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November 16, 2002
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Haircuts, Flu Shots, and Free Turkey

10:22 pm: I was up from about 5-7:30 with Jet. John was pretty trashed from recent stuff, so I let him sleep until he got up at 7:30. John took over then, but I kept thinking about Jackie Chan Adventures, so I had to get up again and watch it before going back to our bathroom, putting myself together, and getting myself setup for breakfast.

We had pancakes and real bacon, and Jet happily ate bacon. John and I then did stuff around the house, laundry, cleaning, sorting, filing, and running about and thinking. And then we all had lunch together, after both John and I finally gave up on trying to get Jet to take his daily nap at the Usual Hour. Jet fell asleep soon after lunch, and we loaded him into the car and started off to Longmont to do our errands.

We dropped off all the recycling, and then got to Linda's and got our hair cuts. John and I went first. Jet slept the sleep of the just, and got a longer nap as Linda was running a bit late. But when he finally woke up, he got his hair cut, and, for the first time, he sat, by himself, on the heightened plank that goes across the chair. I was very impressed, though it did take a lollipop to get him up there and to stay still. He did fine with the candy, though, and wasn't at all scared of Linda. He did, occasionally duck his head when the comb got to be a bit too much; but, on the most part, he held remarkably still.

From there we hit the Longmont Clinic and John and I got our Flu Shots. They were only giving adult shots. Baby flu shots come in two doses, and while Jet's a good vector, we will probably wait until we can get them from his pediatrician.

While going through the paper today, John found an ad by one of the local builders that said that if we took a tour of their homes, that we could get a free turkey! So we decided to try it out. They are a relatively new development, right across from where Bob and Mei live. It looked pretty cool from the outside, and when we walked in they were just happy to hear that we'd seen the ad and were coming in to just look around.

Jet had a blast. He loved climbing stairs, walking into new rooms, opening shower stalls and walking in to pound on the glass, and exploring all these new places. He really enjoyed just walking along with us as we went from place to place. I liked it too. We both seem to enjoy just looking at other houses, to see different floor plans, figure out what we want in our next house, and see what ideas we can glean for our own place. I really liked that.

While we were walking from one house to another, I noticed a Safeway gift card on the ground. It had been trampled a few times, so at least a few people had walked right over it, so I picked it up, dusted it off, and tucked it into a coat pocket. If they were giving these out in lieu of the turkeys, it was a pretty convenient thing to have two of them!

We looked at the little porch houses, which have no yard that the owner has to maintain, a condo, and a couple of townhouses. The condo was far too apartment-like for our tastes. Jet stomped around on the floor and it was clear that anyone below us was getting an earful. The townhouses were actually quite nice. One had a huge loft/office area that was big enough for toys and a play area and was completely open to the livingroom, which, in turn, was open to the kitchen. We could live with something like that. The porch homes were compactly laid out and were quite nice if we were actually thinking of downsizing our house.

We went back to the main house and talked with the agents for a while, got some floor plan drawings, and they handed us one of the Safeway gift cards! Yay! Jet danced with it for a bit as we walked on out, and just headed across the way to Safeway. It was right next door.

We had fun shopping. Jet got to run around, grab big bags of Christmas candy. He followed us with a whole bag of Hershey's mint chocolate kisses for most of the store. The turkeys that were our size were just four dollars, so we got one of those and then bought things for green bean casserole and stuffing. When we got to the checkout stand, we found out that the gift cards seven dollars on each of them. That was plenty for everything we'd bought just for the one dinner, so our turkey dinner, before Thanksgiving, was essentially free. I liked that.

Home again, home again, and I made two pans of macaroni and cheese, one for us, one for the church's food sale. I added grilled kielbasa to theirs and we just ate our plain with some of the leftovers of the last few days. I also made a lasagna in another of the Wal-Mart containers that I'd bought. They were green and red for the holidays, and the two 'frozen dinners' smelled wonderful when I'd gotten them partially cooked and ready to freeze. We stuck them in the refrigerator, as we didn't have the freezer space, and we'll take them to church, tomorrow.

It was quite a bit of work getting all that done, but I think it'll be worthwhile

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