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November 28, 2002
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Happy Turkey Day

9:34 pm: We pretty much spent today at the Goodell's. I spent the morning making pumpkin pie and bean casserole and making sure the Jet got a nap in early. We headed over at noon, and Jet woke up while going into the door. He hit the ground running and didn't stop all day.

He, Haley and Alex had a great time.

Dinner was great. The Goodells bought a smoked turkey from Honeybaked Hams, and they hadn't been told that it was frozen. So it took a very long time to heat up. Finally, they asked John to carve it and planned on heating up the slices. It's much faster. John deferred to me. And I parted the bird fast, and we got it into the oven and it was hot as soon as they'd finished stuffing, gravy and the final heating on my green bean casserole. Yummy.

There were also mashed potatoes, orange Jell-O salad, shrimp salad, and rolls. Lots of good stuff. Three hours later we finally felt digested enough for Joan to bake two pies and I'd brought along the pumpkin pie. We had them with ice cream and Cool Whip and plenty of good, strong coffee to fight the turkey snoozes off. I was nodding off after the turkey. It was even worse when I got to lie in the LaziBoy lounger, all soft and comfy....

Of course, right when I drifted off Jet came over and yelled at me and yanked on me until I went over to look at his trucks. Hee.

We didn't go home until 8. Jet fell right asleep. We didn't stay up long, either. We really need to catch up on some sleep.

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