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November 14, 2001
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My Own Bed

Today was a really intense travelling day. We had to drive from Seattle to Portland, take the plane to Denver, and then take another hour long drive to get home. I was tired of sitting by the end of all this, and I'm very, very impressed that Jet did really well for the whole day and only cried three times, all for really good reasons. I think he did better than some adults I know.

The good thing, all day, was the timing of everything. It all worked out pretty well without too much stress. Each time marker had some wiggle room and some extra space for doing things that came up. It also helped a lot that Isabel took good care of Jet this morning. He only got me up once during the night, and I was able to get him back to sleep pretty easily. Then he got up around 5:30, Isabel fed him and he slept until 7 and then played very intensely with Grandma and Grandpa while I slept in a bit and got a good shower and a really great breakfast.

George made whole grain pancakes that were really good, and he even made Jet his own pancake in the letters of 'Jet'. Jet completely demolished the little pancake, stuffing a lot of it in his mouth at very times, and tearing it apart as he went. He also ate a lot of apple sauce and oatmeal and the very last of all the jarred things that were leftover from the last few days. So he had a great breakfast, and then played some more with his grandparents while we packed. He also had a little nap, but ended playing happily with them before having to say good-bye.

It was pretty cool having a real farewell that meant a lot.

The drive south was soaked with rain. It was constant rain that drummed away at the windshield, the roof, and the water was running in the roadway and every truck and car that drove on it had a rooster tail. Every vehicle that we went by threw water up and made the visibility pretty bad. But John did great, and Jet went to sleep pretty quickly after his busy morning.

He slept the first two hours, and John got hungry. When we stopped we stopped at a McDonald's and I got a fish filet and John got a Big Mac and we shared some fries. We still had pop from Portland, so we drank that with our lunches, and Jet woke up while we stopped. I also got a bathroom break.

Then in the next twenty minutes, Jet started grunting a bit and when he was done with that he started crying. John didn't want to stop for gar until further in so that we didn't have to stop again to get gas nearer the airport, but I got kind of mad because we'd had plenty of proof that the gauge showed Full for a good sixty miles and we were only thirty away from the airport and Jet's crying was getting me more and more angry with not stopping.

So we stopped for gas, and when I pulled Jet out of his seat he was wet all along the bottom, and he'd completely blown out and through his diaper, the long-sleeved onesie, and into his coveralls. Poor kid. He'd been sitting in it, and he was much, much, much happier to be out of it. We had to bundle everything into a plastic bag. I went through a bunch of wipes to get him cleaned up. Eventhough there was a pretty brisk breeze, he was happy to be lying there half naked but clean.

I got him put together and he was pretty happy back in his seat. I was mildly surprised by that, but he settled in just fine, and made it the rest of the way no problem. We all got there okay, took the shuttle into the airport, got the baggage checked in at curb side and then went into the boarding area through Portland's security.

It amuses me that even with the baby, because I was in a trench coat and baggy clothing, they went over me with the wand. I guess the baggy clothing was a problem, though the same concealment abilities were there when we went through DIA's security, they hadn't stopped me there at all.

When we finally got to the gate and got checked in, I settled to nurse Jet again, which was nearly seven hours since I last had. With everything else that had gone on, I just hadn't noticed. Oops. Jet got a really good feed, and when he was done he played happily in the area. He got up on the metal sidings on the side of the moving walkway. He went with John on the walkway and looked mildly dubious as he sat on the moving surface. He also crawled over to investigate other people, several women who were smiling at him, and a porter who gave a shout of laughter when Jet smiled back at him.

That was pretty cool. Better yet, John was able to get me some sushi from Rose City sushi in the concourse. So I got a taste of that, and of a Coffee People's mocha while we waited.

Jet wasn't too happy being stuck in his seat for the whole flight. He was good during the whole take off and actually sucked on his bottle for a while as we went up, but eventually he got fussy, so we pulled him out of his seat and let him crawl around on the seats nearer the back of the plane. He had a great time banging on the window, laughing with the stewardess at the back, and visiting with everyone that waited for the bathroom. He had a great time.

When it was time to buckle up again, I decided to just nurse him while we lost altitude to allow him to unstuff his ears and still be comfortable. He really settled for that happily, and when we landed and settled at the gate, we put him in the front pack. Then we did the little maneuver of everyone getting a bathroom break or diaper check, getting the luggage, and then Jet and I settled in an indoor glassed in area where we could see the cars going by the passenger pickup area. Jet then got to crawl around the area while John went for the car.

John came through, hopped out and got bags while I gathered Jet back up and then we got him in the car and we were off for home.

Jet sang for a lot of the way home, just talking to himself and/or to us and trying out his voice in all kinds of registers. He fell asleep the last third of the way, the third of the way that had the new Krispy Kreme.

John and I found the last of our cash and that it was just enough to get a dozen old fashioned glazed donuts. Six of which made John's and my dinner, as neither of us were all that hungry. That was fun.

It gave us the energy to unpack when we got home, let Jet play a little, then nurse and settle, finally, in his own crib. It was a full three hours of just wandering around and putting things away, as the maids are coming tomorrow, and we have to be picked up for them, too. Lots of stuff, and it took until 11 for us to actually get it even halfway squared away.

Mom and Dad had called while we were gone and they both asked that we call back when we got there. Turns out Mom wanted to tell me that it was okay that they'd forgotten my birthday, because they wanted to combine it with John's and get us a third humidifier for guests. They wanted to know that it was okay to ship it to us so that it would arrive before Kathy did, so she'd have a humidifier.

I half wanted to just put my head in my hands. It is such a totally self-serving gift, but it was something that we wouldn't have bought ourselves really soon, and it certainly wouldn't be the one they wanted. Though if they had asked for that for Christmas or something I would have gotten it for them in an instant. So I guess they could have done worse, but it's very clearly not something either John or I would have wanted or asked for. It's interesting how that hit me.

Though I did get across, pretty clearly, that we missed our own beds and everything of home.

When I finally got to lie down in my own bed, it was just astonishingly nice. I might have been having as many problems with my teeth as I have simply because I've been sleeping on pillows that weren't my own as well as the whole stress of being in a strange place, especially when getting up in the dark at night to a crying baby... we'll see if the next few days at home help my teeth at all.

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