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November 1, 2002
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Just the Three of Us

We took George and Isabel to the airport today. It was pretty sad to see them go, as we'd all had such a great time together. I think that some of it was that Jet's now bit enough and capable enough that everyone can just play with him and have a great time. He isn't just larval, nursing all the time boy. He's able to go outside and swim, stomp around in the snow, and enjoy exercises, tickling, and playing with grown ups. It was a great couple of weeks and it was pretty sad to see it end.

We got out the door by 8, and Jet was awake for the first half of the ride, and went to sleep on his new schedule. The two naps a day schedule with the ungodly early get up time. For all that he slept all night the one night, there is no new sign of him sleeping soundly at night yet again. So he was up really early and got great play time in with his grandparents while they were packing and everything, so they got their good-byes in early, as it was likely for him to fall asleep on the way in.

He stayed asleep as we came back home, too, and we were lucky enough for him to stay asleep as we got four Krispy Kreme donuts and some coffee. We ate them on the way home. It was very good. Jet didn't wake up until we got to Joan's. He woke up to the sound of Haley's voice going, "Jetsie! Jetsie! Jetsie!" He clung to me at the very first, but when he'd woken up sufficiently, he happily started playing with Haley and waved bye-bye to us without at tear. Hoorah!

Joan said she'd keep him until 1, so John and I went home and worked. At 1, we got him, and , just for the fun of it, we hit the McDonald's just one exit to the north of us on I-25. Jet got chicken McNuggets, I got a Fish Fillet, and John got a Big Mac with lots of fries and a pop and we headed home. John had an immediate meeting, so he went to do that while Jet and I ate lunch together. That was fun.

Jet wanted to nurse after that, and I was silly and forgot to check his diaper until he was already asleep. Changing him woke him up, and he refused to go back to sleep, playing crankily, instead. So I just stayed with him and we had some fun for a while until John was done with his meeting. He took over for a while, and I got to start the cassoulet as John occupied Jet, and got that cooking before I got to go upstairs and work a bit more.

John snuck time in while downstairs with Jet, and when dinner was done, I came back down and helped take care of Jet while John made garlic bread. We ate happily and Jet ignored us completely. I was kind of sad about that, but it's okay. It was a great dinner for the cold, winter night outside, and I was very glad that I'd gotten the stuff to do it.

It was interesting to just spend the night at home and play with Jet and be with just each other again. So much of our time, in a normal day, is taken by taking care of Jet, that it gets interesting finding the juggling points again, now that our caretakers have gone. It's kind of cool again, though, too, as I get to interact with Jet far more often, now, and it's fun to just be with him. He's still so easily amused and entertained so it's good to take advantage of that now, and play with him and do my best to develop the ability to play with him and talk with him as he's doing it.

It's very clear that his verbal skills are getting better all the time. Jet's now commenting to himself with nearly everything he does, and some of it is starting to make sense, even. It's pretty amazing.

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