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November 5, 2003
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Playing in the Snow

5:05 pm: Jet's running around naked at the moment, using the potty happy as a clam. He's doing great.

He had a better night than he's had for a while. He just woke up at midnight, crying about fish, and then didn't get up until 6 or so. Both John and I are still a little bit lacking in sleep. We'll probably be able to make up some of it tonight, it should be relatively uneventful.

I got up around 7:15, got my shower, and we took him to pre-school, no problem getting dressed after invoking the "You want to play outside?" clause.

He ran off after Joey when we got there. No clinging, quick exit. So we dropped by the used bookstore to get what they didn't want. But the store was closed. Their hours are from 10-6, so John'll just have to get it tomorrow. We'll have to figure out what time we can get in there to spend our $45 credit. Lots of books, they give us half the price they mark the books at, so they found a good ninety dollars' worth of books in the boxes. I'm glad.

Luna's was good. The lady actually squirted the caramel in her milk pitcher! Something no one else has ever done, and it did a beautiful job of mixing the sauce in with the milk. Wow. I was really glad of that. It tasted wonderful and there was no caramel sludge at the bottom of the cup. Wow.

Work was stuffed, busy, and useful. I was very glad of that.

Then home. Jet was asleep in Wendy's lap. Joey was running around. Katie's mom was sick, so there was no Katie. Jet had wobbled and fallen over during story time and he'd half woken up while Wendy dressed him in his coat and stuff, but she'd managed to prop him up against some stairs while dressing Joey, and he'd slept there quite happily. So we just went home with him.

I took my chile plants outside and sprayed them with soap insecticide. Stuff safe enough to eat the next day, but I still didn't want Jet to interact with the stuff, and better to have any excess outside. Then I left them to let the bugs drop off as necessary.

Then I napped. Kind of. It was mildly fitful.

When Jet woke up we nursed until he was cheerful and he's been happily playing since. I took him for most of the afternoon, as John had a 3 pm meeting. But John's now playing with him and making dinner. It's good.

John and Jet are all bundled up and outside, playing in the snow. It's the feathery, light stuff that's just falling down like some Christmas card. Beautiful. They're making scant snowballs and flinging them into the air. Jet's using his push car to 'make a road' in the lawn's snow. He's clearing part of the driveway as well. I can hear it creaking.

Jet's wearing some old socks I'd made him when he was smaller on his hands as mittens. He didn't like any of the mittens we found, but he was willing to wear the socks on his hands. They're the bright CozySocks hand-painted green socks, and he seems to like the colors. He even posed for a picture when I popped out with the camera. That was pretty neat.

For all that I bitch about the weather here, the snow is still really magical, and the boys are really enjoying their time out in it, which is as it should be.

7:15 pm Our workplace has been really cold lately. I think that the ac hasn't quite figured out that it doesn't have to be blowing so hard when it's so cold outside. Something's probably going on with the ventilation system. Everyone at work is wearing sweaters and needing to.

I'm knitting Fei and Vivian a baby blanket with the super thick Lion Homespun, so it's going really fast. I'm trying not to knit for more than half an hour at a time, and when Jet's awake, he's really good at keeping me from doing it for too long. He loves playing with the yarn and needles that are in my knitting bag. I may have to just clear it out of the projects I'm not concentrating on. When I finish that and finish a couple of hats for other folks, I may have to get this to knit. It's so gorgeous, and I have so few women's sweaters. It would be a pleasure to knit and wear, especially at work.

I am figuring out that if I knit a reasonable amount at a time, it's okay, and that CeLena can work out the kinks when I do too much. But I can't do too much on a regular basis. I just have to regulate what I do, plus there's more arm movement to my knitting motions with big yarn and needles than there is when I'm doing small stuff. It's kind of a test project, to see if I can maintain my wrist health with visits to CeLena and still working as hard as I do.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

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