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November 17, 2003
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9:37 pm: A very busy day. Got very little work done, but I did manage to call the church and get a list of volunteers for green bean casserole. John called them all and got people to make the cassarole for Sunday.

So that's done.

We also went to the Rec. Center. Jet, when he got home from Joan's, wanted to go swim and play with toys, so he trooped to get his shoes and coat and everything, and then headed for the car, fifteen minutes early. But we did okay. We got there, he got his hand stamped, as usual, and then he made for the toy room, rather than waiting for John.

John was about twenty minutes late.

But I'd started my workout as Jet played happily with his caregiver. They have some young men in there who are really cool and Jet really likes playing with them.

Afterwards, Jet had a blast swimming. He ran and ran and swam and swam. He jumped on the rope for the showers and swung and sprayed everything. He played in the fountains, splashed another baby, and generally had a blast. He played full blast the whole time. He really liked resting and paddling around the hot tub for a bit.

He ate some at the salad bar, and ended eating the first half of a huge dish of ice cream. When he started flinging ice cream everywhere, when he was only half-way through it. So simply having ice cream is no guarantee he'll eat it. He ate pepperoni, potato sticks, and his new favorite was the bacon bits. He'd actually eaten bacon, for the first time in nearly a year, yesterday. And he liked it enough to remember it and ask for it when John mentioned the bacon bits in the salad bar. He ate the Baco ones quite happily. Spoonfuls at a shot. Mmmm... vegetable proteins. Then he got the real stuff, and he ate just as much of that.

He also waved an imperious hand at our pops and drank a good deal of regular Coke and my vanilla Coke. Oops.

On the way home, he was singing, talking. He said, "Like Dante's. Like swimmin'. Like Dante's. Like swimmin'." quite a few times. He talked about fountains and about The Neighborhood. He talked about doggies, horses, and Joanie. He talked about how much he liked his 'lunch' and that he liked ice cream with sprinkles and cookies. Hee.

He was an active tyke. I was so sure he'd be asleep on the way home as he'd acted pretty tired, but he did great on the way home. Maybe it was the Coke

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