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November 20, 2002
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Dealing With a Sick Jet

4:01 pm: A tiring night. Jet was up every hour and then he got up for a good two hours and John had him for the first hour and a half. I was glad that John came in and asked to trade off and he had absolutely no guilt about it. Yay! I took him and nursed him to sleep at about 3. Then, after the tumultuous first half, Jet then slept for four and a half hours straight with only one peep. And that was when he couldn't breath and he peeped and then went back to sleep.

Jet has a nose cold. He was running at the nose last night, while I was making dinner and after. So we knew something of what was coming up. I woke up with Jet and took care of him and John got a lot more sleep. That was a very good thing. So John's feeling pretty human today. Yay!

We had a great lunch, at the Thai Kitchen in the north end of Longmont. An unexpected place in a strip mall, tiny place with mostly two person tables, and the food was excellent. The spicy dishes were cry and sniffle spicy, and the mild ones were very tasty anyway. I liked them with a bit less spice. But I did taste the hot dishes and coughed at the heat. It was good, though.

I didn't swim tonight, but I did ride the bike before dinner. Jet had about a half an hour nap while at Joan's and between my meetings and John's meeting, Jet did get to nurse, but he never really fell asleep. So just before dinner, he dragged the Boppie over to me, and demanded to nurse. I nursed him and, of course, he fell asleep. He slept on the couch for forty five minutes while John ran off to get milk and some cash. Jet's milk was completely out and our milk was low, so John just ran into Erie and shopped at the Erie Mall, i.e. the local Conoco and bought two half gallons of milk for us.

I, on the other hand, got most of the stuff together for an apple pie, as I'd been craving apple pie for a while.

Of course, Jet woke up in the midst of that, and John got back and made dinner, so the apples got to sit for a while, and the crust did better in the fridge under plastic for the extra amount of time. It's good for the flour to soak up all the liquid, and the dough's a bit easier to work, then. Jet fell asleep, again, during dinner, splayed across my lap. He really didn't want to get up after just forty-five minutes, so we let him sleep another fifteen minutes. When he was done with that, he was a much happier little guy. He actually ate his hot dog, and smiled at John instead of wailing non-stop, as he did after waking up after just the forty-five minutes.

Dinner was a Costco sausage for each of John and I. I got the apple and chicken, John got the Habanero, and we ate leftover macaroni and cheese with it. The baked mac and cheese with caramelized onions. Yummy even nuked a few days old. The flavors blended better in the mac and cheese with the aging, so it's really good, now. It was great with the sausages.

I got to finish the pie while John fed Jet the hot dog, and got it into the oven. Just before Jet's normal Pumpkin Time, the pie was done, and Jet looked like he was in no shape to get back to sleep. So we served up the sizzling hot pie and ate it. Mmm...

I overdid the cloves, as I just sprinkled spices on instead of measuring anything. I'll have to watch that next time. There was enough to nearly numb the tongue. Oops. But it wasn't inedible, just somewhat overpowering. I'll have try this again sometime. In the meantime, we have three-quarters of a pie, and I guess I can eat it for breakfast as well.

John went to sleep at the usual time, and Jet and I stayed up. Jet actually turned the TV off while it was playing a Bond movie and then he went and got his Baby Van Gogh video tape and did his best to shove it into the VCR! Whooiee. I took it from him and set it up to play for him, and we watched the tape together. I named everything in the shots that he asked about, and he eventually settled into my lap and leaned against me for the latter parts, that were more lullaby like. Afterwards, he nursed and went to sleep easily.

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