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November 5, 2002
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Voting, Communicating, and Eating

8:16 pm: A good, busy day that went pretty well. Jet only got up once, last night, but it was for an hour and a half. Luckily, he slept in until 6, which was much nicer than the 5's he's been getting up at for the last few days. With the schedule change of going to Joan's and playing and doing his nap at the usual time, it's a good thing.

We took the time to vote after I got home, Jet woke up, and I nursed him. We drove into Erie and took the time to vote. Jet ran back and forth between John and I, tugging on our legs to see what was happening. I picked him up and let him watch as I marked my ballot. Jet and I had scribbled all over my pre-voting bulletin. I'd marked everything in black crayon, and Jet had colored over all of it with all kinds of colors. It was good to have the black crayon as it pretty much cut through everything and couldn't be erased by anything.

I was glad of that as I could actually read what I'd thought about, before.

We got home in time for a meeting I was supposed to have, but had been cancelled while we were away. Ah well. I got to work, instead, which was nice. I just got through more stuff. There is lots of data to gather and then write about, clearly. It was good to have one of my engineers come with more questions about specifics. I got to ask intelligent questions and get some answers we could actually use and which helped us out with our implementations. It's interesting what people forget about specifying, eventhough it's important to us.

It's very odd being an introvert whose number one job is communication. I sometimes think that the only thing that makes it possible is email. I can think about stuff before I say anything. That's very good indeed.

Jet came upstairs to see me around 5, and we played with a box of packing peanuts for a half an hour. When we were done, we went downstairs and I started stuff for dinner. We had the leftovers from Sunday. I put leftover white rice and brown rice into the rice steamer and started it up. I then cut the shitake mushrooms from the Boulder Market, taking the stems off and slicing them thickly. I pulled out the box of pea sprouts, and washed them.

I then nuked the leftovers, and started the fire under the smaller of the two woks I have. I added canola and a dab of butter, and then threw the shitake mushrooms into the pan and stir fried them until they were half done. The whole box of sprouts went into the pan and I sauteed them until they had wilted completely and the mushrooms were done. By then the food had been nuked, and the rice was hot.

I am always amazed by how quickly steaming works for transfer of heat.

Dinner was good. The food from the restaurant was very tasty. The sprouts and mushrooms were tender and tasty. The sprouts were just crisp enough and the mushrooms were meaty goodness. The rice had heated all the way through and was fluffy and moist enough. Jet liked the rice and the sprouts, eating them happily, but then finding it more fun to hand them to John and I to grab with our chopsticks and eat direct.


It was good. While John was clearing the table and everything, Jet and I chased each other around the kitchen. Jet was running pretty much continuously. We went around and around and around and around. I got dizzy a lot, and went the other way around. We then hit the much larger circuit around the wall with the desk and that half a dozen times before going around the garbage can a few dozen times one way and then the other. It was pretty cool.

It only ended when John finished cleaning up and got the globe grapes out. Jet immediately stopped and begged for a small bunch, which he immediately stuffed into his mouth. He ate half of them and then started making choking sounds. I demanded he spit them out. He spit out one whole one, one shredded one, and then surprised both John and I by spitting out the pieces of a third one! These grapes are bigger than both of my thumbs put together, and Jet managed to get three of them into his mouth.

No wonder he was choking.

I got to make bagels after that, with Jet in one arm and the mixer controlled by the other. That was really fun. John took Jet down into the basement and they cleaned up the humidifier for the house. There's an extra humidifier that works with the central heating. It pumps water through a screen that stands in the way of all the heated air that comes into the house. That's a good thing.

But the screen was clogged with mineral deposits, so the two of them changed it into a fresh one. I've been having eye problems for the last week or so, and it's likely the humidity problem. I can hope that this will help me out. I will have to change my contacts by Friday anyway, so that should fix it all.

Yesterday, I marinated a bunch of pork for cha shao after I'd cooked half of it into a green chile stew. The stew we had for lunch today, and it was good and tender. I forgot about the marinating meat until just now. I am now roasting it in the oven. It should make for good eats tomorrow with soup or in char shao bao.

Jet's pumpkining. I gotta go and see if he'll get to sleep, again. He only napped for an hour and a half today, so we may be in luck. We'll see

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