definite teething problems. With all the tooth problems I was having, it sometimes seemed better to simply not have any teeth. My upper tooth that was filled hurt all night. Some of it was triggered by my toothguard being too tight for the newly filled tooth, and then without the guard, when I unconsciously was grinding my teeth the new filled teeth really hated that, too.

So I plowed through breakfast, fed Jet and then ran off to work at 8:30. John dragged out of bed, and got his breakfast before taking care of Jet to go to Joan's and then off to work. I had review at 9, a group meeting at 10, a 1:1 at 11, and then we all went off to KT's for BBQ on my way home. I went and got Jet, took him home and he got just enough time to eat before we got back into the car and drove right back to work.

I dropped Jet off with John and ran off to another meeting, an engineering review of the same document. When that was done we spent a little time at the company Halloween party, which was a little more hollow than ween. Upper management had decreed that, this year, kids and spouses weren't allowed, partially to keep people from taking as much time for it and partially because there wasn't money for the thing. So it was a very sad and quiet and unattended party. I almost think it was worse than if they hadn't done anything at all, because it was far too easy to compare it with the good parties of the years before, even when the company was much, much smaller than it is now.

Anyway... after that, I sat with Jet and nursed him while John worked and then the three of us went home.

With all the driving I was doing today I got a lot closer than I really wanted to the 15-25 mph winds that were gusting up to 40 mph. There were huge clouds of dust, swirling whirlwinds of leaves, and all kinds of debris blowing everywhere. On the way home I saw that the sky to the north was brown with what looked like blowing dirt. It looked horrible and I thought it was just the wind, but when we got home I found out, from the radio, that it was actually a fire to the north. It's also been a really, really dry fall, so everything is just tinder dry. I hope that does okay, but in this wind I could see any fire just going crazy.

I had one report I had to send to my boss before my boss left on vacation. John hung the Bose speakers in our livingroom with Jet's help, which included playing happily with a nest of wires. I also called the dentists, whom I think don't work on Wednesdays in the Erie office, and told them about my troubles and asked them to set up an appointment for me sometime soonest.

Dinner was the rest of the chicken taco salad stuff that John had made. It was good. Lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cheese, chicken and beans in green chile, and it's all topped with crushed Doritos. Yum. Savory and cool and wonderful, though a little crunchier than I really wanted with my teeth.

As we ate kids arrived Trick or Treating. There weren't a lot as our house is in a neighborhood where the houses are far enough apart that the kids really have to go around in cars. There are a few neighborhoods nearby that are much more closely packed, and a lot of parents bring their kids over there to get loot.

Alex came in a Power Ranger's costume and he was pretty shy, but said a very healthy hello to Jet. Jeremy, his big brother, was really cool about driving Alex around.

The blue moon was just gorgeous. We saw it rising, as rusted and huge as the moon that rose on my birthday, and as it got higher in the sky it got cleaner and clearer and brighter and smaller.

John and I watched the fourth game of the World Series as all this was going on as well. It got really, really interesting in the 9th inning.. New York suddenly tied it up with two outs. Ouch. It's too damned interesting to go to sleep, even with the possibility of another bad night, as Jet has them in sequence, sometimes, especially when it's his teeth. I guess his day, yesterday, was just so good that he had to make up for it somehow. We'll see how that goes.

I did manage to finish Criptonomicon and I actually thought, for the first time, Stephenson actually wrote a real ending. He tied up almost all of the threads with it and did a fairly good job of getting it all to make sense and have a resolution. There were two characters that I still wondered about, but other than that he did good. So I'll fully recommend it as a good read.

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