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November 19, 2003
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Unhappy Jet


It's been a very strange day with Jet. He's mostly been a lump all day. Shouting and crying for things rather than his usual asking for them first. It's been pretty hard. It didn't help that John really needed to go in for his morning meetings. There's a number of fires he's fighting that really needed some personal attention today. So he went in and I had Jet all morning to myself. I was so sure that Jet would sleep as he had a terrible, horrible night again last night.

John stayed up with him until 2. Then I took him until 8, then I got to lie down for another hour or so, and I slept like the dead, took a shower, and finally felt human again. I also fell down for a 15 minute nap this afternoon when Jet didn't demand that I sit with him sitting in my lap. It's mildly frightening when a fifteen minute nap makes a huge difference in my outlook on the world. I am pretty severely sleep deprived, I think.

Anyway, Jet never did really nap today. Half and hour at a shot at the most, he was too physically miserable to relax enough for a nap, so we're kind of battening down the hatches for tonight. I'll likely take the first shift, and let John take the morning shift as it would better match with how we usually do things.

John did get home in the afternoon, gave me a few hours of work time. I had two meetings for much of the morning. Jet cried regardless. He didn't mind, too much, that I was wearing the phone setup when I cuddled him and nursed him while I tried to figure out what was going on with a particular review.

I'm so glad that all my stuff pretty much depends on everyone else's stuff. There are certain things I just can't really get to until later in everyone else's processes. I also don't quite have the deadline everyone else does. Not a terrible thing in my book.

John just reheated turkey for dinner. That was very good, especially with cranberry sauce and vegetables. No potatoes. But it was nigh on an instant meal. I really liked that.

Jet ate nearly nothing all day. Poor guy. Probably better for him in the long term

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