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November 21, 2002
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Playing at The Mall

Wow... what a day. Jet and I had a very good day. Part of it was that Joan picked him up at 8 in order to go to the airport to pick up her parents. So both John and I got extra time. Plus Jet slept really well last night, so we all did really well on sleep. It was also just a gorgeous day out today, which is a good thing as a cold front is supposed to blow in sometime and take the temps down to a high of 20 in the next few days.

Today, though, it was in the mid-60's and gorgeous. We got out in it, for a bit. Jet slept early for Joan, during their car trip out, and then fell asleep on the way back. He slept another hour while home, and I got quite a lot of time to myself. I was a little sad that I really didn't get all that much done, as I was distracted by a bunch of small fires that cropped up instead of dealing with the items that were on my plate. That was the only mildly frustrating thing with today. So not too bad a day.

Lunch was fun, as I got to make Jet some ramen, and he ate some of it. I think that with the steady diet of ramen we've been giving him that he's starting to get tired of it. He ate it for a while, and then started grabbing fists full of the stuff and flinging it in all directions, before stuffing another mouthful of it into his face. He did eat a good deal of it, but he probably threw more than he ate. So I think we're going to have to think of Something Else for him to nosh on for lunch. I have a feeling that the fact that he ate fish sticks and peas and ignored his French Fries the other night might be something of an indication of where we could go. We have a bunch of chicken nuggets as well as fish sticks in the freezer.

I'll have to try them some other day.

As it was, we did okay. And with all the sleep he got at Joan's I wasn't really expecting him to take another nap. Still, when John came home and proposed an outing for dinner, I was a little worried that Jet would go to sleep on the way out, but not too badly. We finally settled on Chilies for dinner, as it wasn't as heavy as Outback, but it was more substantial than the Souper Salad. I didn't want Mexican as I'd had leftover enchiladas for dinner, and I didn't really want bad Chinese after the good Thai food we'd had yesterday. So we went for something in between everything. I guess that the Cheesecake Factory would have done as well, but their portions are so enormous, it's always something of a chore eating there.

Jet ended up going to sleep on the way there, and he stayed asleep on John's shoulder for a while, and then in my lap. At exactly half an hour from when he went down, he suddenly, quietly sat bolt up right in my lap and looked around with interest. No transition from asleep to suddenly wide-awake and totally alert. I was impressed. He ate fries, nibbled a rib, and drank a lot of pop.

To make up for the nap we headed to the Longmont Mall, which is, amusingly enough, called Twin Peaks Mall. In the food court there is a kids' play area that John and I have heard a lot about as Jet goes there every week on Wednesday mornings, now. I wanted to see it for myself, and it would be good for running some of that excess sugar off from Jet and get him to sleep, tonight. John had a few things he wanted to get from there, so I watched Jet while he went and did them.

There was a Santa's workshop setup and Jet was completely fascinated by it, he went around and around it, pointing out the snow (snow!), the holly berries (ball!), the balls, the trees, and other things that he could name. That was pretty cool, seeing him use his vocabulary that way. He's remembering things and words. He just went around and around and around it, looking and looking. I finally had to just pick him up and take him towards the play area, as I was starting to get tired of the Workshop. He didn't fight me that hard, and then started running as soon as he actually saw the area and the kids that were in it.

It turned out to be a small mountain of molded items. It's actually, literally, a small mountain. With tunnels dug under it with a set of plastic/foam/slippery covered stuff molded into a set of tracks and a coal cart going in as well. There's a pool and stream and waterfall down the side that are all this smooth, spongy stuff, and an arched bridge coming out the other side. The bridge was so steep that it was a huge effort to climb it and when coming down most kids slid down on their butts instead of, as Jet did, walking straight down it and landing on their knees, face, or flat on their fronts.

Jet was so happy. He ran and ran and crawled and climbed and ran some more and chased all the big kids and teased them and tickled them and tried to chase them up the trees. He jumped, scrambled, and often sprawled, but enjoyed every bit of it. He laughed a lot. He slid down the waterfall, crawled through the tunnels, jumped up and down on the wings of a gigantic dragon fly, and did all kinds of things with all kinds of kids. There were several very big girls, who he charmed into lifting him up onto the main mountain, lifting him up into the plastic trees, or into dancing with him on the carpets. He would give them his huge smile and they'd do whatever he seemed to want them to do.

He played like crazy for a good two hours. At first, he'd do a running leap into John's or my legs or lap for a hug and then go running off to play again, on a regular basis. By the second hour, he forgot all about us and just ran and played with the other kids. When all the older girls left, and the last three small kids got gathered in by their parents, he finally went to John, climbed up on the adult couches that lined the area, and sat with John and drank his apple juice and panted a lot.

He was so happy.

I was very surprised when he didn't go to sleep on the way home. I guess the adrenaline and the exercise got him going. So he didn't fall asleep immediately while nursing, either. But he did eventually get to sleep, and then he was up half an hour later, while I was still up. John had gone to sleep a little early, so that's been okay.

It'll be interesting to see what happens. I predicted that Jet would probably stay up a lot tonight, as he usually does when he's over stimulated; but there is the fact that he really should be dead tired and we did give him Tylenol before going to sleep. It might help with the aching. We'll have to see.

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