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November 21, 2001
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11:13 pm: Today was a day of movies. We all went and saw the Harry Potter movie for a 10 am showing, and then saw The Mummy Returns in our basement with Jet doing circles around the coffee table down there and occasionally trying to crawl under the futon sofa in intrepid search of his rattle.

It was a pretty wild day, in some ways. Jet was feeling infinitely better this morning after a good lot of sleep. He only got up twice, once John got him back to sleep, the second time I nursed him at 5 am and, surprisingly, he went back to sleep until 7:30 or so, which was very nice. He then went to Joan's at 9 am so that the three of us could take off and go to the Westminster 24 and see the harry Potter movie.

Joan was very understanding. John was playing a little bit of hooky, he had a few things to do that he did in the afternoon. I had to bake a ton of stuff for tomorrow and it would have been completely impossible without Kathy. I'm very glad she was here.

The Harry Potter movie was very enjoyable. It's very faithful to the books, and I really enjoyed the visual representation of all the things that I'd read about. None of it really spoiled my internal images of how things in the book would appear. I really liked pretty much everything. I was also very impressed at how much of the book showed up in the movie and I'm very glad that Warner Brothers got it and Dreamworks hadn't. Kathy said that WB did some test screenings of a two hour version of the movie and they'd gotten so many complaints from the children who had read the book and knew what was missing that they'd had to put the cut scenes back in. I'm impressed that the studio listened that closely.

We got home, got the checkbook and went to pick up Jet and pay Joan for the week. Jet was doing famously, he hadn't slept a wink while there, and had played very intensely. Maybe he was making up for the last couple of days. But he didn't sleep oncoming home, either, and Kathy entertained him while I made pumpkin pie and the Shanghai teacakes. I'm very glad she was here to do it.

They had a lot of fun together, too. And I think that Jet was mostly only fussy when he was hungry or needed a change. We kept saying that he was tired and that he should sleep, but he never really did. Finally, when we were nearly done with all the baking and making, we thought about dinner, and John had the great idea of just picking stuff up from DeliCiosos. So we called them, gave them our order and Kathy and John went off to pick it up while I fed Jet solids and waited for the last of the baking to be done.

When they came back we brought everything downstairs so that we could watch The Mummy Returns before we had to return it tomorrow while eating our dinners.

The Mummy Returns was a lot of fun, and Jet was really great during the whole movie, as he was playing and getting into everything. He was trying to get into everyone's dinner, and was really happy to be at the same level as everyone else and their food. He actually did really well about not pulling anything to the floor, though that really wasn't for lack of trying. He was very happy to get little bites of everyone's dinners, some of the meat and beans and rice were all things that he liked and wanted more of. So he likes carnitas and refried beans and Spanish rice.

Then he started just playing like crazy all around the coffee table. He'd crawl all around it, sometimes bumping his head on the cornier while going around me. Sometimes he'd play with his toys that we'd brought down, a length of plastic chain, one of those primary colored rattles with the high contrast pieces, and the purple star off his mobile that he liked when he was two months old.

He dragged toys with him everywhere, and then starting flinging some of them about. There was one point when he started trying to get under the futon couch and would keep banging his head, repeatedly against the frame. We were all really surprised that he was doing that and he'd get really frustrated. We thought he was just trying to get under the couch and getting frustrated that he couldn't. Then I actually looked under the couch and his rattle had rolled underneath somehow! So he was actually trying to get his toy! I was very impressed, and after I pulled the toy out from under the couch, Jet didn't do the frustrating thing of trying to get underneath anymore.

Amazingly enough, Jet went to sleep while nursing during the whole pygmy mummy section of the movie. With lots of explosions, gunshots, screaming people, keening pygmy mummies, and violence everywhere on the screen, Jet fell asleep peacefully against me, with an occasionally jerk of surprise at an especially loud bit of sound. But he went to sleep pretty well, and John took him up and brought down the monitor.

That worked out well, as Jet was up an hour later while we were still going through some of the DVD extra features, and we were able to change him, dose him with his ibuprofen and some decongestant and get him changed into his overnight diaper and sleeper. John then bounced him to sleep and we watched a few more things before John went to sleep.

I'm still pretty impressed by Jet's long run today. He was just up and raring to go, though there were times when he was fussy during the day and he refused to nap, he still did pretty great. Kathy asked if it was normal and I think it has been, when Jet was well that he wouldn't nap at all and would keep staying up so long as there was anything interesting going on.

While John and Jet slept and Kathy watched some of the tapes she'd taped while we were movie watching, I washed all the dishes, wrote a little and finally I'm going to sleep.

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