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November 6, 2001
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Another Cold and Voting

8:19 pm: Most of today and last night was spent taking care of a pretty sick Jet. He had a constantly running nose, was drooling a lot while he breathed through his mouth, and I am pretty sure I am going to get the same cold.

I had a pretty busy day. John went to a class all day, and had to leave at 8, so I had to get everything ready for Jet to go to Joan's and everything took longer than I thought it would But I managed it eventually, just late. I got four hours with two meetings, lunch, and lots of stuff to do and get done. I was pretty tired from last night because Jet got up in the middle of the night and scared John a little with his breathing.

Jet was having problems breathing, so John stayed with him and the two of them slept in the livingroom. I traded off with John at 1, slept with Jet until 4, when I fed him again, and when I got him back to sleep John took over again.

So both of us were pretty trashed during the day. In the afternoon I hugged Jet a lot, nursed him because he wasn't interested in eating solids all day. During my afternoon meeting, Jet fell pretty deeply asleep and I put him in his nest and he slept for a good hour and a half. The scary thing was that when he woke up he went through bouts of coughing and fighting to breath.

I was pretty scared by that. He did clear things up pretty thoroughly and while he did keep coughing, it wasn't as terribly as when he first woke up. John came home while it was still hard, and I could feel Jet's lungs shaking while he was trying to breath in. So John called the answer nurses, and we got an answer later in the evening.

We took Jet's temperature and gave him warm apple juice, and John ran off to Safeway to get him some baby decongestant. Luckily the pharmacist was in and was able to look up the dosage for Jet's size and weight. So we figured out how much to give him. I have a feeling that the Tylenol dosage might need to be upped as well with Jet's weight. Anyway, we gave him the decongestant with his last nursing and his breathing definitely eased.

John brought home dinner on his way home from class, and was able to stop by Deli Ciosos and I called in our order so that it was ready when he got there. So dinner was quick and easy and good. After we got the stuff resolved with the nurse answering our questions, the three of us went to vote.

Jet was bundled up in his purple Cookie Monster bunting. It's a fuzzy bunting that we got from Cathie Elliot and when he was a newborn we couldn't believe he'd ever fit in it. He now fits in it just fine, and loves it. When John lays him down in it and wraps his legs up and then his body up in the flaps he grins and wiggles with joy and doesn't kick it off like he kicks off blankets. They go outside and get the newspaper or the mail while it's really cold out. And I think Jet loves seeing outside then, too.

So he got a lot of comments about his bunting at the polling place, and also got a lot of compliments from the ladies there running the polling place. They thought he was the cutest. He smiled for them and was quiet and watching everything. I was glad that he wasn't coughing nearly at all during the whole trip. I think he enjoyed getting out.

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