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November 15, 2002
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Massage and Mina's

Wow. I needed my massage, tonight. I got a lot done, today. Joan took Jet for extra time, today, as she wanted to have him to go out to lunch with all her kids, and they had quite the adventure. So he didn't get home until 1, and had only slept for forty-five minutes for a nap. By the time we'd all had our lunch, after he'd gotten home, he was cranky, tired, and when I finally settled him for a nursing, he took a nap.

He napped for nearly two hours. That was good.

He woke up just as I was leaving for CeLena's. This time, there was no mix-up. I was so glad. I was so sore from swimming and the week and the extra time without a massage. My lower back, for some reason, was not happy with me. She did a thorough workover.

When I got home, John asked if I wanted to go to Mina's. Yay! We did. Jet refused to sit in his seat, but he did sit in the other empty seat. He also danced in it, whirled around on it, and fell off it a couple of times. He tried to catch the eye of everyone else in the restaurant and got some smiles and waves, but that was about it. He ate rice with both hands, nibbled on a few beans, and a tortilla. He drank a huge amount of my hibiscus drink. He loved it. He also really enjoyed the music that was playing in the restaurant. When he got on the floor, he whirled and stomped happily.

Happy kid.

I was glad he had such a good time, as the food all took a while, and it was nearly his bed time by the time we got home. Whew.

But it was a good day

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