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November 20, 2001
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Raging Fever

8:31 pm: An oddly rough day, today, with Jet's fever still on-going. He was up for an hour and a half last night just for the hour before I could give him more Tylenol. I am amazed at the stuff, turning 104 and 103 degree temperatures into 99 degree temperatures and a much happier boy, and last night it turned Jet into a passed out, tired boy. Poor kid. He was really miserable, and the decongestant helped his breathing as well.

He didn't get up until 7. We gave him the Tylenol around 8, and he seemed better when he went off to Joan's. At 10 Joan called me to tell me Jet had gotten hot again, but that he didn't seem to mind. I told her when we'd last medicated him, so she didn't give him more. When Kathy and I went to pick him up, Jet was much cooler and had been napping in Joan's arms. So I thought he'd be okay.

We got him home, he nursed and then sat with us while we ate. I got to work for a while after that, while Kathy played with Jet, they got along just fine. I eventually heard him fussing again and it was about time to feed him more solids. So I went down to help Kathy do that. Jet had a really hard time of it. He was breathing really hard through his mouth, and after eating a little bit he refused to swallow any more.

I thought it was his nose, so I cleared that out, but he cried hard, and when I picked him up again, he was coughing hard. He was also hot again, and when I took his temperature, it was nearly 102! Agh.

This time I just called the pediatrics' department and asked, first, if he should be looked at, given all the temperatures he's been through the last three days. They said sure, and then checked Dr. Turner's schedule. It turned out that she and the on-call doctor were both completely booked up. So she said that Urgent Care doctors could examine him. When I asked if we should bring him in, they said yes.

I left messages for John and sent him email as well. He called back and I told him that I'd have the cell phone.

The rear tire of the Passat was soft, so we first took it to the truck stop on I-25 and filled the tire. It was really low. I'm glad I did that before the trip all the way into Longmont. We got that all settled and headed towards the clinic. The cell phone rang right then and Kathy did the talking. John was going to meet us there.

Kathy stayed in the car while Jet and I went in. John found us in the waiting area, and Jet was doing a bit better. His breathing wasn't as labored, and he seemed to be cooler and happier. I was glad of that. So we went in to see the doctor, and she basically found out that he didn't have an ear infection, that his lungs were clear, and he did have a sore throat, which would explain why he didn't want to eat. It helped, immensely, to know what was and wasn't wrong.

She recommended ibuprofen, as it would help with the inflammation of his throat as well as with the pain and fever. And the outside limit for how he felt was two more days. If he didn't feel better after two days of regular ibuprofen, four times a day, then we're supposed to bring him back in to be examined again. The decongestant was also good for his comfort. So we have a plan for the next few days.

That helped me a lot. My emotions had been all confused before deciding to see the doctor and just find out what was possible to find out about what was happening to Jet I was somewhat scared about what might be wrong. I was kind of angry with John's eternal optimism as it almost seemed like he wouldn't allow for the possibility that something might be wrong. When I decided to go, I felt pretty good about doing it as I needed to do something to help Jet get better, and whether John wanted to go himself or not, I was going to just do it and make sure.

So we've made sure.

Afterwards, we went to Safeway and got various things for Thanksgiving, as well as Jet's medication and some more food for him. We also got him some Pedialyte, the stuff to keep him from being dehydrated. It'll probably go with him to Joan's tomorrow just so he'll have something to drink other than juice.

Home again, home again, and I fed him and then made dinner. I mixed turkey with noodles, sauteed mushrooms and onions, and then made a bit of roux, whisked in milk and then added a good handful of grated cheddar, nearly three quarters of a cup of cheese, to make a cheese sauce that I then stirred into the rest of the casserole. It went into a pan, was topped with more cheese and some buttered breadcrumbs and that was popped into the oven for fifteen minutes while John made salad.

It was good. Kathy enjoyed it a lot, and I was glad of that. It's been cool cooking to avoid Kathy's allergies. There's been a lot of stuff I could do, like making the bread for her yesterday. She does bake her own bread. I think that Flit's LiveJournaled chronicle about all her dealings with food really made me appreciate other people's food allergies and meeting what's a pretty interesting challenge of cooking around them.

I sometimes think that keeping kosher would be just as challenging and interesting, but I wouldn't have the same reasons. I also like pork, shellfish, and cheeseburgers way too much.

Jet's remained unbathed for the last few fever ridden days. I was afraid of making his cold worse, but given that it's been that long and he's actually crusty from some of his food adventures, we were going to give him a bath tonight. Then, during dinner, he refused the normal bottled foods so John handed him a food wheel and a piece of Zwieback toast. Food commenced going everywhere. So instead of waiting for his bath until just before going to sleep, we gave it to him immediately after dinner. He loved it. The steam really opened up his nose, and the warmth got him to relax.

I got to work for a while after Jet's bath, as Kathy and John did the cleanup. They also took care of Jet, who fell asleep soon after his bath. We did waste the sleep inducing properties of his bath on a half hour nap while I worked. I guess that isn't really a waste. It was nice to be able to concentrate and not feel like I really should be doing something else.

When I came back down, Kathy had finished recording her second episode of something, was watching a third and had watched a fourth. Jet was awake but crumbling and hot again. John gave him his ibuprofen and we also gave him the decongestant for sleeping more comfortably, and then I tried to feed him again.

So all day Jet's been fighting nursing. He's been wiggling, squirming, clawing me, bapping my nose, pulling my upper lip, and complaining a little. I guess if every swallow hurt, I'd be fighting it, too. But he really needs the liquids, so I was glad he finally did do an okay job at it. He swallowed a lot of air, too, as he was fighting to breath for some of it, and he also gulped air when he was fighting eating the medicines. So we had to spend some time burping him thoroughly before taking him upstairs to go to sleep.

He's asleep. I hope he sleeps well sitting in his Nest. He really needed to be more vertical.

I really do hope he gets better.

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