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November 3, 2002
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10:35 pm: Well, it was an experiment, and I think it might have worked. We'll have to see. So three of Jet's teeth are really pushing against his gums, so we tried giving him ibuprofen tonight while he was nursing... uhm... no we... actually it's just I, though John and I talked it over earlier today, John went to sleep at 8. It's a good thing, I think with Jet's skewed schedule. John should get enough sleep even if Jet gets up at 5, we hope. And I got to sleep in this morning, some, so going to sleep late is okay with me. Chocolate helps. Playing with Jet helps.

He's doing really well, today.

He did get the early nap in and a late nap as well, but the second nap was for only half an hour. The first nap he got to sleep well before we left for church and didn't wake up when we strapped him in and took him to church. He did wake up when we got there, though and was mildly confused for a while. He didn't want me to leave, but I finally just got up and walked away while the nursery school lady took him and held him. He calmed very quickly after and just watched the other kids from her arms for a while. I could see him through the window and he didn't even think to look up.

Church was calming. I enjoyed going back, though we'd missed the announcement for the stewardship lunch, and hadn't RSVP'ed. So when there were no after-church snacks, we got Jet's snack bag out, gave him his cheese crackers and a sippy cup of water and headed home to our lunch. It was good to do.

Jet and John went downstairs to ride the exercise bike while I went up and finally caught completely uptodate with my journal. It took a long while as there were three weeks' worth of entries on my Visor. It's good to be able to do the entries on my Visor, as they'll always been waiting for when I can do the conversion. But it's tough doing that many at the same time.

By the time John was done with his shower it was nearly 4, so I wrapped things up, headed down and we got Jet into his car seat and off we went on a small adventure.

On the way home from the airport on Friday, we noticed that there was a Barnes and Noble by the Krispy Kreme and the Cost Plus importers that was right there. There was also a sign for a China 2000 right near there, and while I'd caught a glimpse of a Take Out and Delivery, I thought it was in addition to whatever restaurant was there. So we wanted to shop a bit and then have dinner, as the China 2000 restaurants were reviewed by the same place that had done the Jax review. We'd liked Jax, and so we thought we'd at least try the China 2000.

The only reason I was going to Barnes and Noble was for the moleskine notebook that Kathy had given me. She'd indicated that they were selling the more common books. The on-line stores have them for nearly eleven and sometimes thirteen dollars, with shipping and handling on top. I wanted to see what B&N's price was, and if the sales tax would be comparable to shipping. It turns out that they not only had them, they had them for only ten dollars a pop. With tax it was significantly less than the on-line stores. I wanted a couple of the gridded one for a work notebook, as the normal engineering notebook is far too bulky to fit into my 'purse' (which is actually a book-sized pack more than a purse). I wanted something that would fit into the bag and that I could easily tote back and forth while still hauling my hard disk as well.

It would just be much easier to have the book in my bag than outside it and have one more thing to drop or forget. I'll likely finish the engineering book that I have at the moment, but when it's done, I'll swap to one of the moleskines. I bought three and one sketch book, with the fancy paper that can take watercolor or tempura. It seemed like a cool way to keep memories of places if I see it well enough to sketch and paint it. I haven't done watercolor for so long. Plus it would like work well as a book for Chinese writing as well, once I can actually do it.

Anyway... it was a good find.

Next door was the Cost Plus and Jet was boy Heaven the moment we stepped in. Thousands of things that were colorful, moving, and breakable. He started darting about trying to pick up everything. John had his hands full with Jet. Especially when Jet found big bags of chocolate in bright red and green wrappers for Christmas (eek! Christmas already???). Jet had two of them and was hauling them around. It took an act of war to get them away from him, and he was just berating John after that.

I got to run around and look for an oil can. They didn't have one that I would use. The spot welds on the hinge of my old can gave way and broke so the lid came off. When the lid came off, the plastic pouring attachment gave way as well. So it was pretty much the garbage can for the old can. I didn't like the design of the thing anyway, so I can say that I'm sorry to see it finally go, but I used it every day. So I now need a new can for oil. I really need something that pours well, doesn't drip afterwards, and can be easily cleaned as the old one got really sticky really fast. It's quite an order for a physical item.

They didn't have it, whatever it was. They did, however, have the Sticky Fingers scone mixes. We got three of them and a four pack of British ginger beer. It's good stuff. John didn't want anything, and had his hands full with Jet, so we just headed for the checkout and made it out the door without incident. I saw a set of red, white and blue pinwheels that might have occupied Jet for a while, but they were far too late for the store.

We then had a mild adventure finding the hole in the wall that was the China 2000. Turns out that they only do take-out or delivery! Which is great for the hotels in the area, but it did mean that we'd have to get home with the food to eat it. I was pretty hungry. So was Jet. So I bought him a handful of M&M's and he devoured them and then tried to climb the candy machine to make it work for him again. Oops. But it definitely occupied him while we ordered and waited for the food. It was fast and the bag was extraordinarily sturdy and warm, and we got home quickly enough for everything to still taste quite good.

It was good. It was surprisingly spicy. Usually when there's a pepper by Chinese food in this area, it's just a symbol that I ignore. It normally doesn't mean a thing. But these guys used real red peppers in their Mongolian Beef and General Tsao's chicken and it was good and spicy and sweet. Yes, it's a mostly Americanized menu, but the folks in there were Chinese, and I bet that if I really knew what I wanted, they might have made it for us. The potstickers were tasty and had a great sauce on them, and so the food was good enough for me. Yummy and quick, though just a bit far to drive to on a frequent basis.

I got mild buyer's remorse about the sketch notebook, as I don't think I'll actually use it, as I don't draw nearly well enough to do it often. I wanted to return it, but with having to get the food back, hot, we skipped that on the way home. I may do it later, or, given what a good deal it was, it may well end up going into someone's stocking for Christmas, we'll see.

The evening was good, on the most part, as Jet only napped on the way to all the stores, not on the way home. The smell of the food was too good, I guess. He and I played when John went to sleep, and we had a good time. He was the one who told me he was tired, and we cuddled and nursed and he went to sleep. I stayed up exactly an hour past the moment he went to sleep and sure enough, right before that limit, he woke up again, drank off the side he hadn't finished while going to sleep and went right back to sleep again. We'll have to see how the night goes.

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