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November 27, 2002
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Chocolate and Nuts

It was a work day. All meetings were canceled. It was super quiet at work. We did go out for lunch, but found the Hidden Cafe was already closed for Thanksgiving. So we didn't go there, we hit Santiago's instead and ate there at the bar and with the rickety metal table. Then we went to Cafe Luna, got coffee, talked ourselves into sitting outside, in the sunshine, surrounded by snow. It was so nice.

A squirrel came by and begged banana bread off me. Mmm...

Home again, home again and I was significantly unmotivated. Ah well.

We had leftovers for lunch, leftovers for dinner, and the headed out to Safeway to get stuff for Friday night and for tomorrow. Last chance at grocery shopping before T-Day, and the parking lot was packed.

The three of us hit Dairy Queen first. John got a peanut buster parfait and I got a pecan caramel and hot fudge thing. Both of us were spooning our ice creams into Jet's mouth at a steady rate. There was another family there, a Mom and Dad and a little girl. The little girl was bigger than Jet, but she happened to be the same age. They'd bought her her own dish of plain ice cream, which she was spooning mostly into herself at a much neater rate than Jet would have done, but the Mom was chiding her about how much neater Jet was!!

Then the little girl asked if she could have some of her Mom and Dad's ice cream and was told that since it had chocolate and nuts, she couldn't have any.

I could understand, if the family had a history of allergies to nuts and chocolate, not feeding the kid any. But obviously Mom and Dad were eating the stuff with impunity. Jet, here, was happily munching down pecans, peanuts, and chocolate at a great rate, and the girl was pretty disappointed. Poor kid.

The three of us headed to the Safeway after that, and Jet picked up two Bob the Builder toys, and thankfully, put one back before carrying the other one the whole way around the store. It was a good thing, as it kept his hands occupied while we were shopping. Finally, after doing the whole store, he found the Christmas Candy display and pulled out two huge bags of Mint Chocolate Hershey's kisses. He finally dropped Muck. Whew.

I managed to trade him down to one individual bag of M&M's and he settled for that and asked for it to be opened the whole time we were in line. Finally, he got his M&M's and ate them cheerfully all the way home. It made very certain that he didn't go to sleep while we were driving, which was a good thing. Made it much easier to put him down at his usual bed time. Yay!

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